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Vol. 18, No. 1, December, 2011



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New Winston Cup Trophy Showcase. 2

I.E. Success. 3

Team misses Durkee. 5

Obsessive Sophomore refuses to get Life. 6

Bellagio Otra Vez! 7

Round Robin Mess-Up. 8

Sean Mulloy Fights Leukemia. 8

IE Topic Favorites. 10

WNPT . . . 11

Zach Tschida: MVP. 12


2011-12 Coaching Staff 12

2011-12 Student Assistants. 13

Fall 2011 Participants (42 students) 14

Whitman Administrators and Program Colleagues. 14




Fall 2011 IM Tournament 15

Parli Team: Headed to a 3rd National Championship in a row?. 16

Rhetoric gets new Professor 17

The Winter Party. 18

Pictures from the Prep Session. 20


Contributions to the Team.. 21


The Policy Team.. 22

2011-12 Policy Awards. 23

The Parli-IE Team.. 24

2011-12 Parli and IE Awards. 24


‘Jim’ reorganizes his office. 25


Thanks for Reading the Newsletter! 25




New Winston Cup Trophy Showcase

We are proud to announce the new Winston Cup Trophy Showcase.

Adding to the recently introduced trophy cases in Hunter 107, this new case shows our finest and most beautiful award: the Winston Cup.

Jim noted: “I have tried since we first moved into the Hunter Conservatory to get a trophy case in the entry/foyer area. Early on, I thought I had succeeded but alas, a painting was placed on a wall we were about to use. After that, I tried three times to get one installed and failed each time. Even this time over the summer, I reached out to the library, the Reid Center, and several other campus spots and none of those worked. Finally, with my new ‘power’ as department chair and somewhat ‘landlord’ of Hunter Conservatory, I said–we’re just going to do this and . . . we did. I’m so glad the Winston Cup is now prominently shown to all those entering our beautiful building.”

Allison Humble and Alex Zendeh are clear favorites for winning the award this year. The award goes to the top policy debate team based on record and contribution to the program.


Alex and Allison look up to the Winston Cup; The Winston Cup in its final Protective glass covering; David and Hildred, who donated the cup and its awards, at the Team’s Spring 2011 reunion.


You can view more about the Winston Cup at: The Winston Cup Page

You can view the other trophy cases and our Hunter accommodations at: Hunter Facilities




I.E. Success

Some of the unsung heroes of our programs’ success are our individual event participants, because without their achievements, our overall national reputation would not be where it is now. Jim has pushed and cajoled the Northwest to increase speaking opportunities at tournaments, something that has sadly declined with the advent of “debate only” tournaments.

At Jim’s urgings, the Bellevue Northwest Warmup added speaking events and Whitman had a strong showing with five open and three junior speakers receiving finals awards. Later, at the Lewis and Clark tournament, Whitman placed 8 speakers into the finals rounds in the novice and junior division, with Hanne Jensen taking first place in extemp. 3 additional students advanced into the open division finals. Paige Joki and Carly Johnson are two very involved speakers who have put in the extra effort and have excelled in competition. They bring that winning attitude back to the prep rooms and practice.

Much of our success in speaking events this year can be attributed to a significant amount of research and practice required from each student prior to tournaments where individual events are hosted. This year, we have not only Jim, Nigel and Nick but also Carly Johnson, to help bring younger students up to speed for competing in individual events, creating more opportunities for practice.

Jim noted “Debate is great for encouraging a comparison of ideas. It is really intellectually challenging. At the same time, while it certainly involves communication, it does not engage students in ‘real world’ public speaking skills. Engaging in individual events provides an opportunity for the students to slow down and make a clear and compelling speech that truly engages audiences.” Ultimately, Whitman’s success in the future as a full-fledged forensics program relies on a strong individual events program.

Paige Joki, Carly Johnson, Marten King, Hanne Jensen–some of our most successful individual events competitors.




Team misses Durkee

The team has been noticing a huge absence around Hunter these days. After two years as the assistant policy coach, Jimi Durkee has moved on to graduate school at the University of Georgia.

Jimi was a great coach for Whitman, and everyone was sad to see him go. The team will miss his good natured grumping.

Allison Humble said: “Now who’s going to get angry at me for liking pop music?”

Others bemoaned the hit to the team’s card output. Alex Zendeh: “You mean, I have to cut the politics DA, by myself??”

Said Tiffany Lewis: “Finally.”      

Even though the team still sees Jimi around at tournaments from time to time, and he can always be counted on for some sage pre-round advice on Baudrillard, a memorial service was held in Hunter 307 this fall. Hardy put on the entire discography of Modest Mouse, and the team wrote down things they hate about arguments that Jimi disliked. And then took a nap.




Obsessive Sophomore refuses to get Life

          Debate is an activity that prides itself upon lots of research and drill time in an effort to improve skill. In some cases, competitors will do extra work, including additional drills or practice debates to keep themselves “fresh” for competition.

One particular Whitman debater, Marten King, has taken the extra step and now practices speeches that he has already given in his spare time. King has obsessively taken this task up, exclaiming “I can recite the LOR I was going to give in my break round at UPS, if you’d like!”

In some cases, Marten is found in the late hours of the night giving practice speeches to a wall in Hunter to make sure he is always ready to present those speeches. “I didn’t really do anything over Thanksgiving Break. I just spent most of the time giving 1NCs on the balcony of my hotel to anyone who would watch.”

Marten’s father, a former NDT champion, could not be more ecstatic.



Bellagio Otra Vez!

The team was again treated to an amazing stay at the Bellagio in Las Vegas by the generosity of Megan Salzman-Medica and John Medica. Some of the students’ comments included:

Ben Menzies: “I’m really lucky to be able to stay at the Bellagio. I really wanted to say thank you because it was so much fun and I am so appreciative.”

Tiffany Lewis: “Thank ya'll so much for letting us stay in the Bellagio! It was so nice to go to a comfy, clean bed after rounds. The hotel was just a great place. Thanks again!”

Andy Larson: “I loved being able to get a good night’s rest in a spectacularly nice and luxurious hotel.  I enjoyed being able to eat from the finest kitchens in Vegas.  And I loved the view of the fountain; it has impressed me again this year.”

Jim noted how convenient, beautiful, and what a great cost saving this support provides for the team. “I absolutely loved it. It was a wonderful experience again. We were treated so nicely and, yes, I did cheat on my diet again and I had several of the warm chocolate chip cookies.” J

Thanks Megan and John!


Jim; the team including Tiffany, Annabelle (first row), Ben, Andy, David, Jonathan (second row); and alum Ali who joined Jim for a tour of the hotel.


The view from Jim’s room; a talking tree and then a pumpkin display at the Harvest themed gardens in the Foyer of the Bellagio.



Round Robin Mess-Up

John-Henry Heckendorn and Miranda Morton had the distinct privilege of competing at the Round Robin hosted right before the University of Puget Sound tournament. The tournament, featuring ten of the top teams in the nation, was an incredible success for the two as they both advanced to the final round against the tournament hosts.

In typical tradition for the Round Robin, the winner of the coin flip gets to write the resolution for the final round, a privilege not afforded at most tournaments. Both of the debaters and the coach were attempting to decide between whether or not they wanted to cut sales of F-35s to Israel or F-16s to Taiwan, but mixed up the two and wrote the resolution “The USFG should cut all sales of F-16s to Israel.”

This resolution, not grounded in fact because the US stopped selling F-16s to Israel years ago, caused the other team to wonder “what crazy strategy Whitman was cooking up.” Fortunately, the two were able to successfully pull off a victory to win the Round Robin. They followed that up with another win at the invitational tournament as well; doing so in a closeout with our own Drake Skaggs and Mitch Dunn.



Sean Mulloy Fights Leukemia

At the UC Berkeley tournament this past January, Sean came down with what seemed to be another bout of the flu or a really nasty cold. He wasn’t able to compete and remained sick throughout the tournament–and the typical cold medicines weren’t helping.

With a few more bouts of sickness like that during the spring semester, Sean still advanced to elimination rounds at Frosh-Sophomore Nationals and then CEDA Nationals and took on his job with relish as a Whitman debate camp lab leader this summer. While Sean’s students thrived on his teaching, he became sick again near the end of the camp. This time it was worse. By the time he returned home to Arizona, Sean was really sick. Antibiotics were not helping (indeed, they seemed to be making him worse). He went to the hospital and after a variety of tests, was diagnosed with leukemia.

With his world turned on its head, Sean faced a grueling but absolutely necessary series of treatments during the fall and early winter to get his life threatening condition turned around. Taking a semester leave has allowed Sean to undergo 5 chemo-therapy treatments and to rest and get himself better.

Sean continues to post to Facebook when he’s hooked up to the internet (which is as much as he can!), get in his fav expressos, and is looking forward to returning this spring.

The whole team is so glad that he is doing much better. Jim noted that “It will be great to have Sean back on the squad.” Hanne Jensen noted how much she missed Sean. Many of his friends demanded on Facebook that Sean watch various television shows with them. J

We send all of our best to Sean and hope he continues to get stronger and better.



IE Topic Favorites

Many Individual Events competitors at Whitman enjoy talking about certain topics because it provides them a base of knowledge from which they can speak. For most of the team, this consists of current events and topics in the news because they are tied to many of the resolutions that they debate. Others draw from slightly different perspectives. “I really like talking about television shows and try to make at least one connection per IE round,” says Junior Olivia Kipper. First year Yonah Biers-Ariel takes a slightly different approach: “Sometimes I start with something I’m not very familiar with. Then the speech just goes from there.”

Despite these unconventional methods, Whitman has been quite successful in Individual Events, clearing multiple competitors in each division at tournaments where they have been offered. “Honestly, I think some of my background work in IEs has really helped me be successful and know what judges are looking for,” says Sophomore Paige Joki. Hopefully Whitman will continue its string of success at the Spring IE tournaments.


WNPT . . .

Every November since 1886 (we think J), Whitman has played proud host to the Whitman November Policy Tournament. This year, injured but not out, Whitman once again played host to our District II colleagues and ran a fun-filled event for all. Even with late drops, including Weber’s debate teams who were stuck in a snow storm, the younger members of the team got in two full days of competitive debating with teams such as Gonzaga, Puget Sound, and Oregon.

Sophomores David Collier and Ben Menzies also had a great showing – despite being “glitter bombed” by one of their opponents, they cleared into the elimination rounds with a 4-1 record. They proceeded all the way to the finals, beating regional rivals Gonzaga and Oregon along the way. Since it’s a tournament hosted by Jim, everyone could also count on massive quantities of food. The older team members made sure to drop in and help out – and pick up some ice cream to boot.


Katie Bergus from Oregon and Jim; Jonathan, Hanne, Marten and Ben


Nick Griffin; Annabelle with Jonathan in the background


Marten and Shanglun; Logan and Hanne



Zach Tschida: MVP

Whitman has a long tradition of being close with other teams and coaches, particularly those in the Northwest. This year however, has provided the squad with someone who is so largely in favor of voting for Whitman that he might as well be a part of the team. Zach Tschida, head policy and parliamentary debate coach for University of Puget Sound, has continuously voted for Whitman, including voting for the team as the 1 in 2-1 decisions we lost, three times in a row at a tournament.

Zach’s consistent votes for Whitman have caused him to grudgingly remark: “Why do I keep voting for your show ponies? Just once I’d like to have a say in the matter.” The show pony metaphor was an apt one that has since stuck as a nickname for many of Whitman’s senior level teams.

On numerous occasions, Zach has complained “all Whitman ever does is brush each other’s manes when they should come hang out with other squads” or “Whitman needs to stop horsing around and get their pref sheets in” or perhaps most ubiquitously “it’s a close race to the finish line, as both teams were neck in neck, but I wind up voting Neighgative in this debate.”

Here’s wishing Zach a Marey Christmas!

Jim’s comment: Very punny Nigel. Very punny.


2011-12 Coaching Staff


·        Jim Hanson, Director of Forensics (20th year), Chair, Rhetoric and Media Studies

·        Aaron Hardy, Policy Coach (7th year)

·        Nigel Ramoz-Leslie, Parliamentary-I.E. Coach (1st year)

·        Nick Griffin, Parliamentary-Policy Coach (1st year)

·        Eric Chalfant and Tom Friedenbach, Policy Research Assistants


2011-12 Student Assistants

   Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/17162_1240287282160_1078620031_30623450_1198377_n.jpg   

·        Olivia Kipper and Alex Folkerth, Jim’s Assistants

·        Carly Johnson, Student IE Coaching Assistant


·        John Henry Heckendorn, Drake Skaggs, Miranda Morton, Allison Humble, Writing Fellow Student Coaching Assistants


Fall 2011 Participants (42 students)

Adam McKibben, Alex Zendeh, Allison Humble, Andy Larson, Annabelle Marcovici, Ben Menzies, Carly Johnson, David Collier, Drake Skaggs, Hanne Jensen, Jamie Edison, John-Henry Heckendorn, Jonathan Barsky, Logan Emlet, Lydia Kautsky, Marten King, Michelle Flores, Miranda Morton, Mitch Dunn, Nick Budak, Noah Teller, Olivia Kipper, Paige Joki, Satinder Haer, Sean (Shanglun) Wang, Tiffany Lewis, Tom Shellum, Yonah Biers-Ariel, Zac Parker, Zane MacPhee.

Plus Anna Stutz, Collin Smith, Draco (Yajun) Liu, Henry Allen, Louisa Rogers, MC Maziya, Nandini Rathi, Nate Higby, Richard Gagliardi, Tom Potter.

And Tia Butler and Sean Mulloy, off campus.


Whitman Administrators and Program Colleagues

·        Bob Withycombe, Professor, Rhetoric and Media Studies

·        Patrick Belanger, Visiting Assistant Professor, Rhetoric and Media Studies

·        Robert Sickels, Professor, Rhetoric and Media Studies

·        Dan Terrio, Chief Technology Officer

·        Rebecca Hanrahan, Humanities Division Chair

·        Chuck Cleveland, Dean of Students

·        Tim Kaufman-Osborn, Provost and Dean of Faculty

·        George Bridges, President, Whitman College



Fall 2011 IM Tournament

This year’s fall tournament included some 38 debates discussing whether “The United Nations should recognize Palestinian statehood.” The UN recently has been discussing just this very thing and the United States is at the center of the discussion due to our opposition to recognizing statehood at this time.

Students won cash prizes up to $30 plus t-shirts for their involvement. They also enjoyed delicious snacks brought in by team members and IM Debate Assistant, Olivia Kipper.

Full Info is at: http://www.whitman.edu/debate/imdebates/index.htm



·        In experienced division, Satinder Haer, Skyler Bissell, and Tim Wilder received Top Honors.



·        In the intermediate division, Collin Smith and Louisa Rogers received Top Honors.



·        In the inexperienced division, Masud Shah, Nathan Lessler, Paul Eschbach, and Woody Jacobson won Top Honors.


Parli Team: Headed to a 3rd National Championship in a row?

Fall’s competition has already passed and Whitman is already on top. Recently, NPDA rankings were released placing Whitman as number one in the nation, a solid 5 points ahead of Concordia-Irvine at second. Whitman has had impressive performances this fall–with 12 teams breaking at the Northwest Warmup (a school record) and finals closeouts in both junior and senior division at the national circuit UPS tournament.

While rankings can and will change as second semester results come in–there is no question that Whitman has put itself in good position for a repeat of its national championship status.





Snow hits the Harvard Tournament

Seniors Allison Humble and Alex Zendeh had a chance to travel to the Harvard tournament this October – and unfortunately picked the wrong weekend. The tournament weekend experienced early season snows, getting dumped by a flurry of white flakes mid-tournament. Needless to say, everyone missed the milder weather of the West Coast. Fortunately, despite the snow, the team narrowly escaped the massive East Coast storm that hit in the following days that shut down airports and left some without power for days around Halloween.

Even with the snow, the tournament was a great opportunity to see friends and supporters of the team namely Alex’s parents, who live in Boston. They took HZ out for a nice meal, and Alex even got to sleep in his own bed during the tournament! The tournament also featured the storied Harvard hospitality – with a host of dishes served for lunch from this year’s topic countries in the Middle East. The food tasted even better since HZ dressed up for Halloween. Zendeh dressed up as an Iranian nuclear scientist, and Humble just went as a nerd.




Rhetoric gets new Professor

As many of you know, Bob Withycombe finished teaching this past spring but he continues to play an active part in promoting Whitman College and helping Jim handle various issues chairing the department. As Jim noted, “Bob is the person I turn to for advice. He is a true friend and colleague. I’m not allowing him to retire.” J

This year, Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\hansonjb\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\mtl 4_2.jpgPatrick Belanger has joined the department as a visiting assistant professor. Patrick shares Bob’s overriding concern for social justice, teaching courses in environmental communication, national identities rhetoric, public speaking, and argument in the political sphere. Patrick comes from the University of Southern California, Jim’s alma mater, and has already made a great impression.

In the meantime, Jim is working on hiring for a new rhetoric faculty member from . . . a newly endowed position in rhetoric. Megan Salzman-Medica and John Medica have generously endowed the new Neilen-Anderson rhetoric professorship.

Jim notes, “I am elated about this. I hope we can make all the great professors and students of speech and rhetoric proud with instruction and scholarship of the highest caliber.”

More details will be unveiled this spring in the team’s Spring newsletter.


Bob with Megan at the “Now is the Time” gala affair; John Medica, John Bogley, and Megan along with other Whitman supporters, also at the gala.




The Winter Party

Held at Jim’s, the team enjoyed a scrumptious meal of roasted meat, curried green beans, mashed potatoes, vegetable pot pie, ham, seasoned vegetables, sweet potatoes, along with bread and humus, chips, salad, and some delicious desserts.

As is the tradition, the stockings came out in full force with jousting sticks, mega sun glasses, candies, glow in the dark masks, and, much to Jim’s consternation, artificial snow. “I don’t want that in my carpet,” Jim was heard muttering at the dollar store.

The gift exchange had surprisingly high quality gifts; still, the worst ones won prizes and they included a worn out ‘welcome sign’ and an item that, um, Jim has censored what it was, which had apparently expired.


Pictures from the Winter Party.



Pictures from the Prep Session



Contributions to the Team

We are grateful for your contributions to the forensic team! Generous donors May 1, 2011 through December 5, 2011 include:

·       Adam Clinton Symonds

·       Alison Marie Scott

·       Benjamin Aaron Meiches

·       Charley and Lanora Welker Rosenberry

·       Daphne Teals and Drummond Kahn

·       James B. Hanson

·       James R. Carlson

·       James Todd Myers

·       Janice Sandra Berman

·       Jared Phillips and Loan Lam

·       Jason P. Smith

·       Jessica Ann Clarke

·       Karen Joanne Zawadzki

·       Maile Zeng

·       Matthew and Nicole Matarelli Levin

·       Microsoft Corporation

·       Nathaniel P. Johnson

·       Nicholas J. Griffin

·       Oscar D. Seawell

·       PG&E Corporation Foundation

·       Raymond W. Haman

·       Rebekah Johnson Foster

·       Robert M. Withycombe

·       Rodney and Barbara Ostgren Orth

·       Ryan James Hagemann

·       Samantha Howell

·       Sandra C. and Gregory M. Miller

·       Scott Gordon Thompson

·       Stephen Charles Rowe

·       Terrence R. McInnis

·       Theodore Braden Blank V

·       Thomas Mann Miller

·       Todd Robert Brown


·        If we missed you, please tell us because we do appreciate your support!


Send contributions to

The Annual Fund Office

Whitman College

Walla Walla WA 99362

Checks should be made out to Whitman College with a note that says to place the contribution into one of the Debate Team Funds (Salzman-Medica, Withycombe, Walker, Hanson, or just say “For Debate”).




The Policy Team


The Policy Team, Fall 2011.

Front Row: Annabelle, Alex, Allison

Second Row: Tiffany, Aaron (coach), Ben, (behind) Andy, David, Jonathan

Missing: Marten, Shanglun, Logan, Hanne as well as Tia and Sean who are off campus for the semester.



2011-12 Policy Awards



Georgia State, Doubles

Northwestern, Doubles

Harvard, 5-3

Wake Forest, Doubles


UNLV, 4-3


WNPT, Second Place


View our new Awards Page: http://www.whitman.edu/debate/results/index.htm




The Parli-IE Team


The Parli-IE Team, Fall 2011.

Front Row: Katie, Morgan, John Henry, Paige, Nick B, Drake.

Second Row: Satinder, Hanne, Michelle, Zane, Olivia, Carly, Nick G (coach), Zac

Third Row: Nigel (coach), Miranda, Noah, Shanglun, Marten, Yonah

Back Row: Collin, Logan, Adam, Andy, Mitch

Missing: Tom, Lydia, Jamie.



2011-12 Parli and IE Awards

Adam McKibben, Northwest Warmup, 6th Open Impromptu

Andy and Adam, Northwest Warmup, Octas Open

Andy and Adam, Washburn 1, Octafinals

Andy and Adam, Washburn 2, Second Place

Carly Johnson, Northwest Warmup, 2nd Open Extemp

Collin and Anna, Northwest Warmup, First Place Novice (tie)

Drake and Mitch, Puget Sound U, 1st Place

Drake and Mitch, Washburn 1, Octafinals

Drake and Mitch, Washburn 2, Octafinals

Drake Skaggs, Northwest Warmup, 2nd Open Impromptu

Drake, Lewis and Clark, Semis, Lewis and Clark, Open Impromptu

Hanne and Carly, Lewis and Clark, Quarters Open

Hanne Jensen, Northwest Warmup, 3rd Junior Extemp

Hanne, Lewis and Clark, 1st Junior Extemp

John Henry and Miranda, Puget Sound U Round Robin, 1st Place

John Henry and Miranda, Puget Sound U, 1st Place

John Henry and Miranda, Washburn 2, Quarterfinals

John-Henry and Miranda, Lewis and Clark, Octas Open

John-Henry and Miranda, Northwest Warmup, Second Open

Logan and Olivia, Northwest Warmup, Quarters Open

Logan, Lewis and Clark, Semis, Lewis and Clark, Junior Impromptu

Marten, Lewis and Clark, 3rd Novice Extemp

Michelle and Yonah, Lewis and Clark, Quarters Junior

Michelle and Yonah, Northwest Warmup, First Place Junior (tie)

Michelle Flores, Lewis and Clark, 4th Junior Impromptu

Michelle Flores, Northwest Warmup, 4th Junior Impromptu

Mitch and Drake, Lewis and Clark, Quarters Open

Mitch and Drake, Northwest Warmup, Semis Open

Nandini with Tanya, Lewis and Clark, First Novice

Olivia 5th, Lewis and Clark, Open Impromptu

Paige and Nick B, Lewis and Clark, Octas Open

Paige and Nick B, Northwest Warmup, Octas Open

Paige and Nick B, Puget Sound U, Octas

Paige and Nick B, Washburn 2, Double-Octafinals (walkover)

Paige Joki, Northwest Warmup, 3rd Open Extemp

Paige, Lewis and Clark, 2nd Junior Extemp

Satinder and Richie, Northwest Warmup, Quarters Junior

Sean and Marten, Lewis and Clark, Octas Open

Sean and Marten, Northwest Warmup, Octas Open

Sean Wang, Northwest Warmup, 5th Open Impromptu

Sean, Lewis and Clark, 6th Open Impromptu

Tom and Lydia, Northwest Warmup, Quarters Junior

Tom and Lydia, Puget Sound U, JV 1st Place

Yonah, Lewis and Clark, 3rd Novice Impromptu

Zac and Noah, Lewis and Clark, First Junior

Zac and Noah, Northwest Warmup, First Place Junior (tie)

Zac and Yonah, Puget Sound U, JV 1st Place

Zac, Lewis and Clark, 5th Novice Impromptu

Zane and Jamie, Northwest Warmup, First Place Novice (tie)

Zane MacPhee, Northwest Warmup, 5th Junior Extemp

Zane, Lewis and Clark, 4th Novice Extemp


View our new Awards Page: http://www.whitman.edu/debate/results/index.htm




‘Jim’ reorganizes his office

      Every semester, as it draws to a close and debaters are overburdened with finals, Jim chooses to cash in on the “team service” that all debaters unofficially submit themselves to as a condition of participating on the speech and debate program. Most team members under Jim have probably experienced the act of “team service” but if you are unfamiliar, it is basically “you do whatever task Jim deems worthy of your time” (which, if you were to ask, for all intents and purposes is actually his time). This may range from jobs such as cleaning the preparation rooms, entering tournament points, sending out mailers to high schools, or some other horribly mundane task that Jim probably could not pay someone to do.

Students will sometimes ask Jim, how was it that they unknowingly committed to such “service?” The response is often something about needing to read team guidelines.

This semester, a fair amount of team service efforts went into re-arranging Jim’s office. Although this task may seem outside the ethic of team service being used for the good of the team, many forget how crucial Jim’s office really is, given that it provides the debate team with a social and practice location along with storage. And with the office reorganization, the team has accomplished several goals:

More room for students to engage in practice speeches and debates.

The team’s laptops are now in cabinets with a better check-out system.

More cabinet space for the many debate files and items that get stored in Jim’s office.

Items are now much easier to access.

The room is much less cluttered looking.

With team service, Jim was able to make his office “tidy, organized and give [him] and students practicing more space,” reinvigorating the place that Whitman’s team members have come to remember and continue to visit.




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