The Faculty


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Jim Hanson, Director of Forensics (Jim began a low carb diet in January 2001 and lost 50 pounds)


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Bob Withycombe, Department Chair



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Brian Danielson, Parliamentary-IE Assistant


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Samantha Howell, Student Assistant and Intramural Debate Coordinator


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Brian Simmonds, Policy Assistant


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Katie Imbeau, Student Interp Coach




Whitman Leadership

·        Tom Cronin, College President
·        Jim Hanson Director of Forensics and Debate Coach.
·        Samantha Howell, Whitman Forensics Assistant
·        Brian Danielson, Assistant Parliamentary and IE Coach
·        Brian Simmonds, Policy Assistant Coach
·        Katie Imbeau, Student Interp Coach

2002-2003 World and Whitman News


·        Maya Angelou speaks at Whitman

·        First ever Naxi sacrifice in U.S. hosted at Whitman

·        Outdoor interest house approved

·        New wing of science building opens

·        Sister Helen Prejean speaks on death penalty at Whitman

·        Ben Folds performs at Whitman

·        Derek Waldcott gives lecture

·        Elizabeth Wurzel, author of ___Prozac Nation___ speaks

·        Star Parker speaks at Whitman

·        Tibetan monks visit, share culture, art

·        January 16 - U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft announces that American Taliban member John Walker Lindh will be tried in the United States.

·        February 12 - The trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic begins at the United Nations war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

·        June 8 - Serena Williams defeats her sister Venus Williams in straight sets to win the 2002 French Open.

·        July 1 - The International Criminal Court is established to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. Crimes committed on or after this date may be prosecuted by the court.

·        September 12 - Iraq disarmament crisis: U.S. President George W. Bush addresses the U.N., and challenges its members to confront the "grave and gathering danger" of Iraq, or stand aside as the United States and likeminded nations act.

·        November 7 - Iran bans the advertising of United States products

·        December 9 - United Airlines, the second largest airline in the world, files under the United States Bankruptcy Code Chapter 11.

Team Members 2002-03
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Front row: Lydia, Rob, Chris, Beth P, Beth S; Second row: Kyle, Bridget, Jackie, Brian S, Scott, Charles, Thad, Kathryn, Nav, Sam, Jim; Third row: Martin, Eric, Brian D, Gareth, Matt, Jeff, Emily.

Staff: Jim Hanson, Director of Forensics, Brian Simmonds, Assistant Policy Coach; Brian Danielson, Assistant Parliamentary and I.E. Coach; Samantha Howell, Student Assistant and Intramural Debate Manager; Jessica Clarke, National Circuit assistant policy coach; Katie Imbeau, Dramatic Interpretation Student Assistant; Julie Caton, Helper in Interpretation; Bob Withycombe, Chair, Rhetoric and Film Studies; and Thomas Cronin, President, Whitman College.

31 Competitors, 2002-2003: Alex Bollinger, Beth Pearson, Beth Schueler, Bridget Kustin, Brian Ward, Cathryn Posey, Chandra Carlisle, Charles Olney, Chris Gorman, Corrine Gibbon, David Guidry, Emily Marr, Eric Suni, Gareth Campbell, Harmony Paulson, Jackie Jenkins, Jeff Buntin, Josh Wnuk, Kathryn Bergh, Kyle Krohn, Lydia Eberly, Martin Ishikawa, Matt Jumago, Michael Winnike, Nav Rekhi, Patrick Carter, Rob Olsen, Sam Spiegel, Scott Daniel, Scott Thompson, Thad Blank.

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Beth                                                                                       Chris and Bridget
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Martin and Jackie                                                                                  Chris, Beth, Jackie, Lydia (hidden), Sam, and Bridget

Rhetoric and Film Studies Courses

CHANGE: The department NOW HAS A MAJOR! Hunter 307, 306 are preparation rooms. 305 is a storage room. 204 is for evidence distribution, practice, and work. bob’s office 303, jim’s office 308, “the cove” for debate tubs was hunter 310.


Traditionally, the discipline of rhetoric focused on the effectiveness of the spoken or written word as it is driven by the rhetorical situation (audience, purpose, and context). Over the last several decades, persuasive media have expanded well beyond the conventional spoken and written message. The increasing pervasiveness of film, video, TV, and the Internet in world culture has expanded the mission of rhetorical studies. To reflect these advances in technology and understanding, we now focus on the uses of language and image to characterize social reality, to debate and confront controversies, and to aid in the

transformation of social institutions. Accordingly, the department of rhetoric and film studies is a multidisciplinary program that enriches understanding of the complexity of contemporary communication by providing a solid grounding in the theory, history, pro­duction, interpretation, and criticism of a wide variety of written, oral, visual, and filmic texts.

Rhetoric and film studies courses satisfy humanities distribution requirements (language, writing, and rhetoric in the previous distribution requirements) except: Rhetoric and Film Studies 110, 160, 250 and 360 meet fine arts distribution requirements. Rhetoric and Film Studies 240 and 340 may count toward the alternative voices distribution requirement. Rhetoric and Film Studies 121, 221, and 222 do not count as distribution requirements and may not be taken P-D-F.


The Rhetoric and Film Studies major:

A minimum of thirty-four credits in rhetoric and film studies, including the following: a minimum of four credits in Performance/Production (110, 121, 160, 221, or 222); two courses in Film (360, 365, 366, 367, 368; 160 counts if not used for the Performance/Production requirement); two courses in Rhetorical Theory and Criticism (370, 371, 372, 373); either 491 or 498, and additional work in rhetoric and film studies to make a total of thirty-four credits. Students may substitute up to eight of the elective credits with approved off-campus courses, transfer credits, and/or credits from other Whitman departments, including but not limited to Spanish 347-350 Topics in Spanish and Spanish American Cinema, World Literature 279 German Film, and/or World Literature 381-386 Special Topics in Cinema, so long as they relate to the student’s final thesis or project.


The Rhetoric and Film Studies minor:

A minimum of twenty credits: four credits in Production/Performance (110, 121, 160, 221, or 222), one course from the Rhetoric area, one course from the Film Studies area, and additional work in rhetoric and film studies for a minimum of twenty credits. Students may substitute up to four credits with approved off-campus courses, transfer credits, and/or credits from other Whitman departments.


Course Areas:

Rhetoric Performance courses: 110, 121,221,222

Film Production courses: 160, 360

Rhetoric courses: 240, 250, 340, 350, 351, 352

Rhetorical Theory and Criticism courses: 370, 371, 372, 373

Film Studies courses: 365, 366, 367, 368

Senior Thesis/Project: 491, 498


RFS 110. Fundamentals of Public Address, 4 hours.

RFS 121, Intercollegiate Forensics Practicum, 1 hour

RFS 160, Intro to Film, 4 hours

RFS 221, Public Address in Intercollegiate Forensics, 2 hours

RFS 222, Debating in Intercollegiate Forensics, 2 hours

RFS 240, Rhetorical Explorations: Gender, Class and Race, 4 hours

RFS 250. Persuasion, Agitation and Social Movements, 4 hours.

RFS 340, Background of African American Protest Rhetoric, 4 hours

RFS 350, Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment, 4 hours

RFS 351, Argument in the Law and Politics, 4 hours

RFS 352, Political Campaign Rhetoric, 4 hours

RFS 360, Advanced Film, 4 hours

RFS 365, Special topics: Studies in Film Genre (The Western)

RFS 366, Special topics: Major Figures in Film (The Independent Revolution)

RFS 367, Special topics: Film Studies and Popular Culture

RFS 368: Special Topics, World Cinema

RFS 371, Rhetoric in Classical Culture

RFS 372, Rhetoric in Contemporary Culture

RFS 373, Rhetorical Criticism

RFS 379, 380. Special Topics Courses. Burke Seminar, American Public Address

RFS 401, 402. Independent Study.

RFS 491, 498, Thesis (Regular and Honors)


The 2002-03 Parliamentary Debate Teams

Front: Bridget, Chris, Beth P.

Rear: Lydia, Martin, Jackie, Brian D (coach), Scott T, Matt, Sam and Rob


Description: IEers 

Matt and Sam do duo Interp. Corinne, Harmony, Bridget, Martin, and Lydia are also doing interps this year.


The 2002-03 Policy Debate Teams

Front row: Kathryn, Beth S, Thad, Nav.

Second row: Brian S. (coach), Eric, Jeff, Charles and Emily

Rear row on the left: Kyle and Gareth


 Description: 0-Brian D

Brian Danielson


Team Awards

Policy Awards

“Top 7 in the NDT and CEDA Rankings as a squad. A great year .”

Beth Schueler and David Guidry: Sr., Western Scrimmage, 3rd; University of Puget Sound, 5th; University of Oregon, 3rd; Wake Forest, 5-3, missing on points; Fullerton, 17th; Northwestern, 5-3, missing on points; NW CEDA Champs, 1st (tie); CEDA Nationals, 33rd.

Emily Marr and Michael Winnike: Sr., Western Scrimmage, 4-2, not breaking.

Eric Suni and Nav Rekhi: Jr., Western Scrimmage, 1st; Sr., University of Puget Sound, 5th; University of Oregon, 3rd; Western Washington, 2nd.

Gareth Campbell and Jeff Buntin: Jr., Western Scrimmage, 1st; Utah, 1st.

Kathryn Bergh and Kyle Krohn: Jr., Western Scrimmage, 1st; University of Oregon, 3rd; Utah, 3rd.

Thad Blank and Charles Olney: Sr., Western Scrimmage, 1st; Kentucky RR, 6th in a 6 way tie for 1st; Kentucky Regular, 3rd; Harvard, 3rd; Wake Forest, 9th; USC, 5th; Fullerton, 1st; West Georgia, 5th; Dartmouth RR, 1st; Northwestern, 9th; NW CEDA Champs, 1st(tie), CEDA Nationals, 2nd; NDT, 3rd.


Description: nfc trophy  Description: beth and bridget

Scott, Rob, and Cat                                                                               Beth and Bridget


Parli Awards

“This has been a very good year for parliamentary debate.”

Chris Gorman and Bridget Kustin: Sr., Western Scrimmage, 2nd; PLU, 9th; University of Oregon, 5th; Lewis Clark State, 3rd; Fullerton, 5th, Utah, 5th; Point Loma, 17th; Hatfields, 17th; NPTE, 11th; NPDA Nats, 33rd.

Jackie Jenkins and Martin Ishikawa: PLU, 1st; Oregon, 3rd.WWU, 9th.

Lydia Eberly and Rob Olsen: Jr., University of Oregon, 5th; Lewis Clark State, 2nd

Matt Jumago and Rob Olsen: Sr., Western Scrimmage, 4-2, not breaking; Jr., PLU, 4-2, not breaking.

Sam Spiegel and Beth Pearson: Sr., Western Scrimmage, 5th ; University of Oregon, 9th; Utah, 17th; WWU, 9th; Hatfields, 17th; NPDA Nats, 65th.

Scott Thompson and Brian Ward: Sr., Western Scrimmage, 4-2, missed on points; University of Oregon, 5th; Hatfields, 4-2 missing on points.

Scott Thompson and Chandra Carlisle: Sr., WWU, 1st.

Scott Thompson and Lydia Eberly: Sr., Fullerton, 1st.


Description: jim  Description: brian s  

Jim                                                                                         Brian Simmonds


Individual Events Awards

Beth Pearson: Jr. Extemp, 4th, Oregon; 5th, WWU.

Beth Pearson: Sr. Extemp, 6th, Utah; Semis, Pt. Loma.

Beth Pearson: Jr. Persuasion, 1st, Oregon

Beth Pearson: Sr. Persuasion, 1st, PLU.

Bridget Kustin & Sam Spiegel: Open Duo, Finalist, PLU; 1st, Oregon; 2nd, Utah.

Bridget Kustin: Sr. Informative, 1st, PLU; Finalist, Lewis Clark State; 2nd, Utah.

Chandra Carlisle: Jr. Extemp, 4th, WWU.

Chris Gorman: Sr. CA, 1st, Lewis Clark State; 6th, Utah.

Chris Gorman: Sr. Impromptu, 4th, Oregon; 2nd, Utah.

Chris Gorman: Sr. NFA-LD, 2nd, Point Loma.

Corrine Gibbon: Jr. Drama, 4th, Oregon.

Emily Marr: Jr. Impromptu, 2nd, Oregon.

Harmony Paulsen: Jr. Drama, 3rd, Oregon.

Jacki Jenkins: Jr. Persuasion, 6th, Oregon.

Jacki Jenkins: Jr. Informative, 4th, Oregon;

Jacki Jenkins: Sr. Informative, 1st, PLU; 1st, Utah; 5th, WWU.

Jeff Buntin: Jr. Extemp, 5th Oregon.

Lydia Eberly: Jr. Impromptu, 3rd , PLU; Finalist, Lewis Clark State.

Martin Ishikawa: Jr. Programmed, 4th, Oregon.

Matt Jumago: Jr. Extemp, 3rd, WWU

Mike Winnike: Jr. Impromptu, 1st, Oregon.

Rob Olsen: Jr. Impromptu, 1st, PLU; Finalist, Lewis Clark State.

Sam Spiegel: Sr. Programmed, 1st, Oregon; 2nd, Utah.

Scott Thompson: Sr. CA, 3rd, PLU.