Janis Breckenridge and Madelyn Peterson ’13, presented research at the 8th Annual Spanish Matters Colloquium

April 29, 2013
Madelyn Peterson ’13 (left) and Janis Breckenridge

Janis Breckenridge, associate professor of Spanish, and Madelyn Peterson ’13, a politics/environmental studies major, recently presented their collaborative research at the 8th Annual Spanish Matters Colloquium at the University of Puget Sound (part of the NW5 Consortium). Their session, titled “Envisioning Equality: Drawing Upon Childhood Memories in Lila Quintero Weaver’s Darkroom,” focused on visual representations of race and ethnicity in a graphic memoir chronicling an Argentine girl’s coming-of-age in rural Alabama in the 1960s. Prof. Breckenridge discussed the interaction of text and image to depict immigrant identity in the graphic novel, while Peterson analyzed visual and textual strategies for presenting racial tension and prejudice during the civil rights movement. Their collaborative project has been generously supported by the Adam Dublin Award for the Study of Global Multiculturalism.