The Faculty


Description: Description: Description: 1951-52 Harold Sims

Harold Sims was the debate coach (after Lloyd Newcomber had left)


Alvin Cline, A.M, (1949; 1950) Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology; A.B., Dartmouth College; Ed.M., Boston University; A.M., Columbia; University. He may or may not have taught speech courses this year.


Description: Description: Description: 51-52 Dorothy Crutchfield

Dorothy Marie Crutchfield, M.F.A. Instructor in Speech and Dramatic Art; B.F.A. Oklahoma University, M.F.A., Catholic University of America.





Description: Description: Description: 1951-52 Varsity and IM Debate

Whitman News


I. Whitman College in 1951-1952

A.     The college added 8 new professors to the faculty.

1.     In the division of arts and letters, Dr. William Harris, instructor in Classics and English; and Dr. George T. Robertson, instructor in French, were hired.

2.     David Stevens, assistant professor of economics and business administration; Robert L. Whitner, instructor in history; Paul M. Harwick, lecturer in economics and business administration, and John H. DeMichele, instructor in psychology were added to the faculty of the social sciences division.

3.     The division of science hired Richard Clem, instructor of geology and basic sciences.

4.     The physical education department added Jon Ponsalle to its staff.

B.     Bill Abel was student body president.

C.    Chester C. Maxey was the college president.

D.    Harold Sims was the debate coach.

E.     Barbara Ostgren was the varsity debate manager.

F.     The Memorial building had a facelift, and emerged for the new school year looking like new.

G.    Controversy on campus surrounded ASWC's decision to approve an advisory board made up of faculty members to critique the Pioneer. The Pio staff protested what they saw as likely censorship.

H.    Whitman wins the baseball championship pennant, with the help of pitcher Max Seachris.

I.       The Pioneer ran ads for Chesterfield cigarettes, Union Pacific Railroad, and Gardner's department store.


Speech Courses

SPEECH 12. Fundamentals of Speaking. The course emphasized voice and diction, public speaking, and interpretation.

SPEECH 28. Voice and Phonetics.

SPEECH 41. Argumentation and Debate.

SPEECH 42. Theory and Practice of Discussion.

SPEECH 53. Introduction to Radio Speech.

SPEECH 54. Radio Speech

SPEECH 56: Public Speaking.

SPEECH 74: Advanced Radio Speech

SPEECH 75 and 76: Advanced Public Speaking (debaters were advised to take this course)

SPEECH 81. Introduction to Speech Correction.

SPEECH 82. Problems in Speech Correction.

SPEECH 85 and 86. Senior Honors Course


World News

A.     The Korean war had reached a stalemate, and armistice talks were proving unproductive.

B.     Arms escalation continued between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.

C.    At home, McCarthyism, and anxious concern of Communism in the United States was beginning to take hold.

D. “King Abdullah of Jordan (formerly Transjordan) was assassinated while praying at the Al Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem.”

E. “On May 12, the United States detonated a hydrogen bomb on an island in the Pacific.”

F. “The Remington Rand Corporation unveiled the first commercial digital computer, called the ‘UNIVAC.’”

G. “CBS introduced the first color television broadcast.”

H. “The US Airforce ordered production models of the B-52 Bomber from Boeing.”

I. “Julius and Ethel Rosenberg [are] sentenced to death for passing atomic secrets to Russians.”

J. “Libya gains independence.”

K. “Spurred by [the] Schuman Plan, six nations form [the] European Coal and Steel Community.”


Description: Description: Description: 1951-52 ye talke shoppe

Intramural Debate


Winners of this year's annual intramural debate tournament were Amy Rehmus for the women and Reggie Green and Bill Musser for the men. Amy came through to win the women's cup despite the unexpected illness of her debating partner. The intramural debates are a student body activity designed to offer debating experience to teams from each of the social groups. Varsity debaters serve as judges. Participation in these events also provides a basis for selecting new members for the varsity debate squad. It is noteworthy that a considerable number of debaters were selected for varsity work this year. Parliamentary style is used and the question is that selected for the national collegiate debates. On the forensics side, Teak debate teams, under the tutoring of Glenn Maulden, took both first and second places in the intramural debate competition.


Team Awards

A.     The year's intercollegiate and intramural debate topic was "Resolved: That the U.S. should adopt a permanent program of wage and price control."

B.     In the intramural competition, Reggie Green and Bill Musser won the men's division for Tau Kappa Epsilon. The surprise winner of the women's competition was Tri Delt Amy Kehmus, who won despite the fact that she lost her partner to illness.

C.    Intercollegiate debate.

1.     The team was severely hurt by the loss of both a permanent debate coach and drastically cut funding. Their budget was reduced to $100. As a result, the team was not able to travel to many tournaments.

2.     2 students debated at the State Penn through the Contact Club.

3.     Six members of the team traveled to Linfield in March for their annual tournament. The field included 33 schools, and 600 people. Unfortunately, Whitman's best result was 3-3, and the team did not qualify for finals.

4.     Ron Cowan was voted to Delta Sigma Rho.