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Florence Isabelle Stewart

After Sarah and Eleanor returned from Thanksgiving vacation, they began to recruit members for their new sorority. Florence Isabelle Stewart, a fellow senior and high school friend of Eleanor's, was the first to agree to join. Another senior, Isabel Morgan Breed, was initially reluctant to join. However, she was won over and the senior class of Alpha Chapter numbered four. Soon the Founders had selected members of other classes, choosing three juniors, five sophomores, and six freshmen.

Because the Christmas holiday was so close, initiation was scheduled for January. The Alpha Chapter history reads, "At the opening of the college term, on Friday, January 15, 1889, the new fraternity pins were received, and in Prof. Browne's room in the college building on Somerset Street, the other seniors, Belle Breed and Flora Stewart were initiated." The juniors were initiated later that day, and the remaining 11 sophomores and freshmen were initiated that evening. "The first initiation service was quite elaborate...After the initiation we had a sumptuous banquet...followed by toasts and the shouting of our call."

Isabel Morgan Breed

So concluded the first initiation service and the construction of Alpha Chapter. Delta Delta Delta now has 137 collegiate chapters in the United States and Canada, and new chapters are added every year. We recognize Thanksgiving Eve as our Founders' Day and each of the four seniors as our Founders. Our rituals and traditions are still the ones created by Sarah Ida Shaw and Eleanor Dorcas Pond in 1888, and we are still true to their ideals.

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