The Faculty


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Bob Withycombe, Director of Forensics


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Kevin Connolly, Assistant Director



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Kevin Connolly, Doreen Lawrence, Bob Withycombe, Todd Meyers, Peter Messer


Whitman News

A. Faculty and staff changes.

1. Rob Gardner was hired as Vice-President of College Relations

2. Gordon Philpot became the Davis Clapp Professor of Economic Thought.

3. Charles Drabek became the Arthur Rempel Professor of Biology.

B. Bob Withycombe was the Director of Forensics.

C. Keven Connolly, Whitman class of 1990, was hired as Debate team assistant.

D. Smaller than average freshman class led to 450-500,000 dollar budget shortfall

E. David Maxwell was the college president.

F. Whitman moved from the third to the second quartile in the US News &World Reports 1992 college rankings.


1. Student fees for the year were 112 dollars.

2. Kirk Obie Brunswick was president.

3. Tom McKibbin was the Vice-president of activities.

4. Tracey Scott was the vice-president of committees.

H. First year students could choose between core classes in Great Works, Modernism, and Ancient Greece. A move was made to consolidate these into one core course.

I. KWCW took steps to license all deejays, following problems with the FCC.

J. Issues on campus included the construction of a new dining hall, abortion rights, thefuture of the greek system, and gender rights.

K. The faculty voted to give senate majority leader Jeanette Hayner a honorary degree, prompting campus wide debates over her attitudes towards homosexuals and hispanics.


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Jean Tobin, Doreen Lawrence, Todd Meyers


Speech Courses

Speech Department Description: Courses treat public speaking as a liberal art, proposing that such speaking is not a skill learned by rule but an exercise of judgment that can be no better than the speaker's understanding of the nature of the communicative acts.


SPEECH 110. Fundamentals of Speech, 3 hours.

SPEECH 221, 222. Principles and Practice of Forensics, 1 hours (individual events), 2 hours (debate).

SPEECH 270. Argumentation and Persuasion, 3 hours.

SPEECH 370. Seminar: Western Rhetorical Thinking, 3 hours.

SPEECH 379, 380. Special Topics Courses. (Not offered)

SPEECH 401, 402. Independent Study.


World News

A. Anita Hill accuses Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. Thomas narrowly is approved to the Supreme Court.

B. Ross Perot appeared on the presidential circuit.

C. The democratic nomination became a contest between Governors Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown.

D. The Carol Burnett Show aired for the last time.

E. The Soviet Union dissolved to become Russia and 11 other Republics. The Cold War between the USSR and the United States was over.

F. First condom ad airs on television.

G. U.S. hobbles through a recession, undermining George Bush Srs chance for reelection.



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Chris Rolle, Jennifer Becker, Nicole Matarelli, Charlotte Smith, (can't identify person behind Charlotte), Christina Olson, Greg Schnoor, Derek Buescher (behind Greg), Sean Swinney

In front, Kevin Connolly, Assistant Director of Forensics


Team Awards

A. The Fall CEDA debate topic was on changes in educational practices on college campuses to deal with the issues of race and gender.

B. Intercollegiate debate

1. Whitman won the Lewis and Clark College tournament in October. Jennifer Becker and Christine Olson placed second in Junior CEDA. Derek Buescher and Charlotte Smith were quarterfinalists in senior CEDA. Jean Tobin took 1'st in Extemp, 2nd in informative, and 3rd in impromptu.

2. Seven team members traveled to San Diego, October 18-20, where they competed against teams from forty other schools. Whitman took fifth overall.

3. Three teams traveled to the University of Oregon. Greg Schnorr and Nicole Matarelli were in octafinals in senior CEDA, Derek Buescher and Charlotte Smith were in quarterfinals. Jon Ernast and Melanie Lowley were in semifinals in novice CEDA.

4. At Linfield College on November 21, Christina Olson was first speaker in junior CEDA.

5. At the spring UO tournament, three Whitman teams broke to octafinals in senior division.

6. At Western, on February 21-23, Smith and Buescher and Schnorr and Matarelli tied for third place in open CEDA. Levin and Lillis came in third in Junior CEDA.

C. Whitman finished the season ranked third among all four year colleges in the Pacific Northwest.