2013 Greenhouse Gas Inventory and President's Sustainability Task Force

The 2013 Greenhouse Gas Inventory is now complete and available here. Whitman's operations and activities emitted a net 10,517 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), which is equivalent to the emissions from burning 56.4 railcars of coal or the sequestration of 8,620 acres of forest. More than half of our emissions are the result of electricity and heating. Other major sources including directly-financed travel, student travel to and from home and study abroad. Further detail of results and methods are available in the full report.

President Bridges and the Board of Trustees announced earlier this month an expanded commitment to sustainability and intent to establish a Climate Action Plan for Whitman. The President's Sustainability Task Force, made up of students, staff and faculty, will create this plan. President Bridges seeks nominations for the Task Force. Contact Tristan Sewell, Campus Sustainability Coordinator, with nominations or questions at sewelltt@whitman.edu.