Whitman College Forensics

A Newsletter of the Whitman College Forensics Team, Vol. 5, No. 1, December, 1998

The Team has a great Chinese dinner during the University of Oregon tournament. You can see Gabe McGuire, Mark Lanning, Brett Pahler, and Adam Symonds on the left. On the right, you can see Rose Alappat, Sean Flammer, Julie Miller, Tony Torres, and Todd Borden.

The Team Gets off to a Great start

This yearís August Prep Session started the teamís year with a bang. CEDA debaters researched discrimination in employment, Parliamentary debaters practiced and discussed strategy, while IE people wrote and practiced speeches which were presented in the IE Showcase. More than public speaking, however, filled the session. Debaters went to a movie, ate at Rositaís (ABC Taco) Mexican restaurant, and played Taboo, a guessing game.

††††††††††† During Team Bonding day, the squad went to the Whitman Blues Festival, where Bon Apetit served a seafood banquet. Following the festival, the squad played "psychiatrist," a perennial team favorite, and rounded out the evening with a viewing of the debate movie, Listen To Me and a TV special on women with breast cancer featuring the teamís very own Becky Galentine. Other activities this semester included rousing games of Risk and Axis and Allies, multiple get-togethers, and, of course, team dinners at tournaments.


Francis Geiger Hunter Conservatory is New Home to Team

††††††††††† Opened this August, the Hunter Conservatory (formerly known as the Old Music Building) now houses the speech and debate team. The building has been beautifully restored to its original 1910 splendor, but with the technology of the 1990s. The speech team, in addition to Jim's office, now has several rooms of its own. One room, the Forensics Technology room, has five computers and three scanners, and also serves as an office for J.P. and David. The Forensics Preparation room has multiple tables and chairs for organizing briefs, cabinets for back-files, as well as three computers of its own. Three additional rooms help the squad. The Debate Cove is a small room that stores evidence for the squad; the Rhetoric seminar room is used for meetings and practice debates; and the Rhetoric Practice room allows students to videotape their speeches. Hunter marks a substantial improvement over the cra mped quarters in Olin. We use every one of these rooms extensively.

††††††††††† Hunter is much more conducive to late nights of work and research. The foyer is covered in thick carpets and is complemented with easy chairs and tables. The classrooms are filled with comfortable swivel chairs and podiums. The open air of the three story foyer accents the Georgian architecture to provide an elegant atmosphere which goes hand in hand with the research of the computer age.

Jimís Office. Will he ever clean it?

The Forensics Preparation Room.

Hunter Foyer looking from Bobís office toward Jimís. You can see JP playing computer games.


The new Bob Withycombe Travel Fund

We are proud to announce a newly endowed travel fund for the squad. Megan Salzman Medica ('81) contributed $50,000 to create the Bob Withycombe Fund, honoring Bob, current Chair of the Rhetoric Department and Division II. Jim and Bob expressed their great appreciation for this gift. "Our growing team has made travel decisions an often difficult task. This fund will help us send deserving students to the finest competition." Hereís to Megan! Thank you so much!

Forensics Team Continues Academic Excellence

††††††††††† Members of the Whitman Forensics squad have long been recognized for their contributions to the academic community at Whitman. Recent graduate and assistant director David Kearney won the 1998 William Soper prize in Philosophy, for the best graduating scholar in philosophy, as well as graduating cum laude with honors in major study. The teamís two seniors this year, Matthew Johnson and Adam Symonds, can also take pride in their accomplishments. Adam is a member of the Order of Waiilatpu, a campus society that recognizes contributions to the community. Also, last year Adam won the Chester C. Maxey award in politics for excellence in junior Politics majors, and currently he is at work on his honors thesis in Politics. Matthew is also a member of the Order of Waiilatpu, is writing his honors thesis in philosophy, and is on track to graduate magna cum laude. Team members Jessica Clarke, Ryan Scoville, and Adam Symonds won prestigious Perry scholarships to research US - Russia relations with Director of Forensics Jim Hanson, resulting in the publication of three forensic related books.

††††††††††† Team members contribute to the campus in other ways. Matt Johnson has recently finished out his term as Vice President of Committees for the Associated Students of Whitman College, and sophomore Keola Whittaker has been elected as the new ASWC President for the 1999 year. The campus community recognizes members of the team as dedicated to the continued success of Whitman College.

Emily Cordo and Keola Whittaker take a break on the couch in Jim's office. Debate and schoolwork leave them tired--so its nap time!

Jessica Clarke and Adam Symonds, two of the top debaters in the country, were awarded the prestigious Perry Scholarship.


Brian Danielson and Matt Johnson are pictured outside a tournament hotel.

The 1998-1999 Coaching Staff

††††††††††† Once again, the Whitman Speech and Debate team welcomes new faces in its coaching staff, as well as saying farewell to some good friends. One of last year's Assistant Directors, the Parliamentary assistant Diana Thomson, is now in Omaha applying to Law Schools, while Assistant Coach Ryan Hagemann is a first year law student at the University of Oregon. We have missed them both, but Ryan does occasionally appear at tournaments to provide both speaking and fashion tips.

††††††††††† Jim Hanson continues this year as Director of Forensics, his seventh! After successfully defending his dissertation last year, he has almost jumped through all the bureaucratic red-tape standing between him and the elusive Ph.D. This year, his new office has provided much needed space, and with the additional rooms in the Hunter conservatory, he has more personal space even though team members are in his office almost non-stop.

††††††††††† J.P. Lacy also continues to work on the Policy side of the program. J.P. graduated from James Madison University, with a degree in Social Science. He was an octa-finalist at the NDT in 1992. J.P. continues to chew copious amounts of Nicorette, horde hot sauce from Taco Bell, and play Quake. He also has the nasty habit of returning the mouse he bought every three weeks because "it deteriorates."

††††††††††† David Kearney has shifted gears from being a competitor on the squad to the coaching staff this year. David coaches Parliamentary debate and Individual Events. He is applying to graduate schools in philosophy. David has found taking the GRE difficult, as his test was canceled midway through when a power outage shut off the test computers! He hopes to finish this test as soon as possible. David also likes classical music, wacky hats, and has been known to speak fondly of Philosopher Hannah Arendt.

††††††††††† Assistant Policy debate coach Becky Galentine continues to help the team. Recently married, Becky lives in Seattle. She continues to be in our thoughts as she fights breast cancer. She was recently featured in a Lifetime special entitled "Two Chicks, Two Bikes, One Cause." Becky's research, strategies and enthusiasm are much appreciated.

††††††††††† Dave Perry, Assistant Parliamentary debate coach, is a 1998 graduate of Whitman with a degree in Politics. Dave brings his years of strategic expertise to the team as he helps out with practice rounds and at tournaments. He works at Staples now and helps Jim choose all the tech the team needs.

††††††††††† Abby St. Lawrence is now a junior as she begins her third year as the team's student assistant. Abby's sharp tongue keeps Jim on task and the team on its toes. She has been involved in political issues recently including the death penalty and the recent affirmative action initiative. Abby is also the Intramural Debate Coordinator, and is largely responsible for the growth in Intramural Debate in the last two years.

Dave Perry and Rochelle Campf enjoy a team party.

Abby St. Lawrence makes announcements during a team meeting.

Coaches Dave Perry, JP Lacy, and student Adam Symonds kick back at the team holiday party.

Jim Hanson returns as Director of Forensics for his seventh year!

J.P. Lacy takes a break in the Forensics Tech Room.

David Kearney works at one of the new computers in the Forensics Preparation Room.

The Walker Fund Grows!

James "Tokey" Walker continues a tradition of contribution by donating $200,000 more to the Sarah Moores Walker Endowment. This donation honors Sarahís memory and her dedication to Whitman forensics. Jim said, "This donation makes a major difference in our ability to compete at national levels. Students will benefit so much from this and we are so grateful for this wonderful gift. The Walker Fund has been and will continue to be a vital resource in making our squad nationally competitive." With the new Withycombe Endowment, contributions from many of you, and the great and very hard working students on the team, our squad is truly blessed.

Debate embraces the Electronic Age

††††††††††† Thanks to the generous support of the Whitman administration and alumni, and a grant from the Keck foundation, the Hunter Conservatory has new technology which has helped the team immensely. With eight computers now available to students, team members can research using Lexis-Universe (a web version of Lexis), the web, Infotrac, and other on-line sources of information. The team scans printed documents such as books into word processors, compiles the evidence into briefs, and prints them in a uniform, easy to read fontówith a complete index. Having our own printer and computer facilities assures students access to technology whenever they need it. Jessica Clarke, for example, has setup all kinds of macros on the computer she uses most often.

Research technology like Lexis allows us to conduct searches for materials otherwise difficult to obtain in Walla Walla. Up-to-date materials are available at the touch of a button. We can search online from Hunter, copy and paste the materials to documents, and save them to team folders on our own server. We download all of our files to our laptops for tournaments. The new technology has fostered our development as a team.

Even amidst the technological age, our team still has close ties. Here, Matt Johnson opens a gift at the holiday party.

JP's desk in the Forensics Tech Room.

Frosh Courtney Gardner and Emily Cordo had a very successful first semester including taking third place in senior division at the first NFC Designated Tournament.

Nicholas shows off the roast beef for his sandwich. Ick.

Policy Debate Continues Winning Ways

††††††††††† The CEDA-NDT squad has repeatedly impressed the debate community, both here in the Northwest and on the national circuit. Senior Adam Symonds and Junior Jessica Clarke have dominated the competition. They finished 4th at the WWU Scrimmage. At the Lewis and Clark tournament, they were undefeated in preliminary rounds, finishing 3rd, while Adam won 3rd speaker. At the University of Oregon, again they were undefeated in prelims and finished 3rd ; Jessica was 3rd speaker, while Adam was 4th. Their success continued on the national level. At the Emporia tournament, they won two elimination rounds to finish 3rd -- Adam was 1st speaker and Jessica was 8th! At the highly competitive Wake Forest Tournament, they finished 9th. They are ready to take the nation by storm this coming semester.

††††††††††† Our squad also has many distinguished new students. First year students Emily Cordo and Courtney Gardner placed 3rd at the University of Oregon Tournament, where Courtney was 8th speaker. They also placed 10th at the WWU scrimmage. First year students Todd Borden and Brian Simmonds were 3rd at Lewis and Clark in junior division; Todd was 10th speaker, Brian was 9th. At U of O they won junior division, where Todd was also 1st speaker and Brian was 6th. First year student Natalie Havlina and sophomore Keola Whittaker placed 5th at U of O, and Natalie was 5th speaker. First year students Nicholas Thomas and Brett Pahler placed 5th at Lewis and Clark -- Nicholas was 7th speaker. With such fine young talent, Whitman's CEDA-NDT squad looks forward to many bright years.

Whitman Spearheads Northwest Public Debate

††††††††††† Whitman College has taken both 1st and 2nd place at every tournament this year in Northwest Public Debate, an event developed by our very own Director, Jim Hanson! At the WWU Scrimmage, Brett Pahler and Keola Whittaker won with Matt Johnson and Gary VanDenBerg winning 2nd. Whitman cleaned up speaker awards, too, with Matt winning 1st, Brett 2nd, and Keola and Julie Miller tieing for 3rd. At Lewis and Clark, junior Jason Liu and senior Peter Stiffler won, while sophomore Patty Bayley and junior Bobby deGrouchy were 2nd. Whitman again dominated speaker awards: Jason was 1st, Bobby was 2nd, Patty was 4th, and Peter was 5th. The University of Oregon tournament saw similar success for Whitman's Public Debaters. Peter and Jason won again, while Patty teamed up with junior Lisa Beyl to take 2nd. Jason won 1st speaker again!

Keola Whittaker and Brett Pahler placed first at the Western Washington tournament in Public Debate.

The squad including Dave Perry, Peter Stiffler, Brian Danielson, Brian Simmonds, Matt Johnson, Julie Miller, Gary Vandenberg, Todd Borden, and seated on the floor is Rose Alappat. The heads you see are Kelly Schultz, Patty Bayley, and, of course, Santa.

Gary Vandenberg talks with Rose Alappat and Sean Flammer.

Rose Alappat debates Gabe McGuire and Julie Miller in a practice round.

Parliamentary Debate Takes Lewis and Clark

††††††††††† Whitman's success in Parliamentary debate continued at the Lewis and Clark tournament, where Senior Matt Johnson and Sophomore Gary VanDenBerg took first place in senior division. First year students Julie Miller and Gabe McGuire took 5th place in junior. Every Whitman debater won a speaker award: Matt was 11th and Gary 3rd in senior, while sophomore Brian Danielson was 1st, junior Rose Alappat was 2nd, Gabe was 5th, and Julie was 8th in junior.

††††††††††† The University of Oregon tournament saw Brian and Rose place 5th in junior division, while Julie and Gabe lost a close break round. Matt was 3rd speaker, while Brian was 5th. Our Parliamentary debaters are looking forward to the National Parliamentary Debate Tournament, which will be at Point Loma College in San Diego. The competition will be fierce, but we are up to the challenge.

Whitman excels at Individual Events

††††††††††† Whitman's comprehensive forensics program continues its success in all areas of collegiate forensics, including Individual Events. At the Lewis and Clark tournament, Whitman was successful in junior Impromptu: Matt won 1st, while Julie was 3rd, and Gabe was a finalist. In junior Extemporaneous, Gary was a finalist. At the University of Oregon, sophomores Carrie Mitchell and Jennifer Anaya were finalists in junior duo, Carolyne Kamau placed 3rd in poetry, Mark Lanning was a finalist in novice Informative, Rose Alappat was 3rd in novice Extemporaneous, Kelly Schultz was 3rd in novice Informative, and Julie Miller was 3rd in junior Impromptu. Nicholas Thomas was 4th in junior Impromptu and 2nd in junior Extemporaneous. In her Individual Event debut, CEDA debater Jessica Clarke took 4th in novice prose.

Whitman Hosts High School Tournament

††††††††††† Whitman College again hosted the annual High School tournament. The tournament was bestowed with a semis qualifier Tournament of Champions status in policy and Lincoln-Douglas debate, placing it in a class with the top nineteen tournaments in the nation. Nearly sixty high schools attended, and while the campus was not quite as overcrowded as last year, there were still over a thousand competitors and coaches here on the campus. Restrictions on entries and a new schedule helped reduce the overcrowding. Moving the tabulation rooms to our new facilities in Hunter also created more room for rounds in Cordiner Hall, and the Sherwood Small Gymnasium and Foyer over the Main Gym were converted into 46 rooms for competition. The squad also invested in walkie-talkies to help communicate between Hunter and the ballot table in Cordiner.

††††††††††† The tournament is an excellent recruiting tool for the college. Jim has already had contact with over sixty high school students, including some of the top prospects in the Northwest. High School competitors enjoy the superior competition and judging. Hal Wing from St. Mary's High School said, "Even though it meant a 9 1/2 hour drive each way, we enjoyed ourselves very much. We will be back, if you continue to invite us!" We plan to invite all schools in the Northwest to compete in our tournament next year.

Matt Johnson enjoys tournaments including winning first place in impromptu.

Intramural Debate heats up campus

††††††††††† This year's Intramural Debate competitions have been more popular than ever. The first competition this fall was won by Chris Gregory, with Sean Collins and John Barbara in a tie for second place in the experienced division. Joey Bristol won the inexperienced division, P.J. Van Hulle was second, and Chastity Imamura was third. The second Intramural tournament this fall was won by Sean Collins, while Isaac Kamola was second and Tony Torres was third. Heather Fife won the inexperienced division, Mark Stribling was second, and Ryhan Kyle was third. Intramural Debate provides a forum for Whitman students to learn about current issues and speaking skills, and hopefully some of these talented speakers will be ready to join the squad next semester.

Brian Simmonds (above), Nicholas Thomas and Brian Danielson, wrote the extemp and impromptu topics for the high school tournament.

Patty Bayley and Rose Alappat enjoy a team meeting. These two, as well as the entire team, put in a major effort to make the high school tournament a success.

Contributions to the Withycombe and Walker Funds are appreciated

Thanks for your contributions to these Speech Funds! Generous Summer and Fall donors include:

Kelly and Mathew Cleman, Sean Harris, David Kearney, Charlotte McCluskey (Smith), Dave Perry, Drummond Kahn and Daphne Teals, James T. Walker, Paul R. Beveridge and Lysle Wilhemi, Andy Backlund, Megan Medica, Janice Berman, Tim Clairmont, and John Miller

Contributions to the Walker Fund or the Withycombe Fund should be sent to:

Annual Fund Office

Whitman College

Walla Walla WA 99362

Checks should be made to Whitman College with a note that says to place the contribution into the Walker or Withycombe Fund.

Director of Forensics
James Hanson

Assistant Director of Forensics
J.P. Lacy

Assistant Director of Forensics
David Kearney

Assistant, Policy Debate
Becky Galentine

Assistant, Parliamentary Debate
Dave Perry

Student Assistant and Intramural Debate Coordinator
Abby St. Lawrence

Chair, Department of Rhetoric and Public Address
Robert M. Withycombe

President, Whitman College
Thomas E. Cronin

Competitors, Whitman Forensics, Fall 1998
Adam Symonds, Bobby de Grouchy, Brett Pahler, Brian Danielson, Brian Simmonds, Carolyn Wanjiru Kamau, Carrie Mitchell, Courtney Gardner, Emily Cordo, Gabe McGuire, Gary VanDenBerg, Jason Liu, Jennifer Anaya, Jessica Clarke, Julie Miller, Keola Whittaker, Lisa Beyl, Mark Lanning, Matt Johnson, Natalie Havlina, Nicholas Thomas, Patricia Bayley, Peter Stiffler, Rose Alappat, Samir Hasan, Sean Flammer, Todd Borden, Tony Torres