Whitman staff to host campus art show

March 21, 2013

Panorama 700 pixels
Art show entries include this panoramic image of a sunset over the Blue Mountains, shot by staff photographer Greg Lehman and presented as an 8-foot framed canvas . View Full Size

From balloon bouquets to skateboard guitars and ceramics to cross stitch, the creativity of 29 Whitman staff members will be on display March 25-30 in "Art Outside the Box," a staff-only art show organized by the college's Personnel Advisory Committee (PAC).

The show features 45 works of art by staff members who by day serve the students, faculty and mission of the college and in their off-hours invoke their creativity as artists. The works will be exhibited on the main floor of Penrose Library

"Part of PAC's mission is to enhance the quality of work life at Whitman for staff," said Dennis Hopwood, director of human resources. "What better way than to bring a smile to those who pass through Penrose and encounter the unexpected? This reminds us of the creativity and individuality we all possess, if we would but express it."

Staff participants include:

Marquita Drabek and Karene Gonzalez (vintage materials)
Jeff Jensen (balloon art)
Sarah Corley (media pieces)
Thatcher Carter (CD)
Janice King (haiku)
Caitlin Moore (dream catchers)
Sadie Nott (paper display)
Tana Park (shell statuary)
Lynn Woolson (raku)
Sharon Kaufman-Osborn (pomegranate platter)
Dean Thomas Call (digital art)
Lore Fauver (photomontage)
Sherrie Kamara (patio table)
Becci Moore (acrylic painting)
Greg Lehman (panoramic photography on canvas)
Sherri Priore (art quilt)
Teri Durfee (photography)
Corinna Whitehurst (ceramic tiles and jewelry)
Dianne Clark (cross stitch)
Angela Cota (acrylic painting and photography)
Jen Pope (necklaces and clothing)
Julie Carter (knitting)
Ginny Matthews (dresser)
Chanel Finnie (charcoal, graphite and pencil drawings)
Cheri Ruzicka (quilt)
Lars Smith (guitars)
Wayne Dennis (furniture and drawings)
Edward Weinman (cover of his first novel)

Contact: Jen Pope, access services manager for Penrose Library.