Theatre Uncut

Date: November 14, 2012 Time: 10:15 p.m. Location: HJT's Freimann Studio Theatre

theatre uncutHJT is one of more than 80 theatres on six continents presenting staged readings of these short plays from many nations designed to encourage debate around political issues that affect all of our lives. They include David Greig's hilarious Dalgety, about "The Naked Rambler" who has been arrested for twice walking the length of Britain unclothed, and Claire Brennan's poignant Spine, in which a young woman is redeemed through her discovery of the value of books.  In Helena Tornero's Yesterday, a woman in Spain questions her policeman boyfriend about his undercover participation in a demonstration, with chilling results.  Kieran Hurley's London 2012: Glasgow pokes fun at London's supposed sharing of the Olympics with other parts of the UK, and in 250 Words by Stef Smith, a banker threatens to throw herself from the Tate Modern as a result of her despair at being blamed for the financial crisis.  In Indulge, Andri Snaer Magnason pokes fun at corporate identity as an Icelandic company tries to reinvent its image in terms of the seven deadly sins.

The plays were first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where critic Joyce McMillan wrote, "If you want to see 21st century live theatre at the raw peak of its powers, doing exactly what it does best... then just revel in the sheer improvisatory brilliance and eloquence of the latest Theatre Uncut season."

This performance is free and open to the public.