The Faculty


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Remy Wilcox, Director of Forensics





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JoAnne Rasmussen

Instructor, Speech and Drama


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First Row, left to right: Cathy Tanasse, Jim Pogue

Second Row, left to right: Megan Salzman, Brenda Cameron


Whitman News

I. Whitman College

·        College President was Robert Allen Skotheim

·        The Memorial Building was renovated.

·        General Studies debuts to replace “breadth of studies.”

·        A new alcohol policy was instituted – the college would no longer use college funds to purchase alcohol for students.

·        Trustees approve funding of William O. Douglas Hall.

·        The student body president was Tim O’Connell.


Speech Courses

The department's course descriptions reflect a focus on diction and articulation and the debate course offers argumentation training.


Speech Department Description: Courses treat public speaking as a liberal art, proposing that such speaking is not a skill learned by rule but an exercise of judgment that can be no better than the speaker's understanding of the nature of the communicative acts.


SPEECH 11. Fundamentals of Speech, 3 hours.

SPEECH 14. Fundamentals of Articulation and Diction, 3 hours.

SPEECH 43, 44. Principles and Practice of Forensics, 1 hours (individual events), 2 hours (debate).


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Megan Salzman won the women’s division of the Dovell-Gose contest, April, 1980.


World News

II. The World

A. Mt. St. Helens erupted blowing ash into eastern Washington.

B. Seagate Technology created the first hard disk drive for microcomputers. The disk held 5 megabytes of data, five times as much as a standard floppy disk, and fit in the space of a floppy disk drive.

C. Park Chung-hee, president of South Korea is assassinated.

D. The Iranian Hostage crisis begins and would last over 400 days.

E. The eradication of the smallpox virus is certified.

F. The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan.

G. Visicalc, the first spreadsheet program is released commercially.

H. Historical peak of per capita worldwide oil production is reached.

I. Jimmy Carter declares a grain embargo and boycotts the Olympics against the Soviet Union in response to their invasion of Afghanistan.

J. Zimbabwe gains independence from the United Kingdom.



Team Awards

Gonzaga University Tournament, October 26-27, 1979

2nd Place Sweepstakes (18 schools)

1st Sr. Oratory – Megan Salzman

2nd Sr. Interp – Cathy Tanasse

2nd Jr. Extemp – Brenda Cameron

3rd Jr. Debate – Brenda Cameron and Jim Pogue

Finalist, Jr. Interp – Cheryl Schonhardt

Finalist, Jr. Oratory and Extemp – Michael Nussbaum


University of Oregon Tournament, November 1-3, 1979

2nd Place Sweepstakes (31 schools)

1st CEDA Debate – Karen Wishart and Brent Stratton

1st Poetry – Cathy Tanasse

2nd Extemp – Kent Phillips

2nd Impromptu – Kent Phillips

3rd CEDA Debate – Carolyn Snyder and Tammy Grytness

3rd Oratory – Mike Bugni

Finalist, Extemp – Karen Wishart

Finalist, Drama – Cathy Tanasse


Linfield College Tournament, November 16-17, 1979

2nd Place Sweepstakes (17 schools)

1st Tie in CEDA Debate – Kent Phillips and Tim O’Connell

1st Tie in CEDA Debate – Carolyn Snyder and Tammy Grytness

1st Extemp – Kent Phillips

2nd Interpretation – Lauri Perry

3rd Impromptu – Kent Phillips

Outstanding Speaker Award – Kent Phillips


Lower Columbia Tournament, Nov. 30 – Dec. 1, 1979

2nd Place Sweepstakes (17 schools)

2nd NDT Debate – Brenda Cameron and Jim Pogue

3rd CEDA Debate – Frank Biaggi and Cheryl Schonhardt

Finalist, Interp – Lauri Perry

Finalist, Impromptu – Brenda Cameron (Tied for 3rd, broken on speaker points)


Pacific Lutheran University Tournament, January 18-19, 1980

1st NDT Debate – Brenda Cameron and Jim Pogue

2nd CEDA Debate – Carolyn Snyder and Tammy Grytness

2nd NDT Debate Speaker – Brenda Cameron

3rd CEDA Debate Speaker – Carolyn Snyder


Boise State University Tournament, February 8-9, 1980

2nd NDT Debate – Brenda Cameron and Jim Pogue

3rd  CEDA Debate – Carolyn Synder and Tammy Grytness

Finalist, Poetry – Cathy Tanasse


Western States Speech Tournament, Portland, February 21-23, 1980

Quarterfinalist, CEDA Debate – Chris Johnson and John Morrison


NIET Regional Tournament, University of Puget Sound, March 14-15, 1980

Finalist, Extemp – Jim Pogue

Finalist, Impromptu – Brenda Cameron


University of Nevada – Reno, April 3-5, 1980

4th Interp – Lauri Perry


University of Montana Tournament, April 18-19, 1980

1st Impromptu – Tim O’Connell

2nd Oratory – Allen Weymiller

3rd NDT Debate – Brenda Cameron and John Morrison