Whitman-Seattle UDL Debates


On Sunday, December 4, 2005, Seattle’s finest joined forces with Whitman’s finest for a day long fest of debate preparation and practice.


The day started off with introductions (hey Chalfant—step forward so people can see you!).


Then, UDL debaters paired off with Whitman debaters to work one-on-one preparing cases and arguments.


After a Big Cheese Pizza Lunch, Round 1 was off and running. The evidence went flying into overdrive as four debates featured a UDL and Whitman debater debated against another UDL and Whitman debater. Racial Profiling and the Korematsu decision were discussed. Mike Meredith said he was impressed with Cole Jr. “He stepped up to the plate.”


After Round 1, Whitman assistant coach Aaron Hardy presented a lecture with tips on offense and defense and rebuttals. Students were shouting out “turn the disad” in response to how to emphasize offense in debates.


Round 2 followed and engaged students again in arguments on the high school Search and Detention topic. Jim overheard one student who was excited about how well she had done in her debate.


Taqueria Yungapeti burritos with some rice and beans on the side (and some mighty hot red salsa—well, Jim thought it was hot) followed for dinner.


Round 3 concluded the debating and brought in some of the novice debaters into the competition. Meghan Hughes was elated when a novice debater showed dramatic improvement and was really excited about debate.


At 9pm, while students munched on Custard and Pecan Pie plus ice cream for desert, Jim Hanson talked with the debaters about his own experience getting involved in debate, the skills debate teaches and how those skills give an edge to students for college courses, and then took many excellent and engaging questions from the students—about who Whitman’s biggest competitors are, the toughest aspects of his job, and ethnic diversity on Whitman’s team and campus.


After that, it was time for some rest for all involved.


Description: jen%20and%20sam

Jen and Sam

Description: 9

Cole “Jr,” and Robert

Description: mike%20and%20tyree

Mike and Tyree

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Description: untitled2

Cobie, Delane, and Jen.

Description: untitled8

Cole “Sr

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Description: eric%20suni

Eric Suni

Description: cole%20jr

Cole “Jr.”

Description: 1

Mizan and Aaron

Description: 3

Jeamal and Kenny with Jake in the background

Description: 4

Jeamal with Ben

Description: 5

AJ and Andrew

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Jen and Joe

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Description: 11

Meghan and Ethiopia

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Ethiopia with Meghan in the right corner of the picture

Description: 14

Cole “Sr” and Ross

Description: 16

Cole Sr with Jeff

Description: 17

John and Jake

Description: 19

Jeamal and Robert

Description: 18

Jacqueline, Cole “Jr,” Mizan, and Aaron

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Meghan and Mizan

Description: 6

Jeff and Cobie

Description: untitled9


Description: 12

Delane and Eric C.

Description: untitled7

Cobie and Kenny.

Description: 15

Meghan and Ross with Ethiopia in the right hand corner of the picture

Description: 2

Jacqueline and Mizan with John and Jeamal in the background

Description: 20

Andrew and AJ


Description: untitled12

Luke and Aaron