June 1, 2010

Volume 4, issue 40
June 1, 2010
The Fountain

Stationery transition – time to recycle the old and order the new

As part of the transition to the new Whitman College visual identity, the process of ordering new stationery pieces and planning for recycling/reuse of the old begins this week.

Amber Woodworth, communications operations manager, will contact offices and departments to discuss bulk stationery orders for the 2010-11 academic year. She has created a special online form and will work with you to process your order. Though the form is online, you will need to submit it in hard copy form along with originals of old letterhead and business cards. The deadline for completing the order is Tuesday, June 15. You will be asked to proof and approve your order. It will take up to six weeks to complete and deliver the bulk order

Assisted by students, Jed Schwendiman and Sean Gehrke, co-chairs of the Conservation and Recycling Committee, will spearhead the recycling/reuse effort, dubbed the “Paper Phoenix Project.” To create the project, which will produce notebooks and scratch notepads from old letterhead and envelopes, Schwendiman and Gehrke applied for and received funding from Whitman’s Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund on May 5.

The first step you can take to get involved in the Paper Phoenix Project is to begin saving cereal boxes and the cardboard backing from letter-size paper pads. Bring your cardboard contributions to the Boyer House. Notebooks will be created in two styles – one with cereal boxes as the cover, and an “official line” with a stamp of the new Whitman logo on a plain cardboard cover. The notebooks will be sold in the campus Bookstore; sales will cover production costs as well as generate funds for future campus sustainability efforts.

Campus community members are asked to begin surveying the inventory of old letterhead and envelopes that you will donate to the Paper Phoenix Project. The stationery order form will ask you for a pledge and for quantities of paper products. The Paper Phoenix Project is still seeking creative ideas for the re-use of business cards. If you have recommendations, please e-mail them to Jed at schwenjw@whitman.edu.

If you are not contacted directly by Amber but have questions, feel free to call or e-mail her at woodwoar@whitman.edu or x5160.

Brunch event to recognize, honor and celebrate staff efforts

The agenda for the 2010 Staff Appreciation Breakfast, organized by the Personnel Advisory Committee (PAC), is full! In addition to a great meal, it includes: celebrating the retirements of Judy Veighey, financial aid clerk; Tom Frazier, custodian; and Marilyn Klock, payroll coordinator; honoring staff for years of service; announcing the recipients of this year’s Janice Abraham Awards; and introducing the newest staff members. It takes place Friday, June 4, in the Reid Campus Center, Young Ballroom, beginning at 9:30 a.m. With “deep appreciation for all that the Whitman staff does,” President Bridges will make comments, and Larry North, science technician and PAC member, will serve as the master of ceremonies. Andrea Dobson, chair of the faculty and associate professor of astronomy and general studies, also will speak.

George Ball Chair in the Humanities announced at birthday party
George Ball was born May 23, 1915 in New South Wales, Australia. An ordained minister with a Ph.D. in religion from Yale University, Dr. Ball first set foot on the Whitman campus in 1960. For the five decades since then he has served as an extraordinary educator, as well as a confidant, moral anchor, and friend to countless Whitman students. The relationships he has built and maintained have influenced and changed countless lives. His 95th birthday was celebrated with a campus party on May 25, 2010, at which the George Ball Chair in the Humanities was formally announced. To date more than 450 staff, faculty, alumni and friends have made gifts to endow the chair, and the total received exceeds $1.7 million. When fully established, the chair will ensure in perpetuity the legacy of Dr. Ball.

At the party, John Bogley, vice president for development and college relations, shared some of the several hundred notes that accompanied gifts from alumni. Among them are these excerpts:

“Whenever we had conversations, you gave your full attention to whatever I was saying, which has held me in good stead over the years whenever I am tempted to keep typing, checking messages, etc. when a colleague or family member wants to talk. Being fully present to the people I am with is more important than anything else I may have to do.” – Kim Bradford Butts ’76

“The greatest lesson I learned from Dr. Ball is that providing a model is the most effective form of leadership. When you ‘walk the talk’ folks want to join you in the journey and the conversation.” – Sarah Geren-Ziegler ’84

“Dr. Ball had a special place in his heart for all students, but also a great gift for making every individual feel unique and honored. I always treasured my time talking with Dr. Ball in the cozy office in the basement of Mem. It was a quiet refuge and a kind word in my often whirlwind life. Although I loved many things about Whitman, Dr. Ball is one of my favorite memories. My hope is that each Whitman student can have that same personal connection with a faculty member.” – Abigail St. Lawrence '00

In accepting the birthday wishes from the campus community members gathered for his party, Dr. Ball reiterated his love of Whitman and how it has been the perfect fit for him and his family for 50 years. See video here.

Commencement, Baccalaureate speeches; grad photos online
The text transcriptions of Commencement and Baccalaureate speeches by Juan Williams, Seth Bergeson ’10, Lisa Curtis ’10 and Camila Thorndike ’10, Adam Kirtley and Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger ’97 are now online. Video will be posted soon.

Also, the portraits and candid shots taken by the professional photography firm have been posted on the firm’s site. Whether to purchase or simply view and enjoy, enter Whitman College as the event name. You do not need a PIN. Then click on Whitman College 2010. Enter any student’s name, then you will see an option for Browse all proofs. Click that and you have access to all the shots. If you do wish to order any photos, the deadline is June 21, 2010.

Annual plant sale is June 3

The Biology Department’s annual Plant Sale takes place Thursday, June 3, in the Atrium of the Science Building. It starts at 10 a.m. and will run until the plants are gone, “usually a couple of hours,” reports Martha Holt, biology lab coordinator who’s organizing the sale. “There will be lots of indoor plants, a few plants that can go outside, and herbs. The sale is open to everyone; feel free to bring your friends for some great plants at great prices!”

Green Commute Challenge Week 4 report
The following Week 4 winners will receive an invitation for themselves and a guest to a lunch hosted by President Bridges: Christa Bradford, Susan Buchanan, Heidi Dobson, Frank Dunnivant, Sharon Kaufman-Osborn, Nathan Lien, Ronnelle Partlow, Michelle Shafer, Anne Thatcher and Mike Willard.

The top three teams for the month-long competition are:

  1. Division III (Sciences) – for finishing in first place, the division will receive an ice cream social.
  2. WCTS
  3. Student Services

Throughout the competition, 163 Whitman staff and faculty (28 percent) participated at least once.

Parting Shot
By Greg Lehman, photographer/communications officer

No real artistry here, but a little bit of history as the bell was removed from the Memorial clock tower Friday morning as part of the seismic shoring up of the structure.   Full size.

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