Mark Juhasz, along with four fellow faculty members and six students attended a American Chemical Society event in New Orleans

April 29, 2013

From left: Fred Tomlin ’13, Frank Dunnivant, Mark Juhasz, Devan Courtois ’13, Steve Hughes, Tim Machonkin, Tyler Hurlburt ’13, Stephanie Steiner ’13, Paul Chang ’13 and Jeremy Schofield ’14.

Mark Juhasz, assistant professor of chemistry, along with four fellow faculty members and six students from his department recently attended the 2013 Spring National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans, La. Professors Nathan Boland, Frank Dunnivant, Steve Hughes and Tim Machonkin joined 15,000 other chemists from around the world to share research. Students Paul Chang ’13, David Courtois ’13, Tyler Hurlburt ’13, Jeremy Schofield ’14, Stephanie Steiner ’13 and Fred Tomlin ’13, all chemistry or BBMB majors, presented research posters. Steiner and Tomlin, who work in Prof. Marion Götz’s lab, won the Chemistry Ambassadors “Speak Simply” contest after sharing an eloquent description of their research to former ACS president, E. Ann Nalley.