Power & Privilege Symposium Keynote: "Consuming Inequality: The Crucial Role of Media and Popular Culture for a Just 21st Century World"

Date: February 19, 2014 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Cordiner Hall

Whitman College is pleased to welcome Professor Rose as the keynote speaker of the annual Power & Privilege Symposium, with the theme this year of "Understanding Identity."

Professor Tricia Rose of Brown University is an internationally respected scholar of post civil rights era black U.S. culture, popular music, social issues, gender and sexuality. As the author of "Black Noise: Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America" she pioneered an entire new field of study in hip hop culture and has been recognized with multiple awards for her groundbreaking research.

This lecture will consider the expanded and increasingly important role of mass media in our societies today in telling our collective stories and shaping perception. How does our popular culture tell us stories about racial and gendered modes of discrimination? And what kinds of popular stories enable a just 21st Century world? 

The keynote address is free and open to the public. This event is generously supported by many offices and organizations in the Whitman community. For a full list of sponsors visit www.aswcpps.org.