The Faculty

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Dean McSloy, Director of Forensics


John Martin and Dennis O'Brien were the debate co-managers


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Arlene DuMond

Assistant Professor, Dramatic Arts and Speech

B.F.A., M.F.A., Carnegie Institute of Technology



The Yearbook Picture


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First row, left to rigbt: Bob.Snelling, Marilyn Miner, Nancy Wynstra, Pris Holden, Linnea Pack, Virginia Colcock, Ken Garrison, and John Gatzke.

Second row, left to right: Don Starbuck, Ted Meckstroth, Chuck McFarland, Doug Flegel, Nancy Poesnecker, Woody Baldwin, Jim Carter, Don Ferrell, Mike Irvine, Dave Elderkin, and Mark Marsh.


Whitman News

A. The college added 6 new professors to the faculty.

1. In the division of arts and letters, Rev. Melvin R. Fenner, lecturer in religion; and Alexander Fischler, instructor in English, were added.

2. In the division of social sciences, Dennis Davin, instructor in economics; Carl Campbell, assistant professor in economics, Richard B. Suinn, instructor on psychology; and Mrs. Lola Cockrum, lecturer in education, joined the staff.

B. Doug Cole was the student body president.

C. Louis B. Perry was the college president.

D. A topic of conflict on campus was whether mandatory role taking in classes should be continued. Teachers, students, and administrators were on both sides of the debate.

E. Plans and fundraising was underway for the building of a men's freshman dormitory, to house 150 men, located on the corner of Stanton and Issacs, next to Lyman.

F. Professor of chemistry Leo Humphrey died at his home March 9, 1960, of a sudden heart seizure. His loss was felt by students and co-workers alike.

G. The Pioneer ran advertisements for Viceroy and L&M cigarettes, and the local store Sportleders.



Speech Major and Courses

THE MAJOR: Thirteen hours selected from courses in speech; Dramatic Art 47, 48; twelve hours selected from English 25, 26, 35, 36, 39, 40, 75, 76, 79, 80; three hours selected from History 27, 28, 57, 58, 61, 62, 64. Of the total of thirty-six hours, eighteen must be in courses numbered above 50. Advised: As much additional work in dramatic art as time permits.

SPEECH 11, 12. Fundamentals of Speech, 3 hours.

SPEECH 41. Theory and Practice of Discussion, 3 hours.

SPEECH 42. Argumentation and Persuasion, 3 hours.

SPEECH 43, 44. Principles and Practice of Debate, 2hours.

SPEECH 51. Business and Professional Speech, 3 hours.

SPEECH 53. Introduction to Radio and Television, 3 hours.

SPEECH 72. Radio Production and Direction, 3 hours.

SPEECH 78. Oral Interpretation, 3 hours.

SPEECH 80. Voice Science and Phonetics, 3 hours.

SPEECH 81. Introduction to Speech Correction, 3 hours.

SPEECH 82. Problems in Speech Correction, 2 or 3 hours

SPEECH 85, 86. Senior Honors Course, 3 hours.


Intramural Debate

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Left to right: Rodger Whitlock, Pete Bruner, Dan Lindsay, Jim Huey

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Bev Chuinard and Bertha Thompson


World News

A. Hawaii becomes the 50th state in the Union.

B. Bans limiting atomic bomb testing were agreed on and signed by the U.S.S.R., the U.S. and Great Britain.

C. An unmanned Soviet rocket hits the moon.

D. Civil rights protests in the South-Eastern part of the country hit unprecedented proportions. Lunch counter sit-ins occur in 5 states, and over 1,000 people are arrested in protest demonstrations. 

E. The “European Free Trade Association” is founded as a counterpart to the Common Market.

      F. Singapore becomes an independent country on June 3, 1959

      G. There is an uprising in Tibet between Communist Chinese troops and local citizens. The Communists prevail, Tibetan local government is dismantled, and the Dalai Lama is forced into exile.

      H. French President DeGaulle agrees to vote on a referendum in Algeria regarding its independence.

      I. The St. Lawrence Seaway opens on June 26, 1959, allowing ships to travel to the Great Lakes.

      J. Alaska is admitted to the Union on January 3, 1959.

      K. Hawaii is admitted to the Union on August 21, 1959.

      L. Vice President Nixon and Soviet Premier Khrushchev engage in a “kitchen debate” regarding Communism and Capitalism.

      M. “Castro seizes power in Cuba.”

      N. “The “X-15” aircraft makes its first flight from a B-52 Bomber in 1959.”


Team Awards

A. The topic of debate for both intercollegiate and intramural debate was "Resolved: That Congress should be given the power to reverse Supreme Court decisions."

B. Roger Whitlock, Peter Bruner, Dan Lindsay, Jim Huey, Bev Chuinard, and Bertha Thompson all figured in the annual intramural competition.

C. Whitman College fielded on the largest forensic squads in the Northwest.

D. Four teams preformed exhibition debates at Walla Walla High School, and for the Seattle Mother's Club.

E. Intercollegiate debate

1. Fifteen students attended the Columbia Basic junior varsity tournament. Whitman won the sweepstakes trophy and seven first place cups. Steve Pollock and Ted Meckstroth won the men's debate. Nancy Wynestra and Priscilla Holden tied for 1st in women's debate. Priscilla Holden won 1st places in impromptu and extemporaneous speaking. David Offer won 1st in oratory, and he and Robert Snelling tied for 1st in extemporaneous speaking.

2. At the WSU tournament, the teams of John Martin and Dennis O'Brien and Steve Pollack and Ted Meckstroth tied each other for 2nd place. Ken Gamson and Robert Snelling received 2nd place in junior debate

3. Several team members traveled to Stockton, California for the Western Speech Association tournament.. Dennis O'Brien placed 2nd in extemporaneous speaking, and David Offer placed 3rd in junior impromptu. Over 450 competitors from 12 states attended the tournament.

4. Nancy Poesnecker and Marilyn Miner placed first at the University of Puget Sound tournament, with an undefeated record.

5. Five Whitties attended the Linfield Tournament of Champions. Priscilla Holden placed 2nd in junior Lincoln-Douglas debate, and 3rd place in extemporaneous speaking. The debate team of Nancy Poesnecker and Marilyn Miner placed 3rd. Steve Pollock and Ted Meckstroth had a record of 5 wins and 1 loss, and should have advanced to semi-finals except for a computation error in their records. 340 students from 34 schools attended the competition.

6. At the Pacific Forensic League tournament, at Stanford, California, Robert Snelling and Ted Meckstroth placed 1st in debate. Meckstroth also placed 3rd in after-dinner speaking.

7. At the Great Western Tournament, Snelling and Meckstroth, placed 2nd in debate.

8. At the Pi Kappa Delta tournament, Steve Pollock received the distinction of "excellent" for his speaking, the second highest classification.

9. Whitman College hosted the Triangular tournament.

F. Jack Martin was the president of Pi Kappa Delta.