The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET)



This program affords graduates with an excellent opportunity to teach English in Japan, Successful candidates will help teach English at junior and senior high schools in Japan. Interested students should contact Professor Takemoto for further advice about preparing a strong application. Normally, the applications must be submitted in late November or early December. Candidates who prepare successful applications may be granted an interview that is usually conducted in February at the Japanese Consulate in Seattle and Portland. Interviews are also held in Spokane. Candidates accepted to the program will be notified in April. Interested candidates should see the JET link below; Takemoto sensei conducts workshops to help candidates prepare for both the written application and the interviews. Keep in mind that this is a highly competitive program that calls for applicants who exhibit a high degree of interest in international education and a fervent desire to teach English in Japan.

JET Homepage

English Network 21 and Whitman College

Since 1990, Professor Takemoto has nurtured a special relationship with a small, private English conversation school in the rural community of Kanonji on the island of Shikoku. Every year or two, Professor Takemoto recruits Whitman graduates who express an interest in teaching English in Japan and who demonstrate that they have had experience tutoring and mentoring small children. Contact Professor Takemoto for a short interview and provide a resume, a Whitman transcript (proof of graduation), and one letter of recommendation that talks about your interest in teaching English as a second language and your willingness to work with children.

Shikoku Teachers
English Network 21

Krishani Peiris WhitmanAugust 2010
Amy Chapman Whitman August 2010
Kathryn DeVleming Whitman October 2009
Aya Takemoto Occidental August 2009
Joanne Ishikawa Whitman August 2008-09
Kendra Bostwick Whitman August 2008-09
Sandra Corpuz Whitman August 2007-08
Matthew Warren Whitman May 2007-August 2008
Emily Margaret - August 2006-07
David Wellington Whitman August 2005-April 2007
Kimberley Boese Whitman August 2005-06
Rose Miller - 2004-05
Annabelle Allen - August 2003-2005
Ashley Trout Whitman August 2003-2004;
April-August 2005
Shana Hinds Whitman October 2002-August 2003
Anne Plantaric Whitman August-October 2002
Sasha Silverman - August 2002-03
Olivia Allen Whitman August 2001-02
Olivia R. Hodgson Whitman August 2001-02
Amanda Havens Whitman August 2000-01
Christopher Bishop Colorado 1999
Ben Waterman Whitman August 1998-99
Alexander Friant Oregon U. August 1997
Alison Harper Whitman August 1997;
Rose Spidell Whitman August 1997;
Elizabeth Larson Whitman August 1997 (1996-97)
Amanda Gray Whitman August 1995;
Julianna Schindell Whitman August 1994;
Pamela Moore UPS January 1993;
Jennifer Kazan Whitman January 1992
Tamara Tanner U. of Washington 1991
Christi C. Lynn U. of Washington 1991
Margaret Burns Whitman October 1990