Printing and Submission of Your Thesis

CRITICAL!: Honor theses and related forms are due in the Library no later than Reading Day (May 13th, 2015; Fall semester Dec 12, 2014)

Theses are due prior to the final examination period in the student's last semester (except when the student may be required to comply with departmental regulations for earlier filing). Changes and/or exceptions in requirements or deadlines must be approved by the Board of Review

Students are REQUIRED to submit both print and digital versions of their work to the Library.  Please note the following guidelines:

Printed Version

What to print and submit (and where):

  1. New for 2014-15:  The library will only require one single-sided, black & white* copy of your honors thesis. Submit it unbound to the Sharon Lederer in the College Librarian’s office, Penrose Library, room 213.  This copy will be added to the Library’s circulating collection and be made available for circulation to other libraries through interlibrary loan.  The library will print a second copy from your digital submission to be deposited in the Whitman College Archives. Be sure that your final printed thesis conforms to the formatting guidelines, paying particular attention to the Title Page and the need for signed Certificates of Approval.

    * The print copy may contain color charts, graphs, etc. only if the graphics are preceded by a blank sheet and they are printed on a color laser printer.

How to Print:

Print one-sided, not two-sided “duplexed” on a laser printer


Unless prior approval is obtained by the academic department, the thesis must be 8½ × 11 inches in size.  Library copies must be printed on a minimum of 20-lb weight paper that has a minimum 25% cotton content.

New for 2014-15: Penrose Library will provide free, archival quality paper for seniors submitting theses. Paper will be available approximately one week before the deadline and stocked in the thesis printer on the main floor of the library. Check with a librarian or the WCTS Help Desk in the library if you will be submitting early.

Ink Color

Text must be in black ink.

Printer locations

Theses may be printed on the designated thesis printer at the WCTS-staffed Technology Support Desk in the Library.

Cost (if printed on College-owned laser printers)

Black & White and Color printing is charged through the GoPrint pay system.  Seniors working on their thesis may request an additional $15 of GoPrint credit. The request may be made by emailing with the name of the thesis advisor and the academic department for which the thesis is being written.

Black and White printing is charged at the rate of $0.05 per page single-sided or $0.045 per page for duplex.  Color printing is charged at the rate of $0.50 per single-sided page.

Personal Bound Copies

Students desiring to have personal copies of theses bound at their expense can order copies for $18 each, including tax and shipping.

  • There is no limit to the number of personal copies you may order.
  • Provide one complete copy of your thesis for every personal bound copy ordered.
  • To order bound copies, please fill out the online form.
  • Payment can be made by charge to your student account or by check (made out to "Penrose Library, Whitman College"). Checks can be turned in to Sharon Lederer. 
  • Personal copies may be printed on any printer, without special paper requirement.

Digital (PDF/A) Version

In addition to the deposit of paper copies, each student must deposit with the library a copy of the thesis in digital form.

  • Copyright: In order to include any text, images, audiovisual, or other material not created by you, the material must be in the public domain or fall within the parameters of fair use.  If the material does not fall within either of those categories, authors must receive permission from the copyright owner to include that material in their digital thesis.  For more information, see the library’s tutorial on copyright at Whitman or contact Dalia Corkrum, Library Director, at
  • The author of the thesis must complete a non-exclusive distribution license and select a level of access, subject to thesis advisor’s approval:
    1. Worldwide distribution via the Internet, or
    2. Local distribution only to authorized users of Whitman’s network
    • If the thesis is co-authored, all authors, even those not earning honors designation, must sign the non-exclusive distribution licenseAll thesis co-authors and thesis advisor(s) should sign the same form.  Submit the non-exclusive distribution license to the Library by the Reading Day due date.  
  • The digital copy must be a pdf/a file.  Create one by following the pdf/a instruction sheet while using Adobe Acrobat XI on either of the two computers closest to the Penrose Circulation Desk.  Students with questions about digital formatting should contact the WCTS Multimedia Development Lab in Hunter Conservatory at
  • Combine the Thesis Title page and Certificate of Approval Form that only contains the advisor's name (no signature) together with your thesis into a single PDF/A file.
  • When you've completed all the guideliness listed above, you're ready to fill out the digital thesis submission form by the Reading Day due date. 
    • Note: If your PDF file size is greater than 25MB, instead of uploading your PDF/A file, bring the file on a flash drive to Sharon Lederer in Rm. 213.  A digital thesis submission form is still required.