January 28, 2008

Volume 2, issue 22
January 28, 2007
The Fountain

Week-long activities lead to national climate change teach-in Jan. 31

Several lectures sponsored by the Whitman Campus Climate Challenge, a Webcast of “The 2% Solution,” and a panel of Walla Walla’s three college presidents will take place today through Thursday as the campus participates in the lead-up to Thursday’s Focus the Nation “teach-in.” This national event is designed to engage millions of students, citizens, political leaders, and decision makers about global warming solutions. A complete list of events is here. For more information, visit the Focus the Nation website.

WhitFit presents “The Fifth Annual Great Fitness Challenge”

Today marks the first day of “Five Weeks for Fitness,” the fifth annual Great Fitness Challenge. The first week is warm-up (Jan. 28-Feb. 3), and the next five weeks (Feb. 4-March 7) are official fitness fun. This fitness challenge is open to all faculty, staff, spouses and domestic partners, and there are three categories in which to participate.

The competitive division consists of the “Indy 500” for those who already have a well-established exercise program that includes more than 300 minutes per week. Teams in this division will compete against one another. The Dayton 400 is for those whose exercise is relatively stable and includes between 100 and 200 minutes a week. The Talladega 200 is for participants who are just getting started or prefer a non-competitive adventure, and Gary’s Gauntlet is an individual category in which Gary D’Agostino, physical plant services, who is recovering from a serious motorcycle accident, will challenge individuals to match him workout for workout as he regains his health and strength.

Challenge V also includes a charity challenge and a presidential incentive for any department or office with more than four members with more than 50 percent participation. Questions? Contact Juli Dunn, associate professor of sports studies and head athletics trainer, at dunnjl@whitman.edu, x5911 or x5258.

Faculty Accomplishments

Kari Norgaard, assistant professor of sociology and environmental studies, was cited for her exceptional contribution to the Focus the Nation project (see front page). Her work on the American Sociological Association Section on Environment and Technology pages for the Climate Change Teach-ins site was “a model of excellence for those in every field,” said James Callahan, editor, Climate Change Education. “You’ve presented material that is both interdisciplinary (for general background), as well as very rich in resources that are discipline specific (sociology).” The pages can be viewed at the Climate Change Education website.

Staff Profile: Jason Arp
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

  • Department: Alumni Relations (tucked away in the attic of the Alumni House).
  • Birthplace: Logan, Utah
  • Education: Whitman, class of 1994
  • Years at Whitman: Almost five, since July 2003.
  • Favorite book/film/music/play/art/etc: Anything Star Wars or sci-fi; A Prayer for Owen Meaney by John Irving.
  • Favorite sculpture on campus: Whenever the students put a snowman in the Hunter Fountain.
  • Best travel experience: Anytime I’m hiking or camping with my partner and our dogs.
  • Interests/pleasures: Skiing, hiking, racquetball with colleagues, video games, napping.
  • Recent accomplishment: Not done yet, but my dog and I are acing Obedience Class. I need it more than she does, it turns out.
  • What people don’t know about me: For some reason watching the movie The Wizard of Oz makes me physically ill.
  • A day in the life/on the job: When not traveling I’m usually planning events with alumni volunteers, working with students on their Class Committee projects, troubleshooting the office computers, or answering questions from alumni, like “What’s new at Whitman?”
  • Favorite aspect of Whitman: I get to meet amazing people on a weekly basis. Students, staff, faculty, alumni, speakers — they’re all incredibly engaging.
  • What I’ve learned here: Lately I’ve been learning lots of construction terms from the crew working on the Fouts Center for Visual Arts. They seem to be working right outside my window.
  • Quote: “Impressive. Most impressive.” — Darth Vader

Coming Events
Free unless otherwise noted

  • Monday, Jan. 28
    Lecture: The Whitman Campus Climate Challenge presents “Kill the Lorax? Rethinking Climate Change Activism and Politics” by Phil Brick, professor of politics. 7:30 p.m., Olin 130.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 29
    Lecture: The Whitman Campus Climate Challenge presents “Carbon Sequestration in Soils” by Nick Bader, visiting assistant professor of geology. Noon, Reid 207.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 29
    Lecture: The Whitman Campus Climate Challenge presents “How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic” by Kari Norgaard, assistant professor of sociology and environmental studies. 7:30 p.m., Olin 130.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 30
    Lecture: The Whitman Campus Climate Challenge presents “In the Absence of a Sensible Energy Policy” by Don Snow, senior lecturer of environmental studies and humanities. Noon, Reid 207
  • Wednesday, Jan. 30
    Webcast: Focus the Nation will stream a free, live, interactive Webcast, called The 2% Solution. 5 p.m., Olin 130. Stanford University climate scientist Stephen Schneider, sustainability expert Hunter Lovins, green jobs pioneer Van Jones and youth climate leaders will discuss global warming solutions. Audiences can weigh in with cell phone voting.
  • Thursday, Jan. 31
    Lecture: The Whitman Campus Climate Challenge presents “Ecological Responses to Climate Change — Why the future may be even more different than you think” by Tim Parker, visiting assistant professor of biology. Noon, Reid GO2.
  • Thursday, Jan. 31
    Focus the Nation Teach-In Lecture/Panel Discussion: The Whitman Campus Climate Challenge presents “Focus the Nation: It’s Crunch Time” by Christine Ervin, first president and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council. 7 p.m., Maxey Auditorium. A panel discussion led by the presidents of Whitman College, Walla Walla University and Walla Walla Community College follows.
  • Thursday, Jan. 31
    Lecture: “Liberalism, ‘culture,’ and the logic of late imperialism” by Karuna Mantena, assistant professor of political science at Yale. 7:30 p.m., Olin 157. Mantena is currently completing her first book, “Alibis of Empire: Social Theory and the Ideologies of Late Imperialism” (Princeton, forthcoming).
  • Friday, Feb. 1
    Film: Cinema Arts Series presents “Why We Fight,” an award-winning documentary on the military-industrial complex. 7:30 p.m., Kimball Theatre, Hunter Conservatory.
  • Saturday, Feb. 2
    Recital: Sophomore Sarah Judkins, violin. 7:30 p.m., Chism Recital Hall.
  • Sunday, Feb. 3
    Film: Cinema Arts Series presents “Why We Fight.” 7:30 p.m., Kimball Theatre, Hunter Conservatory.

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