The Faculty


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Jim Hanson, Director of Forensics


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Bob Withycombe, Department Chair, Associate Dean of Faculty



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Keola Whittaker, Parliamentary-IE Assistant



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Julie Caton, Student Assistant and Intramural Debate Coordinator


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Brian Simmonds, Policy Assistant




Whitman Leadership

·        Tom Cronin, College President
·        Jim Hanson Director of Forensics and Debate Coach.
·        Julie Caton, Whitman Forensics Assistant
·        Keola Whittaker, Assistant Parliamentary and IE Coach
·        Brian Simmonds, Policy Assistant Coach

2001-2002 Whitman News

A.     The new Reid center opened in January.

B.     Ralph Nader visited campus.

C.    Maya Angelou canceled her vist.

D.    Rainbow Rage’s theme is Pink.

E.     Charles and Thad, Whitman’s top debate team, place 5th in the nation.

F.     Whitman won Northwestern’s debate tournament.

G.    Library begins and ends its e-reserve program (with class readings available electronically).

H.    Blue Moon includes controversial material which the traditional publisher refused to print.

Description: 2001anikkijim
Nikki and Jim research rhetoric resources.

Rhetoric and Film Studies Courses

CHANGE: The department is renamed the Rhetoric and Film Studies department as Robert Sickles is added as a third member of the department.

The forensics team has two rooms with computers, scanners and printers for use plus a practice room and a cove for their heavy tubs of briefs. Hunter 307, 306 are preparation rooms. 305 is a storage room. 204 is for evidence distribution, practice, and work. bob’s office 303, jim’s office 308, “the cove” for debate tubs was hunter 310.

Courses treat Rhetoric as a liberal art, proposing that such communication is not a skill learned by rule but an exercise of judgment that can be no better than the communicator's understanding of the nature of the communicative acts.


The Rhetoric minor: A minimum of twenty credits in Rhetoric and Film Studies that consists of course work in two areas of study: (A) a four credit Performance requirement to be satisfied through Rhetoric 110, 210, or four credits of Rhetoric 221 or 222; (B) a sixteen credit Theory, Criticism, and Case Study requirement to be satisfied through Rhetoric 240, 270, 370, 379, and 380. Up to four credits of departmentally approved Rhetoric 401 and 402 may be taken to satisfy the Theory, Criticism, and Case Study requirement. Minor modifications in this program may be made with the approval of the department.


RHETORIC 110. Fundamentals of Public Address, 4 hours.

RHETORIC 121, Basic Intercollegiate Forensics, 1 hour

RHETORIC 221, Public Address in Intercollegiate Forensics, 2 hours

RHETORIC 222, Debating in Intercollegiate Forensics, 2 hours

RHETORIC 240, Rhetorical Explorations: Gender, Class and Race, 4 hours

RHETORIC 270. Persuasion, Agitation and Social Movements, 4 hours.

RHETORIC 370. Seminar: Western Rhetorical Thinking, 4 hours.

RHETORIC 379, 380. Special Topics Courses. Rhetorical Criticism, Freedom of Rhetoric, Background of African American Protest Rhetoric, Argument in the Law and Politics, Political Campaign Rhetoric: Persuading America

RHETORIC 401, 402. Independent Study.

(Film courses were not added in time for the Catalog)


World News

·        January 11 - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission approves the merger of America Online and Time Warner to form AOL Time Warner.

·        April 1 - U.S.-China Spy Plane Incident: A Chinese fighter jet bumps into a U.S. EP-3E surveillance aircraft which is forced to make an emergency landing in Hainan, China. The U.S. crew is detained for 10 days and the F-8 Chinese pilot, Wang Wei, goes missing and is presumed dead.

·        February 6 - Likud Party leader Ariel Sharon wins election as Prime Minister of Israel.

·        June 21 - A total solar eclipse occurs.

·        July 2 - The world's first self-contained artificial heart is implanted in Robert Tools.

·        September 11 - Almost 3,000 people are killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City, The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and in rural Shanksville, Pennsylvania after an American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the The Twin Towers (a nickname for The World Trade Center (WTC)) and United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a grassland in Pennsylvania.

·        November 10 - The People's Republic of China is admitted to the World Trade Organization after 15 years of negotiations


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Thad, David, Brian Ward, Jim

Description: Thad%20and%20Joey%20on%20couch

Thad, Joey


Team Awards


Policy Awards

Beth Schueler and Emily Cordo, NW Scrimmage 5th, Lewis and Clark 5th, U. Oregon 1st,, Fullerton, 17th, Whitman, 1st, NW CEDA Champs, 5th, NDT Qualifier, CEDA Nationals, 33rd

Brian Ward and David Guidry, Whitman, 1st, NW CEDA Champs, 3rd, CEDA Nationals, 33rd

Brian Ward and Mike Winnike, NW Scrimmage, 9th; Lewis and Clark, 3rd, Oregon, 1st

Charles Olney and Joey Bennett, Whitman, 1st

Charles Olney and Thad Blank, NW Scrimmage 1st, U. Kentucky, 5th, Lewis and Clark 1st, U. Oregon 1st, Wake Forest, 5th , U.S.C., 5th, Fullerton, 9th, West Georgia, 9th, Northwestern, 2nd, NW CEDA Champs, 1st, NDT, 5th, CEDA Nationals, 3rd

Chris McCool and John Poor, U. Oregon 5th

Chris McCool and Scott Thompson, Whitman, 1st, Jr.

David Guidry and Joey Bennett, NW Scrimmage 9th, Lewis and Clark 9th, Oregon 1st

Emily Marr and Lauren Ritter, WWU, 5th, Whitman, 5th

Emily Marr and Mike Winnike, CEDA Nationals, 33rd

Emily Marr and Scott Daniel, U. Oregon 1st

Joey Bennett and Scott Thompson, U.S.C. 1st,, Jr.

Sean Beaver and Scott Thompson, Lewis and Clark 1st,, Jr.

Thad Blank and Mike Winnike, Whitman, 1st


Parli Awards

Bridget Kustin and Natalie Havlina, Lewis and Clark 9th

Bridget Kustin and Natalie Havlina, Point Loma RR Qualifier, Hatfields, 9th

Chandra Carlisle and Nicholas Thomas, U. Oregon 9th

Chandra Carlisle and Zahava Wilstein, Utah, 9th Whitman, 5th, Jr.

Chris Gorman and Mario Cava, U. Oregon 5th, Point Loma, 17th

Chris Gorman and Nicholas Thomas, Whitman, 5th, NPTE, 10th, NPDA Nationals, 17th

Dani Boucher and Chandra Carlisle, Hatfields, 5th

Dani Boucher and Samantha Howell, Lewis and Clark 1st, U. Oregon 1st

Darrell Miller and Sam Spiegel, Lewis and Clark 5th, U. Oregon 9th, Northridge, 9th

Dean Chuang and Martin Ishikawa, Whitman, 3rd, Nov.

Gabe McGuire and Natalie Havlina, Alaska Speakout, 1st

Gabe McGuire and Todd Borden, Lewis and Clark 2nd, Northridge, 9th

Nicholas Thomas and Sam Spiegel, Utah, 9th


Individual Events Awards

Andy Monahan Nov. Impromptu, 4th, Lewis and Clark

Bridget Kustin Jr. Impromptu, 4th, Lewis and Clark; Semis, CSU-Northridge; Sr. Informative, 1st, Lewis and Clark, 4th, Oregon, Semis, Point Loma, 4th, Dean McSloy, 5th, Whitman; Sr. Impromptu, Semis, Point Loma

Chandra Carlisle, Semis, Jr. Impromptu, Finalist, Dramatic, Utah, 1st, Jr. Ext. LD, Whitman

Charles Olney Nov. Impromptu, 4th, U. Oregon

Chris Gorman Jr. Extemp, 6th and Jr. Impromptu 2nd, U. Oregon, Sr. Impromptu, Semis, Utah; Sr. NFA LD, 3rd, Whitman

Dani Boucher Jr. Dramatic, 3rd, U. Oregon; Finalist, Utah; Sr. Dramatic, Finals, WWU

Darrell Miller Sr. ADS, 2nd, and Jr. Prose, 4th, Lewis and Clark; Sr. ADS, 1st, Jr. Dramatic, 1st, Jr. Prose, 2nd, U. Oregon; Sr. ADS, 4th, CSU-Northridge

Emily Marr, 3rd, Jr. Impromptu, Whitman

Gabe McGuire Sr. Impromptu, 5th, Lewis and Clark

Joey Bennett, 3rd, Jr. NFA LD, Whitman

Katie Imbeau and Sam Spiegel, Sr. Dramatic: 2nd, Lewis and Clark; 6th, 1st, WWU, Dean McSloy; 3rd, Whitman, NIET Qualified; Sr. Prose, 1st, WWU

Katie Imbeau Sr. Dramatic: 3rd, Lewis and Clark; 2nd, Utah, 1st, WWU, 2nd, Dean McSloy; 2nd, Whitman; NIET Qualified

Mario Cava Sr. ADS, 6th, Lewis and Clark; 4th, Oregon, 5th, Utah; 4th Dean McSloy; Jr. Impromptu, 5th, Oregon; Sr. Impromptu 4th, Utah; 3rd, Dean McSloy; 5th, Whitman College; Jr. Poetry, 2nd; U. Oregon; Sr. Poetry, 5th, Utah; 2nd, Dean McSloy; Mario Cava and Dani Boucher, Sr. Duo, 6th, Utah

Michael Winnike Nov. Impromptu, 1st, U. Oregon, Whitman

Natalie Havlina Jr. Extemp, 3rd, Lewis and Clark, Whitman; Sr. Extemp, 6th, Whitman; Jr. POI, 2nd, Whitman

Nicholas Thomas Sr. Extemp, 6th, Lewis and Clark; 1st, Oregon; 3rd, CSU-Northridge; 5th, Utah; 3rd, Dean McSloy, NIET Qualified; Sr. Forensic Criticism, 5th, U. Oregon; Sr. Impromptu, Semis, CSU-Northridge; 2nd, Utah; 3rd, Whitman; 2nd, Portland State; NIET Qualified; Sr. CA, 2nd, CSU-Northridge; 2nd, Utah; 1st, Portland State; NIET Qualified

Sam Spiegel Sr. CA, 3rd Lewis and Clark; 1st, U. Oregon; 1st, CSU-Northridge; 3rd, Utah; 2nd, Whitman

Scott Thompson, 3rd, Jr. Extemp-LD, Whitman

Sean Beaver Nov. Impromptu, 3rd, U. Oregon

Thad Blank, 2nd, Sr. Extemp-LD, Whitman

Todd Borden Jr. Impromptu, 2nd, U. Oregon

Zahava Wilstein Sr. ADS, 2nd, U. Oregon; 6th, Utah; 1st, WWU; Sr. Prose, 5th, Utah


Description: Beth%20and%20Bridget 

Bridget Kustin, Beth Schueler

Description: Bridget%20and%20Mike%20at%20L&C

Bridget Kustin, Mike Winnike