The Faculty


Description: jim1

Jim Hanson, Director of Forensics


Description: bobwgeof2000

Bob Withycombe, Department Chair




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David Kearney, Parliamentary-IE Assistant (Sept.-Oct.)


Description: geoff1

Geof Brodak, Parliamentary-IE Assistant (Nov.-May)



Description: julienick2000

Julie Miller, Student Assistant and Intramural Debate Coordinator


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J.P. Lacy, Policy Assistant



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Parli-IE Team

Front (seated): Sam, Natalie, Denice

Back: Gabe, Brian D, Darrell, Chris G, Bona


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Policy Team

Front: David, Samantha, Keola, Lauren, Emily C.

Back: Emily M, John, J.P., Charles, Nicholas, Scott, Thad, Stew, Mario


Whitman News

·        Tom Cronin, College President
·        Jim Hanson Director of Forensics and Debate Coach.
·        Julie Miller, Whitman Forensics Assistant
·        David Kearney, Assistant Parliamentary and IE Coach, Sept.-Oct.
·        Geof Brodak, Assistant Parliamentary and IE Coach, Nov.-May
·        J.P. Lacy, Policy Assistant Coach

A.     Penrose Library became fully operational after 14 months of renovation.

B.     Whitman students began mentoring troubled teens through the Juvenile justice program.

C.    The Seattle symphony preformed in Cordner.

D.    Coalition names August pride month.

E.     Annual Rainbow Rage theme is Heaven and Hell.

F.     The First ever Whitman all night rave, “The Magic Onion Festival” was held.

G.    Whitman’s female ultimate team won the northwest tournament in Corevallis Ore.

H.    Goldfinger played at “Whitstock.”

Description: skeeball
Nicholas, Keola and Denice playing Skeeball during a break at a tournament.

Rhetoric Courses

CHANGE: Not much change in the courses. The team prep rooms are re-organized so they have twelve computers (three new computers are added) and the practice room 305 becomes the storage room.


Courses treat Rhetoric and Public Address as a liberal art, proposing that such communication is not a skill learned by rule but an exercise of judgment that can be no better than the communicator's understanding of the nature of the communicative acts.


The Rhetoric or Public Address minor: A minimum of twenty credits in Rhetoric and Public Address that consists of course work in two areas of study: (A) a four credit Performance requirement to be satisfied through Rhetoric 110, 210, or four credits of Rhetoric 221 or 222; (B) a sixteen credit Theory, Criticism, and Case Study requirement to be satisfied through Rhetoric 240, 270, 370, 379, and 380. Up to four credits of departmentally approved Rhetoric 401 and 402 may be taken to satisfy the Theory, Criticism, and Case Study requirement. Minor modifications in this program may be made with the approval of the department.


RHETORIC 110. Fundamentals of Public Address, 4 hours.

RHETORIC 121, Intercollegiate Forensics Practicum, 1 hour

RHETORIC 221, Public Address in Intercollegiate Forensics, 2 hours

RHETORIC 222, Debating in Intercollegiate Forensics, 2 hours

RHETORIC 240, Rhetorical Explorations: Gender, Class and Race, 4 hours

RHETORIC 270. Persuasion, Agitation and Social Movements, 4 hours.

RHETORIC 370. Seminar: Western Rhetorical Thinking, 4 hours.

RHETORIC 379, 380. Special Topics Courses. Rhetorical Criticism, Freedom of Rhetoric, Background of African American Protest Rhetoric, Argument in the Law, Politics and Society, Political Campaign Rhetoric: Persuading America

RHETORIC 401, 402. Independent Study.


Description: dinner1

The Parli teams enjoys Mexican food. On the left Brian D (cutoff), Geof, Denice, Mario; On the right, Gabe, Keola, Chris, Nicholas


World News

·        January 1 - Y2K passes without serious, widespread computer failures, despite fears to the contrary.

·        February 17 - Microsoft releases Windows 2000.

·        March 26 - Presidential elections in Russia: Vladimir Putin is elected President.

·        April 22 - Brazil officially celebrates the 500th anniversary, not without protests, especially from native and black populations.

·        May 25 - Israel withdraws IDF forces from southern Lebanon after 22 years.

·        June 28 - Elian Gonzalez returns to Cuba with his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, ending a protracted custody battle.

·        November 2 - First resident crew enters International Space Station.

·        December 13 - Bush v. Gore: The U.S. Supreme Court stops the Florida presidential recount, effectively giving the state, and the Presidency, to George W. Bush.



Description: denicesamscott2000

Denice, Samantha, and Scott


Description: jpfrown2000  Description: jphappy2000

J.P. Lacy


Description: theteam2000

The whole team! (well, almost everyone)


Team Awards


Policy Awards

Brian Simmonds and Brian Ward, 9th, U. So. Cal.

Brian Simmonds and Emily Cordo, Whitman, 5th, NW CEDA Champs, 5th, CEDA Nats, 17th, NDT participant

Brian Ward and David Guidry, WWU 5th, CEDA Nats, 33rd

Charles Olney and Thad Blank, NW Scrimmage 3rd, U. Kentucky, 17th, Lewis and Clark 5th, U. Oregon 1st, U. So. Cal. 9th, Cal Fullerton 5th, Baylor, 5th, Northwestern 9th, Whitman 2nd, NW CEDA Champs 1st, CEDA Nats, 5th, NDT participant

David Guidry and John Poor, Lewis and Clark 1st, Utah, 1st

Emily Cordo and Nicholas Thomas, NW Scrimmage, 4th, Lewis and Clark 3rd, U. Oregon 1st

John Poor and Mario Cava, U. So. Cal, 3rd, Cal Fullerton, 3rd

John Poor and Samantha Howell, U. Oregon, 5th

Keola Whittaker and Scott Daniel, U. Oregon 5th

Lauren Ritter and Emily Marr, U. Oregon, 3rd, U. So. Cal., 1st, Cal Fullerton, 1st, Utah, 1st, Whitman, 5th, CEDA Nats, 33rd

Scott Daniel and John Poor, WWU, 5th, Whitman, 5th


Parli Awards

Brant Olson and Todd Borden, Lewis and Clark 9th; U. Oregon, 9th, Utah, 9th, Whitman, 3rd, Hatfields, 5th, NPDA Nats, 33rd, NPTE 5th

Chris Gorman and Bona Sherifi, Lewis and Clark 9th

Chris Gorman and Mario Cava, Utah, 2nd, Whitman, 9th, DSR Nats, 9th, NPDA Nats, 65th

Denice Kelley and Brian Danielson, Lewis and Clark 9th, WWU, 3rd, Whitman, 3rd, NPDA Nats, 17th

Gabe McGuire and Natalie Havlina, Lewis and Clark 5th; U. Oregon, 9th, NPDA Nats, 3rd, NPTE Participant

Keola Whittaker and Nicholas Thomas, WWU, 5th, Whitman, 9th, DSR Nats, 9th, NPDA Nats, 33rd

Sam Spiegel and Darrell Miller, WWU 3rd, Pi Kapp Nats, Superior Rating

Samantha Howell and Dani Boucher, Pi Kapp Nats, Good Rating

IM Championship

Experienced: First, Adam Woodard; Second, Stew Campbell

Inexperienced: First, McLeish Martin; Second, Emily Young; Third, Chris McManus

Individual Events Awards

Brian Danielson Junior Impromptu: Finalist, Lewis and Clark; Junior Extemp: Finalist, Lewis and Clark; Senior Extemp, Semi-finalist, Utah; Senior Impromptu, Finalist

Brian Ward Jr. Extemp LD, First

Charles Olney Novice Impromptu: 3rd, Lewis and Clark

Chris Gorman Junior Prose: 3rd, Lewis and Clark, 3rd; U. Oregon, 2nd WWU; Junior Extemp: Finalist, Lewis and Clark, 3rd, WWU; Senior Impromptu, Finalist

Darrell Miller Junior ADS: 3rd, Lewis and Clark, 1st, U. Oregon, Finalist, WWU, 2nd, Whitman; Senior ADS, Good, Pi Kapp Nats

David Guidry Novice Impromptu: Finalist, Lewis and Clark

Denice Kelley Junior Extemp: 1st, Lewis and Clark, Finalist, U. Oregon; Junior Impromptu: 1st, University of Oregon; Senior Impromptu: 3rd, Utah; Finalist, WWU, 1st, Whitman

Gabe McGuire Junior Impromptu: Finalist, U. Oregon; Jr. Extemp: 2nd, WWU; Jr. Inform: 3rd, WWU

Keola Whittaker Junior Impromptu: 3rd, WWU, 3rd, Whitman; Jr. POI, Finalist

Mario Cava Senior ADS, 2nd, WWU; 2nd, Dean McSloy; 3rd, Whitman; Junior Extemp: Finalist, WWU

Mario Cava and Denice Kelley Open Duo: 1st, U. Oregon, 3rd, WWU, Finalist, Whitman

Natalie Havlina Junior Poetry, 2nd, WWU, 3rd, Whitman

Nicholas Thomas Junior Impromptu: 2nd, U. Oregon; Senior Extemp, Finalist, DSR Nats

Nicole Reynaud Junior POI, Finalist, Lewis and Clark; Junior Poetry: 2nd, Whitman

Sam Spiegel Junior ADS, 2nd, U. Oregon, 3rd, WWU, Finalist, Whitman; Senior ADS, Superior, Pi Kapp Nats

Samantha Howell Novice Extemp: Finalist, Lewis and Clark, Finalist WWU

Scott Daniel Junior Extemp: Finalist, Lewis and Clark; Junior Extemp-LD: 3rd, Whitman

Stewart Campbell Novice Extemp: 2nd, Lewis and Clark

Thad Blank Senior Extemp-LD, 1st, Whitman

Todd Borden Senior Impromptu, Semifinalist, Utah; Senior Extemp-LD, 1st, Whitman; Senior NFA LD, 2nd, Whitman; Junior Impromptu, 1st, WWU

Tony Torres Junior Extemp: Finalist, Lewis and Clark

Wanjiru Kamau Junior Poetry: 3rd, Lewis and Clark