The Faculty


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Jim Hanson, Director of Forensics


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Charlotte Smith, Volunteer Assistant in Forensics

Nicole Matarelli, Student Assistant


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Bob Withycombe, Department Chair, Associate Dean of Faculty


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1993-1994 Team

First Row: Jason Lillis, Amanda Elegant, Andy Backlund, Jacquie Nguyen

Second Row: Kerrie Leitch, Loan Lam, Jared Phillips, Jennifer Becker, Charlotte Smith (Assistant), Casie Buckner, Steve Rowe

Third Row: Wendy, Courtney Whitmore, (behind) Bob Withycombe (Department Chair), Rowland Hobbs, Kristofer Peterson, (behind) Matt Levin, Nicole Matarelli, Ryan Hagemann, (behind) Tom Cronin (President, Whitman College), Jim Hanson (Director of Forensics)


Whitman News

A. Tom Cronin began in his first year as College President, succeeding David Maxwell. Tom was incredibly supportive of debate, encouraging faculty at Whitman to use debates in their classrooms.

B. Dean of Students Russell DeRemer steps down.

C. The continuation of the Core was debated.

D. The question of the desirability of a greek system on the Whitman campus was debated.

E. Grunge was at its apogee ready for its downfall.

F. Red Hot Chili Peppers were a popular band

G. The ever-endearing Beavis and Butthead was a popular MTV program.


Speech Courses

Bob added Free Speech and African American Protest Rhetoric. Jim added Argumentation to the curriculum. Courses were changed to 4 credits to reflect the fact that almost all other departments on campus now had 4 credit courses.

The debate team moved their meeting room to Olin 343 closer to Jim's office which was Olin 380.

Speech Department Description: Courses treat public speaking as a liberal art, proposing that such speaking is not a skill learned by rule but an exercise of judgment that can be no better than the speaker's understanding of the nature of the communicative acts.


SPEECH 110. Fundamentals of Speech, 3 hours. (description changes; 11 and 12 are focus more on delivery and articulation)

SPEECH 221, 222. Principles and Practice of Forensics, 1 hours (individual events), 2 hours (debate).

SPEECH 270. Argumentation and Persuasion, 3 hours.

SPEECH 370. Seminar: Western Rhetorical Thinking, 3 hours.

SPEECH 379, 380. Special Topics Courses. Rhetorical Criticism, Freedom of Speech, Background of African American Protest Rhetoric, Argumentation in the Law, Politics and Society

SPEECH 401, 402. Independent Study.


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Amanda Elegant and Nancy Withycombe in the left back.

First Row: Kristofer Peterson, Rowland Hobbs, Jared Phillips, Jacquelyn Nguyen, Jennifer Becker, Casie Buckner, Steve Rowe

Next Row: Charlotte Smith (Assistant), Tom Cronin, Ryan Hagemann, Bob Withycombe, Andy Backlund, Jim Hanson


World News

A.     The role of gays in the military was debated as President Clinton began a rocky first year of his presidency.

B.     The U.S. continues its embargoes of Iraq and Cuba.

C.    Bosnia continues to be a trouble spot.

D.    The Houston Rockets won the NBA Championship.

E.     Four convicted in World Trade Center bombing (March 4).

F.     Clinton accused of sexual harassment while Governor of Arkansas (May 6).

G.    O. J. Simpson arrested in killings of wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and friend, Ronald Goldman (June 18).

H.    Major league baseball players strike (Aug. 13).

I.       Thousands die in Rwanda massacre (April 6).

J.      South Africa holds first interracial national election (April 29); Nelson Mandela elected President.

K.     Israel signs accord with Palestinians (May 4


Team Awards

A. Jim Hanson took full reign of the program as Director of Forensics. Bob Withycombe stepped down after being the Direct of forensics for 13 years. Bob continued to play an active role in supporting the squad, though it no longer involved long van rides.

B. CEDA debate

1. The national CEDA fall topic was media misinformation regarding politics and the spring topic was military intervention.

2. The team won the National CEDA Trophy Entire CEDA Squad 1985-1994

3. Nicole Matarelli and Jennifer Becker debated together in the fall of 1993 and placed second at the San Diego State University tournament and were in octafinals at the University of Oregon tournament plus they took 3rd at Western Washington University and 1st at Gonzaga University.

4. The duo of Roland Hobbes and Jennifer Becker debated in senior division CEDA debate and they seemed to be perpetual octafinalists during the spring of 1994. They placed ninth at The Heart of America Tournament at the University of Kansas, the University of Utah, PLU, Cal State Long Beach, and USC.

5. Jared Phillips and Steve Rowe also debated in senior CEDA debate, and they placed 9th at PLU, 9th at U of O, and 5th at the WWU Scrimmage.

6. Casey Buckner and Andy Backlund debated in senior CEDA debate and placed 17th at the University of Utah, 9th at PLU, 17th at CSU, 17th U of O, 9th at Gonzaga, and 9th at WWU Scrimmage.

C. Individual events

1. Ryan Hageman had an excellent senior year, continuing to excel in open persuasion and open impromptu. Ryan attended the prestigious National Individual Events Tournament (NIET) in persuasion, having placed second in the qualifying competition. Ryan also placed first in open impromptu at the WWU tournament and he placed second at Gonzaga and CBCC.

2. Jason Lillis placed first in open persuasion at Gonzaga and was a finalist at UPS. Jason also placed second and third in open communication analysis at UPS and Gonzaga, respectively.

3. First year student Kristofer Peterson placed first in open impromptu both at the Gonzaga and the PLU tournaments.

4. Vicki Hirano placed third in open interpretation of drama at the Columbia Basin Community College Tournament.

5. Steve Rowe placed third in open extemp at both the PLU and WWU Tournaments, and he was a finalist at Gonzaga.

D. Ryan Hagemann won the senior award

E. Jennifer Becker won the Delta Gamma Prize in Forensics Award


TEAM HONORS: National CEDA Trophy Entire CEDA Squad 1985-1994. Becker-Matarelli place 1st in Open Division CEDA at Gonzaga Tournament, 3rd at WWU. Backlund-Phillips place Second in Senior Division CEDA at Whitman Tournament


Outstanding Senior Award: Ryan Hagemann

Delta Gamma Award in Forensics: Jennifer Becker

Team Events: Whitman adds parliamentary debate. First year of IM debate.

Whitman Events: Blue Moon is born.