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John Ackley

John William Ackley, A.M. Assistant Professor of English, A.B., University of Redlands; A.M., University of Southern California, Instructor, and Director of Forensics


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Edith Blackman Merrell Davis, A.B. (Mrs.) Assistant Professor English, A.B. Ripon College; started in the English department in 1924 (she taught Latin as an instructor prior to that).


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Dr. Ann Louise Hirt, Assistant Professor of Speech and Dramatic Art; not sure if she is still teaching this year.


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W. R. Davis, DSR Faculty Advisor


Whitman publications said


To Be held Saturday; Five teams enter

Whitman debate teams will travel to Moscow this weekend to enter the underclass debate tournament to be held at the University of Idaho Saturday, January 16.

Teams representing Whitman will be Kay Webster and Irene Callen, Bill Judd and Bill Downey, John Shaw and Preston Macy, Sam Farmer and Richie Garrett, Eldon Seabartand and Jack Bates. These debaters are all inexperienced in college debate with the exception of Irene Callen who debated on the Whitman team last year.


The tournament at the University of Idaho will be entered by teams from Washington State College; Lewiston Normal, Idaho, and Whitman. Schools, from all over the Inland Empire are eligible to enter but transportation difficulties are greatly discouraging participation this year.

The subject of the debates is "Resolved: That the United Nations should establish a permanent Federal Union."

Coach John Ackley will accompany the team.

Speakers Win Eight Debates

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Whitman News


I.          The situation at Whitman:

                        A.         From a quick review of the Whitman Pioneer and the Union Bulletin, this appears to be one of the more difficult years in the life of the College--morale was very low as the war dragged on and casualties mounted.

                        B.         Winslow Anderson was in his second year as president of the college.

                        C.        The College is on a modified trimester program, with classes running from 9:00 until 1:00 so that the afternoons could be devoted to military training.

                        D.        There was a call for faculty wives to help make surgical dressings in Prentiss Hall, five days a week from 2 to 6 pm.

                        E.         The Library opened a music listening room. A war map was posted in the library and Ruth Reynolds would coordinate a weekly update on the war's progress.

                        F.         Smoking in the lounge in Memorial was banned. Women could smoke on the back steps of Memorial, but not on the front steps.

                        G.        Sociology Department conducted a survey: "Should married women work in industry after the war?"

                                    1.         All women asked, except one, said, "Women should return to their true vocation as homemakers."

                                    2.         The one who disagreed said, "Jobs should be on the basis of ability rather than sex."

                                    3.         Only one male objected, stating, "If there are no children and there isn't an overflow of manpower, it would be all right."

                                    4.         The "V-5 Boys" said, "they would rather see their wives in aprons than in overalls."

                        H.        John Ackley was the debate coach

                        I.          Because of the war situation and the need to save gasoline, the debate program was reduced in scope and more emphasis was placed on intramural activities. There were only about three major tournaments during the year.


I.                 Whitman College in 1943-1944

A.     Six Whitman weddings occurred over the summer. Engagement and wedding announcements were commonplace in the Pioneer.

B.     Pioneer headlines included “Three Officers Reported Killed in the Line of Duty.”

C.    Qualifying tests for specialized military training were held at Whitman.

D.    Only 60 of 326 men on campus were civilians.

E.     All students surveyed by a sociology class, except for one junior woman and one Navy student, “believed that, as soon as the emergency situation is over, women should return to their true vocation as homemakers.”

F.     Chapel attendance became non-compulsory.

G.    Forty-eight students graduated in the spring of 1944.


Intramural Debate

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Prizes awarded at this time

The John Brining Prizes in Extemporaneous Speaking of &12.50 each are awarded to the best man and woman speakers in a speaking contest that is open to all members of the freshman class.

The Delta Gamma Reading Prizes of $25, $15, and $10 are awarded at Commencement to the students who read during the year with intelligence and appreciation the largest amount of good literature, apart from their required college work.

The Dovell-Gose Prizes in Oratory of $30 and $20 are awarded at Commencement to students upon the basis of a contest in oratory. The contest is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

The Austin Rice Debate Trophy is awarded to the champion women's intramural degate team.

The John W. Ackley Debate Trophy is awarded to the champion men's intramural debate team.

The Hugh Elmer Brown Debate Trophy is awarded tothe man who is adjudged to be the best intrmural debater.



Speech Courses within the English Department

ENGLISH 1 or 2. Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. An introduction to the English department basics course.

ENGLISH 15 or 16. Orientation and Speaking, A public speaking course with a diction emphasis.

ENGLISH 27. Reading Aloud.

ENGLISH 46. Oral Interpretation.

ENGLISH 47. Argumentation and Debate.

ENGLISH 56. Public Speaking.

ENGLISH 57-58. Dramatic Interpretation

ENGLISH 73-74. Radio Speech

ENGLISH 75 or 76. Advanced Public Speaking.




The John Brining Prizes in Freshman Extemporaneous Speaking—

Barbara Jean Jones

William Hammond Downey


The Dovell-Gose Prizes in Oratory—

Robert Edmund Brooke

John Wallace Laurier Bond, Jr.


Speech Tilt is Thursday

John Brining Contest Will Start at 2pm,

Room 119 under John Ackley

The try-outs for the John Brining extemporaneous speaking contest will be held this afternoon from 2 until 5:30 in room 119. These tryouts are open to all freshmen and women. The purpose of this contest is to determine the students ability to organize and present effectively material with which he is already familiar.

Four men and four women will be selected from the preliminaries to compete in the finals which will be held Saturday, June 5, l0:00 in Memorial chapel. The judges will be the members of the advanced speech classes and John Ackley. Cash prizes will be awarded to the best man and woman. All freshmen interested in participating are urged to see Ackley.

The manuscripts of the orations of those taking part in the Dovell-Gose oratory contest must be submitted to Ackley by Saturday, May 22. For this contest, the students must select a specific problem, study it carefully, and present it in the correct form.

The members of the advanced public speaking class will enter and also Joan Martin, Helen Hawkes, Helen Hurley, Eleanor Dallam, Mark Abernathy and Bob Brooke. This contest will be the final examination for the advanced speech class and Ackley will judge.


World News

I.The US and the World; As the 1943-44 year begins:

A.     Penicillin, discovered in 1942 has been improved and is now ten times stronger

B.     Italy has surrendered, but fighting in Italy remains fierce.

C.    Allies gain at Salerno, allied planes raid France and Germany.

D.    Germany captures Rome

E.     The army has gone from 1.5 million to 8 million in 2 years

F.     The Air Force announces that it has developed an autopilot to create a stable platform for precision bombing.

G.    Russia moves toward Kiev and crosses the Dnieper River

H.    Allies move in Burma and New Guinea

I.       The top songs are Paper Doll, Put Your Arms Around Me, and Pistol Packin' Mama

J.      Top Movie is Lady Takes a Chance with Jean Arthur and John Wayne

K.    The Yankees and Cardinals play in the World Series--Yankees win 4 games to 1. Winning players get $6,123 and losers get $4,321.

L.     World War II continued.

M.    FDR was still the president of the U. S.

N.    Japanese internment continued.

O.    “Churchill and Roosevelt hold Casablanca Conference”

P.     “Mussolini deposed.”

Q.    “President freezes prices, salaries, and wages to prevent inflation.”

R.    Starving German Troops surrendered at Stalingrad despite Hitler expressly forbidding such an action.

S.     “US forces began daylight bombing of targets in Germany. The first attacks were against German naval targets, but a few days later, the US launched its first air raid against Berlin.”

T.     “The remaining Jews in the Warsaw ghetto began an armed uprising against the Nazis. The Jews, numbering just 60,000– down from the half a million in the ghetto a year before– knew that those being taken away were going to Auschwitz to be murdered. The uprising lasted from April 19 to May 16. The Nazis were able to overcome the vastly outnumbered and poorly armed Jewish resistance fighters.”

U.    “A close working relationship developed between Roosevelt and Stalin [during the Teheran Conference meetings]. During the course of the conference, Roosevelt put forth to Stalin for the first time his ideas of a postwar international organization. Stalin agreed in principle”

V.     “The largest tank battle in history took place at Kursk with 900 German tanks meeting 900 Soviet tanks. The battle continued throughout the day and ended in a decisive Soviet victory.”


New Members Tapped to Speech Group

Fifteen new members of Ye Talke Shoppe, freshman women's forensic honorary, were tapped last Tuesday during dinner. They were Barbara Young, Jane McMullen, Nancy Blankenship, Pat Pocock, Jerry Lough, B.J. Steele, Mary Shannon, Stella Reid, Sara Lloyd, Dort Ackley, Dorothy Lukins, Elaine Finkenstein, Louise Dekker, Mildred Post and Katherine Dague. Also a service honorary, Ye Talke Shoppe has assisted in the past with Parents' Weekend, and Visitation weekend. This year among their projects is listed the making of all announcements in the Prentiss dining room.


Debaters End Round Three

Six of the twelve intramural debate teams were left in the race for honors as round three of the debate season was completed last weekend. Kappa Kappa Gamma and Independent affirmatives have hadn't losses, and five Tri Delt affirmative and negative and Delta Gamma affirmative and negative have each been defeated once. Helen Hurley and Al Nordeng judged the meets Friday evening when "Independent affirmative de- feated Kappa negative, thus eliminating the latter team. Tri Delt negative was given the decision over Delta Gamma negative. On Saturday Kappa affirmative won over Tri Delt negative, and Monday Delta Gamma negative won over Phi Mu affirmative, eliminating the Phi Mu team. Hi Calkins and Helen Hurley were the judges. Ye Talke Shoppe is in charge of providing timekeepers for the debates, and varsity debaters serve as judges. Jo Parsons, intramural manager has announced that round four will be held tomorrow at, 7 p.m.


Second Round Debates Hot

Manager Jo Parsons reports all

But Manager Jo Parsons reported going well and debates improving as round two of the women's intramural debate schedule was completed Tuesday evening. In the first half of the round which was held Monday night the Independent affirmative was given the decision over the Delta Delta negative team, and Kappa Kappa Gamma affirmative won over the Delta Gamma negative. The Delta Gamma affirmative defeated the Independent negative squad Tuesday evening in the second half of the round, and the Tri-Delt affirmative won over the Phi Mu negative. Both Alpha Chi Omega teams have been eliminated from the contest after defaulting Phi Mu and Kappa negative squads in the second round. The two other teams which have been dropped from competition are the Independent and Phi Mu negative teams. Judges Monday night were Helen Hawkes and AJ Nordeng, and Tuesday evening Helen Hurley and Kay Webster awarded the decisions. Teams competing this year are as follow: Independent affirmative, -Elaine Finkenstein and Emily Stanton; Independent negative, Judy Graybill and Jane McMullen: Delta Bill and Jane McMullen; Delta Delta affirmative Areand Nuve, Pat King and Barbara. Jon Kappa Kappa Gamma affirmative Sue Hartley and Betty T., Kappa Kappa Gamma negative Sally Storni and Jean Macdona, Delta Gamma affinnative Lei Smith, and Garmen Hansen; Delta Gamma negative Pat Berg and Adele H., affirmative and negative Sybil T. and Jean McJannet.


Team Awards


I.          Debate at Whitman:

                        A.         Debate topic (first year there was a combined men's and women's topic): Resolved that the United States should cooperate in establishing and maintaining an international police force upon the defeat of the Axis.

                        B.         Intermural:

                                    12.       Marjorie Barrows was selected as manager of Men's intramural team.

                                    13.       Joan Pearson was selected as manager of Women's intramural team.

                                    14.       In Intermural debate, 8 teams participated. The team of Elaine Finkenstein and Emily Stanton, representing the independents defeated the team of Pat Berg and Alele Harris, representing the DG's in Intermural debate.

                        C.        Intercollegiate debate: Season

                                    1.         Triangular debates--both men and women--these debates involved Whitman, Washington State College, and the University of Idaho

                                                a.         For the first time, the men's and women's tournament were merged and both were held at Whitman on December, 10-11.

                        D.        PARTICIPANTS: (nine teams participated at the Triangular Debates)

                                    1.         Vida Langenheler and Katherine Webster

                                    2.         Helen Hurley and Mark Abernathy

                                    3.         Helen Hawkes and Jean Macdonald

                                    4.         Elaine Finkenstein and Emily Stanton

                                    5.         Pat King and Barbara Jones

                                    6.         Sue Hartley and Betty Tobey

                                    7.         Adele Harris and Pat Berg

                                    8.         Carmen Hansen and Leslie Smith

                                    9.         Ralph Breshears and Harold Nordeng (a PLU Transfer)

                                                a.         Whitman won the Triangular Debates, for the first time in three years.

                                                b.         Each school participated in 16 debates, Whitman won 9, WSC won 8, and U of I won 7.

                                                c.         Mark Abernathy was the only male debater at the Tournament!

                                    10.       Linfield held their 14th annual tournament in February

                                                a.         Eighteen schools from Utah, Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho attended

                                                b.         Linfield introduced Lincoln Douglas Debate one year earlier--due to the lack of partners and Whitman did quite well in this event.

                                                c.         11 Whitman students attended.

                                                d.         Mark Abernathy and Helen Hartley finished four years of debate by winning 1st place in the men's and women's Lincoln/Douglas debates.

                                    11.       Abernathy and Hurley went to Los Angeles for the Western Association of Teachers of Speech in April.

                        E.         In total, 15 students represented Whitman in Intercollegiate Debate, most were freshmen and sophomores.


II.         There were only 48 graduates at the 85th annual Commencement--Arthur Douglas, brother of William O. Douglas was the guest speaker.

A.     John Ackley coached.

B.     Marjorie Bowers managed men’s intramural debate and Joan Barsons managed the women’s competition.

C.    Independent teams won both divisions of intramural debate.

D.    The most common resolution for the year was “Resolved: That the United States should cooperate in establishing and maintaining an international police force upon defeat of the Axis.”

E.     Returning varsity team members included Vida Langenheder, Helen Hurley, Helen Hawkes, Katherine Webster, Dan Henderson, Mark Abernathy, Ralph Breshears, and A. S. Harold Nordery, a PLU transfer.

F.     The triangular debates among Whitman, Washington State College, and the University of Idaho were held December 10-11. Nine teams from Whitman competed and won by a narrow one-debate margin with a 9-7 record.

G.    Eleven Whitties competed at the Linfield tournament against 18 other colleges from five states. Abernathy and Hurley won the one-man and one-woman debates.

H.    Breshears won the college division of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer state oratorical contest, his 14th victory in such competitions.

I.       A lost copy of Whitman’s May 15, 1920, charter to Delta Sigma Rho was found during naval occupation inspection of the TKE house.


III.        Changes:

                        A.         In 1943-44 there were about 4 regular individual events (extemp, oratory, after dinner, and impromptu), now there are 11 national events offered at most tournaments

                        B.         In 1944 there was primarily one type of debate--oxford and the innovation of Lincoln/Douglas.

                        C.        In 1944 Whitman celebrated its 170th triangular debate (in a history that was almost 40 years long).

                        D.        In 1944 Whitman attended 3 tournaments in 3 states.

                        E.         In 1944 a big tournament attracted 18 schools and 50 debate teams.


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