December 22, 2008

Volume 3, issue 18
December 22, 2008
The Fountain

THANK YOU, Plant Services staff!

To all the crew members who have worked so hard to help keep the campus pathways as clear as possible and for all the other challenging tasks that come with winter and this kind of steady snowfall, THANK YOU! Your efforts are much appreciated. Pictured: Bob Biles, landscape specialist.

Access instructions for “away messages” here

Since the college will be closed Dec. 25–Jan. 4, staff and faculty are advised to leave “away messages” that inform callers and e-mailers about the closure on your voice mail and e-mail. In case you need reminders about how to do this, the information is a click away:

Lending a helping hand (and back)

Delbert Hutchison, associate professor of biology, pitched in last Thursday to help with the seemingly impossible task of keeping the pathways clear and safe. He started at the Hall of Science, said Patti Moss, Division III assistant, and made his way toward Jewett until members of the grounds crew took over with the snow machines. The best part, said Hutchison, was that most of the students didn’t know him, but they repeatedly thanked him for his efforts. (Photo by Patti Moss.)

Faculty Accomplishments

Mona Hashish, Fulbright scholar in residence in Arabic and Arabic Literature, has written a review of Whitman’s recent theatre production, assistant professor of theatre. The review is titled “Critical Appreciation of Yevgheny Shvarts’s The Shadow.” The review includes elements related to staging, lighting, plot, performance and more. Read it here.

Jason Pribilsky, assistant professor of anthropology, has received the Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies 2008 Hubert Herring Award. The award honors one outstanding non-fiction book on Latin America written by a member of the association during the past two years. Pribilsky received the award for his book, “La Chulla Vida: Gender, Migration, and the Family in Andean Ecuador,” which has been described by anthropologist Mary Weismantel as “excellent, new and timely.” “This is a well-deserved honor,” said Aaron Bobrow-Strain, assistant professor of politics and chair of Latin American Studies.

The installation of “Poetic License,” a collaborative piece by Katrina Roberts, Mina Schwabacher associate professor of English and the humanities and Garrett Fellow, and artist Buster Simpson has been completed, thanks to the efforts of Susa Roberts, technical assistant of studio art, and Kynde Kiefel, Sheehan Gallery exhibitions and collections manager. The piece is located near the Fouts Center for Visual Arts, and is positioned on the fence above College Creek. A small reception/dedication ceremony is being planned for next semester, said Dawn Forbes, director of Sheehan Gallery. “Please walk by and view the piece. It really enhances that area of the Fouts Center for Visual Arts,” she said.

Faculty Profile: Michelle Ferenz
Associate professor of sport studies; head women’s basketball coach

  • Birthplace: Seattle
  • Education: BSED from Eastern Montana College (English major, history minor), master’s in education administration, Heritage College
  • Years at Whitman: Eight
  • Courses: Athletic Leadership (SAAC), Women and Sport, First Aid, coach basketball
  • Favorite book/film/music/play/art/etc: I love to read, and I am not sure if I could pick a favorite book… I don't have much time to go to the movies. The last one I saw was High School Musical 3 with my daughters… I wouldn't rank it in my top 10, but they loved it. And I love all kinds of music. Being around college kids all the time makes me realize how out of the loop I have become when it comes to music. I’m always asking, "Who sings this?"
  • Favorite sculpture on campus: I like the fish that is near the tennis courts.
  • Best travel experience: Disneyland with the family about seven years ago. Our kids were at the perfect age, and everything was magical for them.
  • Interests/pleasures: Honestly, it is spending time with my family. I love watching my kids compete in sports; sing in the choir, etc. I don't really have time to have a life of my own right now, and I am okay with that.
  • Recent accomplishment: After the last month of games and travel, I feel pretty good about getting caught up on the laundry at home. And I am really proud of my team that has gotten off to a historic start (8-1) and a national ranking. They have been so committed and focused, and so coachable. I look forward to having them back Dec. 27 to get ready for NW Conference play.
  • What people don’t know about me: I have 12-year-old twin daughters (who don't look anything alike), and I cry every time I watch "It’s a Wonderful Life.”
  • Why I teach: I honestly think it is what I was meant to do. I enjoy watching the growth of students and athletes throughout a class or throughout a season and being a part of facilitating that growth. I know I could do other things with my professional life, but this is what I enjoy.
  • Favorite aspect of Whitman: I enjoy and respect my colleagues, but my favorite aspect of Whitman is the students, especially the student-athletes.
  • What I’ve learned here: How to recruit. I came to Whitman after 10 years as a high school coach so I had to learn how to recruit. It is not easy. It is like the needle in the haystack analogy except it is a really large field and first you have to locate the right haystack.
  • Quote: Coaches love quotes. One of my favorites is by John Wooden: "Failure is not fatal but failure to change might be."

Parting Shots
By Greg Lehman, photographer/communications officer

How quickly things change. Warm golds and orange replaced, just like that, by cool blues and whites.

Brightly bundled Mary T. Hanna, Miles C. Moore professor of politics, emeritus, is framed by snow-laden trees near Maxey Hall. Full size.

The clock tower glows warm behind a cold mantle of winter around Lakum Duckum. Full size.

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