Innocent on Death Row

Date: January 15, 2013 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Olin 130

Innocent on Death Row event poster

Victoria Thorpe is an author an activist living in Washington State, and the sister of death row inmate Kerry Lyn Dalton. She is currently campaigning to abolish the death penalty in Washington State. Her talk at Whitman will be followed by a book signing. For more information about her visit, contact Keith Farrington.

From the book description for "Cages" (2012):

A long night of partying during the summer of 1988 ended late the next morning when a group of friends and acquaintances went their separate ways. Over the following weeks the mystery began; one person had gone missing. After four years of rumors and the eager attention of a police Task Force desperate to solve their own issues, three suspects were arrested May, 1992. No body, no weapon, no evidence. Although a speedy trial would have been prudent for the defendants, 32 months went by until Kerry Dalton stood alone on trial for a torture-murder. A collection of hearsay upon hearsay, from tweekers and jailhouse informants, earned Kerry a Death Sentence.

Not just a memoir, CAGES is a biography and factual recounting of a Death Penalty trial according to the trial transcripts. Kerry was sentenced to death over seventeen years ago without a shred of physical evidence. The book plays out an intimate, powerful, human interest story integrating some humorous scenes, touching exchanges of love, and tender, poignant moments. The account evolved into chronicling two sisters' journeys in life, their paths veering off in different directions. The purpose is not an attempt to expound on the law and legally take apart and analyze the trial, but to represent authentically the actual trial through a layman's eye, creating a riveting true story that will provoke and entertain its audience while unraveling the trial process with all its deficiencies.

The book includes a detailed list of transcript references and other sources.