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Tri Deltas are involved with almost everything at Whitman, in one way or another. We are employees and volunteers in a variety of fields, award winners and IM football players.

To see more about our philanthropic activities, click here. To learn about some of the things we do as a chapter, read on. . . .

The academic year starts with Formal Recruitment, and soon after that it's IM football season! Our team, Delta Force, plays almost every year. We haven't won a football game in recent memory, but we play for fun anyway. It's good exercise and another way to spend time together.

Delta Force, Fall 2002


It's not a organized activity, but we like to dress up and go out dancing together. There's always someone who knows where a party is happening, so we put on wild outfits and head out. Going out together means that we always know people at the parties, and there's always someone to walk home with. We also have a lot of fun actually getting dressed up, doing each other's hair and makeup and choosing between outfits.

Of course, some nights we stay in and watch movies together, too. One Saturday night we all ordered pizza and played Trivial Pursuit until midnight.

Dressed up for a night out.


Choral Contest 2003: Pascale, Amelia, Monica, Beth and Chandra

The spring Choral Contest has been a Whitman College tradition for over 75 years. In the women's division, five groups compete for first place: one ensemble from each of the four sororities and the Independent Women's Choir.

We take Choral Contest as an opportunity to sing together and to get a little crazy. Each group is required to perform a traditional piece and a modern piece; our songs for 2003 were "Molly Malone" as the traditional, and "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Disney's Mulan as the modern. Our finale to "I'll Make a Man Out of You" featured four of our women wearing borrowed shirts from each of the four fraternities. Everyone seemed very entertained.


Toward the end of the school year, the Whitman Greek community gets together for Greek Week. We spend our time together as a community watching movies outdoors on the "drive in" style screen, doing a Philanthropy Day service project, and generally having a good time.

The week culminates in a Friday full of activities. It starts with the Lip Sync competition. Most of the Greek community turns up to watch. In 2003 they saw us reclaim our title as Lip Sync champions. We held on to our title last year by winning Lip Sync 2004 as well.

After the Lip Sync, we have a barbeque. It's followed by a progressive party, hosted by the fraternities, that lasts late into the night.

Here we are after winning the Greek Week 2003 Lip Sync competition.


We end the year by attending Commencement and cheering wildly as the members of our senior class receive their diplomas.

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