October 14, 2013

Volume 8 | Issue 8 | October 14, 2013

Student-run campaign for consent makes national news

A new Whitman campus club called All Students for Consent was rated one of the top five student groups working to fight sexual assault by FORCE, an anti-rape activist group. The club was featured in several online articles, including this Huffington Post story.

ASC hosted an all-campus “Ask For It” event on Friday, Sept. 20 in order to spread their message about the importance of consent with all Whitman students. They chose the name “Ask For It,” transforming a phrase with negative connotations into an encouragement to ask before engaging in sexual acts.

During the event, students chalked sidewalks, passed out temporary tattoos and asked students if they wanted chocolate kisses. At the end of the event, students shared their consent stories.

Registration open for arts and crafts fair

If you are an avid crafter or baker, consider selling your handcrafted items or homemade goodies at the fourth annual Whitman arts and crafts fair.  All Whitman staff, students and faculty are invited to share their talents with the community by registering to be vendors. To sign up to sell crafts, please visit this website.

The fair will take place on Monday, Dec. 9 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Reid Ballroom.

Open Studio for Staff and Faculty Portraits

Campus photographer Matt Banderas will be taking staff and faculty portraits during two open studio sessions this week. If you would like a new portrait, or if you just want to update your existing one, swing by Reid 110 during one of the sessions listed below.

  • Thursday, Oct. 17 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Friday, Oct. 18  from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Follow, share Whitman College photos on Instagram

Follow Whitman College staff and student photography on Instagram by heading over to instagram.com/whitmancollege. You can also share images with us @whitmancollege, or tag us in your own images using the hashtag #whitmancollege.

Faculty news brief

Assistant Professor of Music Rachel Chacko recently published an article, titled “Unheard Complexities in Lou Harrison’s ‘Main Bersama-sama’ and ‘Bubaran Robert,’ ” in the Journal for the Society of American Music.

Her article focuses on two cross-cultural compositions by American composer Lou Harrison, a pioneer in creating East-West fusions. These pieces were composed for Javanese gamelan and other Western instruments, and they are typically regarded as examples of Harrison’s post-modern musical sensibilities. However, analyzing their pitch structure reveals intricate compositional "games" similar to the pre-compositional strategies of composers more typically associated with algorithmic compositional methods. Chacko argues these “games” challenge the widely accepted depiction of Harrison as a mere "tunesmith" and West Coast musical dabbler.

Whitman Wellness
Contributed by Fitness Facilities Director Michele Hanford

Motivation! A key component for any success, but oftentimes elusive or just out of reach.

By continuing to surround yourself with a variety of positive influences, you will find that your health and wellness journey is guaranteed to be crowned with accomplishment!

Visual, spiritual, emotional and even physical conditions that provide positive pressure will help you stay on the path toward your own version of success.

Consider this quote from Zig Ziglar: “People often tell me that motivation doesn't last and I tell them bathing doesn't either; that’s why I recommend it daily!”

What is your motivation and what motivates you to move? I'm constantly clipping out one-liners that make me want to ‘go for it’ and taping them to the mirror, hanging them in my car visor, posting them in my books. Or quickly researching an exercise practice or food item online, trying it out and seeing for myself. Calling a friend for a quick 20 minute pep talk and walk. Look up the word ‘motivation’ in the thesaurus and read the alternatives. Strength begets strength… Success in daily or small ways begets huge gains over time, and just like putting money into a savings account, it all add up on the plus side!

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Tips for a hard-to-crack password:
Do not use sequences like 123456 or asdf as a password. People like passwords that are easy to remember and type, but these are over-used and easily guessed, even if they meet the requirements above.
October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month
Whitman College Technology Services
Help Desk 527-4976

Campus Events
All free unless otherwise noted

Thursday, Oct. 17 Lecture. Jack Halberstam, the author of "Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of Normal,” will talk about queer culture, gender studies and popular culture. The lecture will be followed by a book signing. 7 p.m. in Maxey Auditorium.

Thursday, Oct. 17 Lecture. Professor Sarah Imhoff of Indiana University will give lecture titled "Members of the Tribe and Masculinity: Indian-Israelite Identification and American Religion." 7 p.m. in Olin 130.

Thursday, Oct. 17 Lecture. Professor Lee Vierling will give a lecture titled "Earth and Ecology in 3-D: Shedding New Light on Understanding the Environment Using Lasers,” in which he will discuss the application of laser altimetry (LIDAR) in a wide range of environmental science research. 7:30 in Brattain Auditorium, Hall of Sciences.

Athletic Events – Home Games

Monday, Oct. 14 - Tuesday, Oct. 15
Women's Golf vs. Golfweek Fall Preview

Saturday, Oct. 19
Women's Golf vs Fall Classic Preview

Cross Country vs. Lewis and Clark Invitational – 11 a.m.

Parting Shot
By Matt Banderas, photographer/communications officer

parting shot

Further evidence of fall near Lakum Duckum.
Full size.

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