August 3, 2009

Volume 3, issue 48
August 3, 2009
The Fountain

Back home in a new Sherwood Athletic Center

Pictured: Bryan Lubbers, WCTS, helps Scott Shields get connected during move-in last week.

It’s been a long 18 months for the Sport Studies, Recreation and Athletics coaches and staff, but, judging by the smiles on their faces, well-worth the temporary relocation now that they have moved back into the renovated Sherwood Athletic Center. Though the group is getting situated in new offices, the rest of the facility - including the gyms and the squash/racquetball courts - will not be open until Aug. 15.

Dean Snider, athletics director, says “The building is magnificent. Thanks to Opp and Seibold and all the workers in the building who are doing a tremendous job. Thanks also to the many Whitman folks who have had a part in this project. The folks in plant services and WCTS have worked and continue to work hard on our behalf. You are greatly appreciated by the whole campus, but particularly so by our SSRA faculty and staff as we move in to the new Sherwood.

Among the many advantages of the renovation, our coaches will have space in their offices to meet with prospects, something that was not possible in our former offices. The new Sherwood values the student-athlete by providing team room space and student-athlete lockers. When we asked student-athlete leaders what a new facility should include, this was the single-most important priority. Providing this space illustrates the value that the college places on the student-athlete experience and recognizes how their hard work and commitment to excellence reflect on the college.”

For Dave Holden, sports information director, just being back in physical proximity with coaches is an instant asset. “It’s also nice to be back in the middle of campus. I'll be bumping into people from Mem and other buildings more frequently, just by walking in and out of Sherwood and using the parking lot. I told Ron Urban over the phone the other day that I had forgotten what he looks like. We were only a couple hundred yards away in the Stanton House, but it felt like it was a much greater distance.”

Faculty gets high marks in 2010 The Princeton Review

Among the 10 Top-20 rankings Whitman received from The Princeton Review in its “The Best 371 Colleges” guidebook for prospective students are at least two that should come as no surprise:

No. 9 - Professors Get High Marks, and

No. 11 - Best Classroom Experience

Also, reflective of the efforts of staff in support of the academic and co-curricular mission, Whitman ranks No. 12 in the category of “School Runs Like Butter.” Click here to read more about the 2010 rankings, including Whitman’s placement in seven other Top-20 lists.

Recommendations from the CDC on the H1N1 virus

As “back to school” days are approaching, the attention being paid to the spread of the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) is increasingly visible. Recent reports indicate that all of us are 40 percent more likely to get this virus than the regular, seasonal flu. And the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that about 40 percent of the world population will contract the virus.

Read the new update on Swine Flu here. An overview and resources can be found here.

The efforts of Whitman’s Pandemic Planning Team have been ongoing. The current focus is in response to the CDC recommendation that colleges do all they can to avoid closure. Foremost in this effort is to conduct widespread flu education that includes campaigns to encourage people to report symptoms and isolate themselves for seven days if they are symptomatic. The Fountain will continue to report on the situation and serve as a resource for links. The team encourages all campus community members to give attention to e-mail announcements about the situation.

How I spent my summer vacation… so far!

Both because of her vocation and avocation, Margaret Hoglund, alumni relations administrative assistant, travels. A lot. On the job she helps coordinate and lead various alumni trips, near and far. On her time, the travel is with family. She reports: “I’ve been to four national parks in two months - Yellowstone, Mt. Rainier, Olympic (coast and mountains) and the Northern Cascades. It's been great fun! I've been taking my grandchildren, one at a time, to Yellowstone, and this year was the last one. I camped and hiked at Rainier with my son and his girlfriend, at the northern Olympic coast (joined for a while by daughter and grandkids), and Olympic Mountains with a quick, solo run into the Northern Cascades. Next week it's off to Newfoundland to visit a college friend of 46 years.”

Pictured: Margaret with granddaughter Carlie, age 8, at Yellowstone Falls. See more photos here.

On campus this week

Aug. 2-9: The Annual Midsummer Music Retreat brings adult amateur and semi-professional musicians to campus.

Aug. 8-10: Rainier Scholars. A group of Seattle seventh graders affiliated with the Rainer Scholars program will visit campus for a three-day field trip intended to celebrate their hard work of the past year and also to open the door to a future that includes a college education. Rainier Scholars is a Seattle-based nonprofit program focused on cultivating the academic potential of young people from disadvantaged ethnic minority backgrounds.

Aug. 9-11: Whitman Institute for Summer Enrichment (WISE) will host local middle school students at the college’s specially designed summer program. WISE is a pre-college program that aims to introduce local middle school students to college life in order to generate excitement about pursuing a college education. Students from families with low incomes or whose parents are not college educated are given priority in scholarship applications for WISE.

Parting Shot
By Greg Lehman, photographer/communications officer

It’s down to the final details in Sherwood Athletic Center. Framed by a doorway, silhouetted in a window and offset by the geometric patterns of light from a giant skylight, a worker makes finishing touches in one of the classrooms in the renovated center. Full size.

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