The Faculty


Lloyd Robert Newcomer, A.M. Assistant Professor of English; Northern Illinois State Teachers College; Iowa University; A.B. University of Wyoming; A.M., University of Southern California. Lloyd resigned May, 1951 and went on to teach at the University of Hawaii.


Alvin Cline, A.M, (1949; 1950) Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology; A.B., Dartmouth College; Ed.M., Boston University; A.M., Columbia; University. May have ended in 1950 or moved to English.


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Dorothy Marie Crutchfield, M.F.A. Instructor in Speech and Dramatic Art; B.F.A. Oklahoma University, M.F.A., Catholic University of America. Begins in 1950.



The team!


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Whitman News


1. Whitman College in 1950-1951

A.     The college added 9 new faculty members.

1.     In the division of arts and letters Richard Rassmussen, instructor of art; Harold Sim, instructor in English; and Miss Dorothy Crutchfield, instructor in speech and dramatics, were added to the faculty.

2.     To the division of social sciences Alvin Bradley, assistant professor of sociology; Miss Miriam Wagenschein, instructor of sociology; and Joseph Hearst, instructor of political science, were added.

3.     Miss Jeanette Probert was the new instructor in physical education for women.

4.     The conservatory of music hired Miss Lula Stevenson, instructor of piano; and Stanley Plummer, instructor in piano, organ, and music theory.

B.     John Baxter was the student body president.

C.    Chester C. Maxey was the college president.

D.    Lloyd R. Newcomer was the debate coach.

E.     Marilyn Bird was the debate manager.

F.     Whitman was one of hundreds of groups involved in the "Crusade for Freedom," protesting the Eastern Bloc and celebrating American rights and civil liberties.

G.    Marc - the fighting missionary, a little cartoon man in frontier garb, was introduced as a Whitman mascot.

The Pioneer ran ads for Chesterfield cigarettes and Coca-Cola.


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The AUSTIN RICE DEBATE TROPHY is awarded to the champion women's intramural debate team.

The JOHN W. ACKLEY DEBATE TROPHY is awarded to the champion men's intra-mural debate team.


We believe the John Brining Extemp Contest ended about this time.


Speech Courses

SPEECH 12. Fundamentals of Speaking. The course emphasized voice and diction, public speaking, and interpretation.

SPEECH 28. Voice and Phonetics.

SPEECH 41. Argumentation and Debate. SPEECH 42. Theory and Practice of Discussion.

SPEECH 53. Introduction to Radio Speech.

SPEECH 54. Radio Speech

SPEECH 56: Public Speaking.

SPEECH 74: Advanced Radio Speech

SPEECH 75 and 76: Advanced Public Speaking (debaters were advised to take this course)

SPEECH 81. Introduction to Speech Correction.

SPEECH 82. Problems in Speech Correction.

SPEECH 85 and 86. Senior Honors Course


World News

A.     The Korean War made headlines, and the U.S. was once again at war.

B.     The restructuring of the draft allowed men a little more choice as to when and how they would serve.

C.    Inflation was being carefully monitored as it started to increase quickly.

D. “Mao Tse-Tung signed a 30-year Treaty of Friendship with the Soviet Union.”

E. “The Korean War began with an attack made by North Korean forces across the 38th parallel dividing North and South Korea.”

F. “Saudi Arabia and Arabian-American Oil Company reached an agreement under which the government was to receive 50% of the income from oil.”

G. “To respond to the strain on economic and military resources caused by the Korean War, President Truman announced a National Emergency.”

H. “Lockheed unveiled its new "Super Constellation" on October 13.”

I. “McCarthyism begins.

J. There is an “assassination attempt on President Truman by Puerto Rican nationalists.”

K. “Truman orders development of a hydrogen bomb.”


Team Awards

A.     The topic of debate in both intercollegiate and intramural competition was: "Resolved: That the non-communist nations should form a new international organization."

B.     The Whitman Forensic Club was established, allowing anyone interested in debate to be a member (unlike the honorary societies where one had to be nominated and voted in). However, those interested had to pass a test of pronunciation, articulation, and a "tongue twister test." Royce Nolan was the club's first president.

C.    Intramural debate was won by the Betas in the men's division, and the Independent women won their division.

D.    Whitman College sponsors its first high school invitational tournament.

E.     Intercollegiate debate

1.     Ten Whitties drove to the Western Speech Association tournament at Pepperdine University in Southern California. Joyce Hicks was the only one to make it to finals. Jim Carlson and Clayton Machaelis assisted Coach Newcomer.

2.     The Inland Empire tournament brought twelve Whitties to Lewiston in early December. Barbara Ostgren and Donna Soper were undefeated, winning in their division.

3.     Twenty Whitties attended the Linfield tournament in March, with R. D. Mahaffey assisting Coach Newcomer. In a field of 350-400 students, Whitman has 35 wins and 25 losses. Chas. Talbot placed second in men's individual debate, and the team won several 3rd place awards.

4.     The St. Martin's tournament was attended by 6 Whitman students. The women's team took 1st place.

F.     Ernie Miller was the president of Delta Sigma Rho.


Clayton Michaelis wrote to Jim Hanson sometime in 2001: “1950 – went to U. of Oregon tournament – participated in 1 man debate, Oratory, Extemp, After-Dinner. Wore me out! Same year another team – Gordon Jaynes and Ernie Miller went to the nationals at West Point, N.Y. and represented Whitman very well. My coach was Lloyd.”