Whitman Speech and Debate



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Access the Team’s Server from off campus.

Mac users—this is how you access the server on or off campus.

1. Download the Server Settings File


Right click the link above and choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”

Remember the folder where you save this file.

2. Install Filezilla (for Windows, Linux, Mac)

Download Filezilla

Then, install it. It is pretty straightforward.

Then, come back to this page to complete setup.

3. Open Filezilla to set it up.

Click File, Import

Import the server.xml file

Import both the Site Manager Entries and Settings (Click OK)

Close Filezilla

4. Then, Open Filezilla to use it.

Click, File, Site Manager (or Ctrl + S on the keyboard)

Doubleclick the Whitman Policy Server or Whitman Parli-IE Server Connection.

Type in the Policy or Parli-IE Password.

Drag and drop files between your computer (left side) and the server (right side).

Two tips for making Filezilla easy to use:

Set the folder on your desktop that you want to use with Filezilla.

In the Site Manager, select Whitman Policy Server or Whitman Parli-IE Server.

Then, select the Advanced Tab.

In the Default Local Directory—browse to select the folder on your computer that you always want to use.

Windows Users Only—Go right to the Site Manager

Right Click the FileZilla icon that you use to open the program.

In target, at the end, add –s (with a space after the “)

It should read as:

"C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP Client\filezilla.exe" –s

Click Okay

Now, when you open the program, it will go right to the Site Manager—saving you a click.

Problems? Contact Jim at hansonjb@whitman.edu