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Remy Wilcox, Director of Forensics


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JoAnne Rasmussen

Instructor, Speech and Drama


Pio Article


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Kim Dupuis (left), Junior, and Chris Schultheis (right), Sophomore, and first place winners in the Pacific University Speech Tournament held last weekend.


Chris Schultheis and Kim Dupuis won first place in debate at the Pacific University Speech Tournament held last weekend, Oct. 19 & 20 with 22 colleges and universities in attendance. Kim and Chris beat Boise State College in the final round of debate and won over Lewis and Clark College in the semi-finals. A team composed of Ann Medairy and Marjorie Schaer reached quarterfinals with four straight wins, but lost to the University of Oregon.

In the individual events, John Stanton placed 2nd in novice oratory and Catherine Colson third in novice oral interpretation. In the junior division, Michael Miller won 2nd. Kim Dupuis won third place in senior division impromptu. Ann Medairy and Chris Schultheis were finalists in oral interpretation and impromptu speaking.

Whitman College was part of-a three-way tie for second place in sweepstakes which was won by Western Washington State College. Mrs. Remy Wilcox, Whitman Speech instructor, explained her theory explaining the team's one loss on Saturday. "It's a wonder the team could even perform on Saturday after stuffing themselves Friday night. They went to Rose's Restaurant and ate plenty of eight layer chocolate cakes, cheese cakes, and more.”


Whitman News

I. Whitman College in 1973-1974

A.     The College inducted 4 new faculty members.

1. In the Division of Arts and Humanities, Larry Killingham was made Assistant Professor of Art

2. In the Department of Philosophy, Keith Robertson was made Associate Professor of Philosophy.

3. In the Department of Physical Education, Anne Cliffs was made Assistant Professor.

4. Mrs Rasmussen and Mrs. Wilcox were appointed the new Directors of the Speech Department (positions that they held the previous year).

B.     The President of the Student Body was Andrew J. Miller.

C.    The Acting President of the College was Kenyon A. Knopf.

D.    George Sacraphagus becomes the first European composer to perform at Whitman.

E.     The Student Service Center acquires the help of two new professional psychiatrists for the benefit of students.

F.     The Whitman Soccer Team reaches an all time new low as they lose an unheralded eight matches in a row.

G.    Paula Coetzer becomes the first female Whitman female athlete to take part in the National Championships.

H.    Whitman actors stage Erville’s controversial play, “Dance by Moonlight” and it successfully draws a large audience.



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Remy Wilcox, Chris Schultheis in a picture from an article from the Whitman College Pioneer, Feb. 14, 1974


The Whitman College speech team took the majority of the honors at two speech tournaments this month, taking three first place awards in the Boise State Speech Tournament, held last February 8 and 9. Whitman snatched up the first place award in the Sweepstakes, beating fourteen other schools including the University of Idaho, Idaho State, College of Eastern Utah, and Central Washington State College.

Chris Schultheis and Marjorie Schaer, both sophomores, took first place in debate at the Boise tournament. The two teams of Mike Miller and Larry Stone, and Rick Stevenson and John Robben, all freshmen, tied for third place.

In the Lincoln-Douglas Debate, freshmen Dennis Bergvall and John Stanton took second and third places respectively. Chris Schultheis was awarded a first place award for extemporaneous speaking. John Stanton was awarded a third place for the same event. Dennis Bergvall was a finalist in extemporaneous speaking.

Two second place awards for expository speaking were awarded to Whitman students Al Lyon and John Stanton. In oratory, Chris Schultheis took third place and Catherine Colson was a finalist. Rick Stevenson placed third in interpretive speaking.

In the Central Washington Speech Tournament, held on February 1 and 2, three Whitmanites were awarded prizes. Catherine Colson placed second in oratory, and Chris Schultheis and John Stanton placed second and third respectively in impromptu speaking. Stanton was also a finalist in the oratory competition.


Speech Courses

The department's course descriptions reflect a focus on diction and articulation and the debate course offers argumentation training.


Speech Department Description: Courses treat public speaking as a liberal art, proposing that such speaking is not a skill learned by rule but an exercise of judgment that can be no better than the speaker's understanding of the nature of the communicative acts.


SPEECH 11. Fundamentals of Speech, 3 hours. (description changes to focus more on delivery and articulation)

SPEECH 14. Fundamentals of Articulation and Diction, 3 hours.

SPEECH 41. Argumentation and Persuasion, 3 hours. (not offered, cancelled the next year)

SPEECH 42. Theory and Practice of Discussion and Debate, 3 hours (not offered, cancelled the next year)

SPEECH 43, 44. Principles and Practice of Forensics, 3 hours.


Dovell-Gose Oratory Contest

May 1974


Women’s Contest

1st, Chris Schultheis $40

1st, Kathy Smith $40

3rd, Cat Colson $20


Men’s Contest

1st, Rod Wing $40

1st, Rick Stevenson $40

3rd, Rick Vieth $10

3rd, Todd Hammer $10



World News

A. The atrocity in Uganda reaches a new high as General Idi Amin orders the execution of four writers who spoke out against his handling of the economy

B. General Pinochet of Chile gives his first ever interview to a western newsgroup and announces that bloodshed is inevitable to cleanse Chile of its social evils.

C. King Carl Gustaf Bernaadotte of Sweden becomes the youngest to gain access to the throne in all of Europe at the age of 27.

D. Argentina’s first ever Nobel Laueate, Pablo Neruda, dies of a heart attack at the age of 76.


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Team Awards

Pacific University Tournament, October 19-20, 1973

2nd Place Jr. Sweepstakes

3rd Place Sr. Sweepstakes

1st Sr. Debate - Chris Schultheis and Kim Dupuis

2nd Jr. Impromptu – Michael Miller

2nd Novice Oratory – John Stanton

3rd Jr. Impromptu – Marjorie Schaer

3rd Sr. Impromptu – Kim Dupuis

3rd Novice Interp – Catherine Colson


Washington State Tournament, Nov. 30th- Dec. 1st, 1973

1st Jr. Oratory – Chris Schultheis

1st Jr. Interp – Rick Stevenson

3rd Jr. Expos – Paul Durham

3rd Jr. Extemp – Paul Durham

Finalist, Jr. Extemp – Steve Cover


Central Washington State Tournament, Feb. 1-2, 1974

2nd Jr. Oratory – Catherine Colson

2nd Jr. Impromptu – Christine Schultheis

3rd Jr. Impromptu – John Stanton

Finalist, Jr. Expository – John Stanton


Boise State University Tournament, February 8-9, 1974

1st Place Sweepstakes (first time in 14 years that Whitman won 1st in sweepstakes!)

1st Jr. Oxford Debate – Christine Schultheis and Marjorie Schaer

1st Jr. Extemp – Christine Schultheis

2nd Sr. Expos – Al Lyon

2nd Jr. Expos – John Stanton

2nd Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Dennis Bergvall

3rd Lincoln-Douglas Debate – John Stanton

3rd Jr.Oxford Debate – Larry Stone and Michael Miller

3rd Jr. Oxford Debate – Rick Stevenson and John Robben

3rd Jr. Extemp – John Stanton

3rd Jr. Interp – Rick Stevenson

3rd Jr. Oratory – Christine Schultheis

Finals, Jr. Extemp – Dennis Bergvall

Finals, Jr. Oratory – Catherine Colson

Linfield College Tournament, February 28, March 1-2, 1974

2nd Place Junior Sweepstakes

1st Jr. Extemp – Christine Schultheis

1st Jr. Impromptu – Christine Schultheis

3rd Jr. Extemp – Michael Miller

3rd Jr. Impromptu – Marjorie Schaer

3rd Jr. Oratory – Catherine Colson


North Idaho College Tournament, March 15-16, 1974

2nd Jr.Impromptu – John Stanton

3rd Jr. Impromptu – Michael Miller


Pi Kappa Delta Province Northwest Tournament, March 26-29, 1974

R. D. Mahaffey Outstanding Chapter Award (This award recognized Whitman’s improvement in forensics out of 19 schools in the Province.)

Superior, Extemp Debate – John Stanton and Dennis Bergvall

Superior, Extemp – Christine Schulthies

Excellent, Extemp – Marjorie Schaer

Excellent, Expos – Dennis Bergvall

Excellent, Expos – Catherine Colson

Good, Oratory – Christine Schultheis


University of Montana Tournament, April 27-29, 1974

2nd Oratory – Christine Schultheis

Quarterfinalist, Debate – Christine Schultheis and Dennis Bergvall


Our improvement in forensics was noted by being awarded the Mahaffey Outstanding Chapter Award out of 19 schools in the Northwest Province at the Pi Kappa Delta Provincial tournament in March. We took Superior (top 10% of contestants in an event) in Debate: (John Stanton and Dennis Bergvall) and Christine Schultheis won a Superior in extemp.