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The Business Office is normally located in the Memorial Building at 345 Boyer Ave, in Walla Walla, Washington. However, Memorial is under construction for the summer, and we have moved!

Campus Map

We have two offices: Student Accounts, Campus Rentals, and the Treasurer's office are on the third floor of Olin, room 342. Payroll and Accounts Payable are located at 219 Marcus (the old Alumni House).

Staff Listing





Phone Extension

Susan Brown Associate Controller 219 Marcus brownsl 5592
Abby LaLonde Accounts Payable Coordinator 219 Marcus lalondaj 5593
Kathy Yeager Data Manager 219 Marcus yeager 5130
Kellie Emigh Payroll Coordinator 219 Marcus emighkl 5985
Nancy Jungman Executive Assistant to the Treasurer Olin 341 jungmand 5145
Peter Harvey Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer Olin 341 harvey 5145
Walter Froese Controller Olin 341 froesewr 5145
Caryn Pooley Account Coordinator Olin 342 pooleyce 5143
Cindy Russell Trust Coordinator Olin 342 russelc2 5745
Debra Wright Student Accounts Manager Olin 342 wrightdl 5144
Justin Rodegerdts Financial Analyst Olin 341 rodegejd 5045
Laura Nix Assistant Controller Olin 342 nixll 5393
To contact us by email, use the person's handle followed by

Organizational Chart