Speed Drills.


Try these out for 20 minutes per day. They will help.


Speed Drills. 1

Breath Control Boosters. 1

“P/B” Sounds. 1

“T/D” Sounds. 2

“G/K” Sounds. 2

“EE” Sounds. 3

“F/V” Sounds. 3

“V/SH” Sounds. 4

Sentences Contrasting [æ], [ə], [α], [o], and [ou] 4

Sentences featuring [m], [n], and [ŋ] 5

Sentences featuring [m], [w], [j], [r], and [l] 5

Sentences featuring all diphthongs. 6


Breath Control Boosters


The fifty states: Try to name as many of the fifty states as you can in one breath.  We have grouped them by the number of syllables to facilitate rhythmic reading.


Maine              Iowa                            Wisconsin        Pennsylvania

                        Kentucky                     Wyoming         West Virginia

Georgia           Maryland

Kansas            Michigan                      Alabama          Louisiana

New York        Missouri                       Arizona            North Carolina

Texas              Montana                      California         South Carolina

Utah                Nebraska                     Colorado

Vermont          Nevada                        Connecticut

                        New Hampshire          Indiana

Alaska             New Jersey                 Massachusetts

Arkansas         Ohio                            Minnesota

Delaware         Oregon                        Mississippi

Florida             Rhode Island               New Mexico

Hawaii             Tennessee                  North Dakota

Idaho               Virginia                        South Dakota

Illinois              Washington                 Oklahoma


“P/B” Sounds

1. The boy put back the pack, but leapt past the bike.

2. The lump in his blue lapel, a bruise, brought a yelp from Bud.

3. Parliament passed a bill approving the purchase of surplus barely from Nebraska’s bumper crop.

4. Is it bravado, aplomb, or pluck, or is Pam just plain brash?

5. Place in Pat’s laba tube, precious herbs, barbells, plenty of paper and ballpoint pens , and a lamb-pelt lab robe.

6. Blond people in public blimps shouldn’t throw pebbles.

7. Thumps and gasps about the tomb made proud Bob blubber for Pop.

8. People exploit the deep blue ebb for bass, carp, bluefish, and blubber.

9. Pete bunted, passed, pitched and punted.  His double beat the Cubs; his triple play helped trip Pittsburgh.

10. Please prepare a papal brunch; boiled parsley, prime rib of pork, baked beets with bread crumbs, and pasta parmigiana.

11. Rob abruptly dropped the props and rubbed the lump in the magic lamp.


“T/D” Sounds


1. Dot and Todd did the Te Deum as a duet.

2. It is your duty to study the dusty tunes

3. The stud kicked mud on Matt’s sand dollar, then strode toward the tundra.

4. The idea of daguerreotype did wonders for photo development.

5. The undergraduate students attended North Texas State University in Denton.

6. The desperate agent defused the time bomb before it ticked to its detonation deadline.

7. The dead-letter office takes hundreds of undelivered bundles to the dump each day.

8. Truman Capote told of two desperadoes in his story called In Cold Blood.

9. Better to put little buttons into big buttonholes than to try to force bulbous buttons into bitsy slits.

10. The rudder on the boat caught in the reeds below the water and split down the middle.

11. The Best Western Motel rented suites with double doors to traveling tourists.

12. The bride wore white as she walked beside her dad down the petal-covered aisle.

13. Doctors treat contagious diseases while dentists drill teeth to remove decay.

14. The telephone and telegraph brought together isolated cities, states, countries—and continents.

15. Dylan Thomas wrote poetry, Tennessee William drafted dramas, and Danny Thomas acted in Make Room for Daddy.


“G/K” Sounds


1. Grab the crab by the back to avoid the grip of its claw.

2. Gil haggled with the hack over the cost of a cab to Gloucester.

3. Gullible Ken could not kill cranes with big green beaks.

4. Frank won cups of guppies and glasses of goldfish at the carnival for guessing Gilda’s weight in kilograms.

5. Agriculture involves the difficult task of gradually cultivating good crops.

6. Eggnog is a creamy, sugary drink heavy in caloric content.

7. Big quarterbacks from the Cowboys, Kansas City, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh kicked pigskins across goal lines.

8. The musical Oklahoma! was taken from the Green Grow the Lilacs, a folk drama of agrarian America.

9. Kennedy guaranteed that he could win the election from Nixon in Connecticut, Arkansas,  and the Great Lakes states.

10. Lady Godiva galloped quickly down the cobblestone pavement as the goggle-eyed folks of Coventry gawked and gazed.

11. Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, Look, and Psychology Today are among my selections of magazines.

12. Graces Kelly gave up the glamour of Hollywood to become queen of Monacan society.

13. The ox looks sick and weak as he kicks flecks of straw at the back of his cage.

14. The Mexican cavalry galloped in expectation of encountering the Texans and Crockett’s crew confined in the Alamo.

15. Querulous quidnunes complained that the quantity of gossip was considerably below the quarterly quota.


“EE” Sounds


1/ People eat meat, peas, green beans, and ice cream.

2. The bleak street  was free from vehicles in the evening heat.

3. Cecelia feels ill with a feverish spleen.

4. Being discreet means not revealing secrets.

5. My niece is pleased with the antique fleece.

6. Police walking the beat must keep their feet clean.

7. She feels the peaceful breeze blowing through the green trees.

8. She leaped easily over the heap of leaves that the breeze had freed from the tree.

9. A theist is a believer, a Christian devotee, who feels he will be redeemed in eternity.

10. Even Pete, it seems, got cold feet.  The wedding vows he would not repeat.

11. The treatise deals with the theory that disease is caused by extreme heat.

12. James Dean was featured in the screen version of East of Eden.

13. The keen, clean stream was used by the lean, mean man to water his green beans.

14. Meet me, leaning on a street post at the pizza parlor, around three.

15. Eating cheeseburgers at convenient beaneries increases calories and obesity.


“F/V” Sounds


1. Fervent believers in evil will never go to heaven.

2. Seven-Up is an affordable, effervescent beverage.

3. A salve of sulfur relieved the fever of the inflicted convict.

4. The video featured Fannie Flagg and Phil Silvers in Vanity Fair.

5. Chef Victor served veal fried in olive oil and covered with fresh chives.

6. The first verse refers to the adverse effects of the fruit of the vine.

7. A conference of five chiefs convened on the river rafts in the fjord.

8. The safest advice is to save, give no gifts, and avoid foolish investments.

9. Uvulas aquiver, the frightened nymphs vanished into the verdant forest.

10. Alvin, the elfish knave, gave a lofty gift to his fearful lover, Vera.

11. Even half a heifer is barely enough for Val to have for breakfast.

12. Floats are available at the fountain in seventy-five flavors, from vanilla to fresh alfalfa.

13. The Soviets’ fear of television was proved valid when their first version of the fission formula was viewed in Finland.

14. Fiddle evokes a frame of reference significantly different from that of the more formal violin.

15. The Volkswagen service foreman, Vern, phoned Freda Von Cleff to inform her that foreign vermin had infiltrated her flivver’s valves.


“V/SH” Sounds


1. A shimmering vision of Krishna arose from the marshes.

2. A foolish shout of “fire” caused a crush of confusion at the Bijou.

3. Sharon O’Shea wore a plush beige negligee.

4. That Russian said Brezhnev ate a fresh dish of Quiche once in Central Asia.

5. Measure by measure the brash soloist played a wishful, wistful adagio.

6. Persian fashion calls for a fusion of fuchsia leisure suits and shiny gumshoes.

7. A sure sign of diminishing vision is difficulty distinguishing Zsa Zsa from Sha Na Na.

8. Sheets of shiny snow diminished Zhivago’s vision.

9. Flashy fashion models take pleasure in showing their sharp-looking leisure suits.

10. Sure-handed nurses should establish a triage to treat soldiers shot with shrapnel.

11. A sharp flash of sunshine gave full disclosure to Shawn’s camouflaged position.

12. Six patient Hoosiers shared toothbrushes on a pleasure cruise to Chicago.

13. Gigi washed the rouge off with dishwashing lotion.

14. Marsha Pershing’s treasure chest should contain a splashy collage.

15. When the sheriff fired three shots, Portia stopped her shameless seizure of buried.


Sentences Contrasting [æ], [ə], [α], [o], and [ou]


1. Dan and Don don’t get up before dawn.

2. I caught the cat asleep on the coat I’d thrown on the cot.

3. We sowed the sod with seed and sawed arms for a scarecrow.

4. The hockey tem – the Philadelphia Hawks – looked hokey as they hacked at the puck.

5. I taught the girl to tat when she was a small tot; she made a tote bag.

6. It means naught to a gnat if you do not write him a note.

7. A rat took the letter I wrote you, carried it under the wrought-iron sofa, and left it to rot.

8. Although the hotel room was hot, the haughty lady would not take off her hat.

9. Do not shock Shaw by showing him the shack.

10. Maw mopped the floor while Paw moped because she lost his map.

11. The politician was appalled to find that his pals did not vote for him at the polls.

12. The loan of some artificial laws made of nylon helped the lawyers sell the land.

13. On the bottom of the boat Bob bought were boxes of baseball bats.

14. Hal found a hole at the end of the empty, hollow hall.

15. I woke up early, walked to the Japanese restaurant, and had breakfast cooked in a wok.


Sentences featuring [m], [n], and [ŋ]


1. Tomorrow is an immensely long time from now.

2. Immerse nervous nerds in boiling cauldrons of molten ink.

3. Pringle seems to be moving minute by minute, moment by moment.

4. Mouth the sounds, feeling the formation of the English language.

5. Do not mix ammonia amongst the manicotti.

6. Mending, minding, and knowing are not proper nouns: New England is.

7. “What’s new?” mumbled the gnu as the gnome from Nome meandered home.

8. A malingerer imagines ill feelings in an attempt to shun unpleasant things.

9. Strip mining lingers as a major environmental issue from Montana to Pennsylvania.

10. Manuel knew Nancy would enamel everything, including the kitchen sink.

11. I never met a man named Naomi in North America.

12. Pandas are mammals hailing from the mountains near Nanking.

13. In anger the monkey mangled my ankle, bringing me pain.

14. Uncommon Women is a compelling contemporary drama.

15. Many moons ago, when hungry animals roamed the swamplands, there came a stumbling, grinning primate with a penchant for thinking: the human being.


1. The doctor, a young neurosurgeon, had her medical insurance docked by deterring an unjust claim.

2. The National Council of Churches furnishes judgments on major moral dilemmas.

3. The early bird gets the worm; the suburban bird gets the perm.

4. In a verdant jungle I encountered muskrats, mynah birds, and mallard ducks.

5. I had no idea hush puppies were considered a luxury in northern Iowa.

6. Merlin suggested we attend a performance of the contemporary drama The Runner Stumbles.

7. Gussie’s shirt got stuck in the turnstile in front of the public facility, Municipal Stadium.

8. Unable to sustain pennant fever, the struggling Cubs fell even further from first place.

9. Wyatt Earp is features in another western television special.

10. Conjunctions are not generally considered to be as humorous or funny as verbs.

11. Divers have discovered a buried treasure where once a disaster occurred just off of Bermuda.

12. Mums, petunias, and some other flowers must grow better in sunny Southern California than in Russia.

13. Serve pumpernickel buns fresh from the oven for an early supper.

14. If Virginia appears jumpy, just remember that she suffers from a nervous disorder.

15. Unencumbered by any other blockers, a tough tackle tenderly crushed the hurt quarterback into the dirt.


Sentences featuring [m], [w], [j], [r], and [l]


1. The Prince of Wales’s ailing whale rides the rail from Vail to Yale University.

2. The whetstone was wet, yet Rhett let me borrow it.

3. What Eunice installed on her rotting yacht was a fifty-watt lamp/

4. In broad daylight they drifted near the Isle of Wight, in a dispute over white rights.

5. In lieu of being able to woo Koo, he ruefully warbled “I love you.”

6. A wan, shipwrecked Ron awoke on a manicured front lawn in Ireland.

7. The whiny steward served white wine and watermelon rinds.

8. Lynn began to grin at the whinny of the winning horse in the race at Baltimore.

9. When his friend lends enough yen, Roland will rent a vessel to wend his way across the Atlantic.

10. She wanted to know what fool drew those unique, loony runes.

11. Sheila whipped a yipping wimp, bloodying his lip and ripping his clothes.

12. “Yare,” yelled the admiral from his private lair, where he wore a rare uniform.

13. The young leader tried to rise above the lies by asking herself the proper whos and whys.

14. With a whack on the back of the black yak, Jethro saddled the yoke to the rack.


Sentences featuring all diphthongs


1. Time and tide are known quantities that are bound to change.

2. The round royalty tried all kinds of dieting, to no avail.

3. Five players posed, poised and ready to shout out loud.

4. Invite the cowboy to tape a toaster to his eyelash hourly.

5. I know that Boyce’s renowned sinus problem most likely originates in his brain.

6. No one is afflicted with goiter in the famous play Our Town by Thornton Wilder.

7. O say, you can sigh—Blake may have found those lousy soybean-flavored sundaes.

8. Oily Joe told a tasteless joke about fried pies to his pouting spouse.

9. How did Goya paint such bold, bright portraits?

10. Nine thousand houses employ maids who mistakenly bake the daily paper while reading a souffle’.

11. The Boy Scouts loaned their adenoids to a nice old lady.