WWU Tournament

Dates: January 25-27, 2013

Entry Deadline is Tuesday, January 22 at 5 PM. All fees will be assessed at that time. Any drops after that time will be charged.

We will be using Forensicstournament.net for entries

(Announcement will be made when the site opens to accept entries)


WWU 2013 –Schedule

FRIDAY, January 25

3.30-4.30 Registration and Payment (CF Lobby)

5.00 IE RD I. Pattern A

6.00 Extemp Draw

6.30 IE RD I. Pattern B

8.00 IE RD II. Pattern A

SATURDAY, January 26

8:00 extemp draw

8.30 IE RD II. Pattern B

8.30-9.30 Debate Registration and Payment (CF Lobby)

10 Debate RD I topic announce

12.30 IE Finals Pattern A

1.30 Debate RD II topic announce

2.30 Extemp Finals Draw

3.00 IE Finals Pattern B

4.30 Debate RD III

6.30 IE Awards

7.30 Debate RD IV

SUNDAY, October 31

9 Debate RD V

11 Debate RD VI

1 Debate Octas/Appropriate Elim for Event/Division

3 Debate Quarters

5 Debate Semis

7 Debate Finals



NOTE: IE events are Friday and Saturday only, Debate events are Saturday and Sunday only

Debate (Novice, JV, Open as entries allow): BP, IPDA, NPDA

IE Events (Novice, JV, Open as entries allow—Note collapsing to one division in lightly entered events is likely):


Pattern A-- Drama Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation, Persuasive, Impromptu, Communication Analysis, Program Oral Interpretation.

Pattern B-- Extemporaneous Speaking, Informative, After Dinner Speaking, Prose Interpretation, Duo Interpretation.



School Fee- $40.00

Debate Teams- $75.00

IE Slots- $10

REMEMBER—NFC Student Fee’s will be collected per student @ $4.50, only NFC member schools will be charged this fee



Please note, we WILL NOT/CANNOT ACCEPT IE entries with more than 12 uncovered slots per school—We do this to avoid sections with 7-9 people assigned to one room as has happened previously. Please understand the rationale behind the policy, however, let us know if it is a hardship in any individual circumstances.

               Each debate judge covers 2 teams


               Each IE judge covers 6 slots


               Your judges must have the ability to judge the event and division that your teams are entered in.


$150 for each uncovered debate team (we want your judges, not your money!)

$20 for each uncovered IE slot


Event Assumptions:

Please note that late January in Bellingham, while mild, can be a little moist. As such, the ability to wear sensible clothes and footwear will make every ones experience more comfortable. Events will be spread around a large area of campus—being warm, dry and comfortable will definitely help ones performance versus being nattily attired but wet and hobbling around on brick walk ways in uncomfortable footwear.


We ask that evaluators of the events please take into account that the tournament hosts are suggesting a “business casual” dress code for competitors.


Parliamentary Debate: 25 minute prep time will begin on the release of the topic to the competitors along with the postings (Central Announce). Time limits are 7-8-8-8-4-5. Rounds 1-2 random pre-set, with 3-6 power matched. Students may utilize whatever resources they deem appropriate during the preparation time, including coaches. Participation in the tournament obligates critics to accept the preparation guidelines as outlined herein and to respect the diversity of approaches taken by various competitors in getting ready for their debates. Additionally, in the spirit of openness and education, the results from the previous round will be posted once the following round begins (For example: at the end of prep time for round 2, the win/loss results from Round 1 will be available, and you will have to ask us where it is posted because we are going to hide the location so people who do NOT want to know will not know, or even accidentally know).


British Parliamentary: Standard rules will apply.


IPDA: We will “flight” IPDA rounds as rooms are in short supply.


Individual Events: We will employ the NIET descriptions and rules for the events. Three maximum events per pattern in Open, two for JV and Novice. Each student may enter only ONE duo. We will be posting additional information and resources for the Storytelling event. Please let us know what information we can provide to you.



We anticipate using the Communications Facility lobby for Tournament Central. Registration will begin at 3.30 on Friday. IF you are coming for debate only you can register on Saturday—but please, all must be aware of the changes in payment policy noted below:


NOTE:  We will have representatives from the cashier’s office present to accept payment.  University Policy designates that we are NOT a cash accepting entity—we cannot accept early payment or late payment, the Cashier’s representatives MUST receive your payment.  This is a change from past years as we are being asked to come into compliance with University guidelines.  PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO BE HERE TO PAY AT THE TIMES PROVIDED! 


You may want to drop off people at CF in the parking lot area, BUT then make sure and go to the gravel parking lots to park with your permit (it is about a 5-10 minute walk from the 12A parking lot to CF).


Parking: USE LOT 12A

You MUST go to the Visitor Information booth on the south end of campus to get a permit and up to date information on where to park and when, there are also automated kiosks in the parking lot you can use if they are accepting payments; If you have guest judges not traveling with the team please let them know they will need to get a permit. YOU CANNOT PARK ANYWHERE, ANYTIME WITHOUT A PERMIT, EVEN ON WEEKENDS!!!


Tournament Hotel:

The Hampton Inn will offer a special rate, and have provided a custom reservations page:




Directions to WWU Campus

                    From Interstate 5, take Exit 252: Samish Way/WWU

                    Follow Western Washington University direction signs to Bill McDonald Parkway (left off Samish Way)

                    Pass Sehome High School on left

                    Turn right at South College Drive

                    Proceed forward to the Visitor Information Center for a campus map and parking information


You may find a color map of campus and parking lots is useful at http://www.ps.wwu.edu/parking/map/index.aspx