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The Faculty


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John Ackley

John William Ackley, A.M. Assistant Professor of English, A.B., University of Redlands; A.M., University of Southern California, Instructor, and Director of Forensics


Description: Description: 43-44 EB Davis

Edith Blackman Merrell Davis, A.B. (Mrs.) Assistant Professor English, A.B. Ripon College; started in the English department in 1924 (she taught Latin as an instructor prior to that).


Description: Description: 1931-32 davis

W.R. Davis, DSR Faculty Advisor

Whitman News

VIII.          Whitman College in 1934-35

A.     529 students on campus resulted in the creation of a controversial point system whereby students were given a point value for all extracurricular activities which they participated in. No student could accumulate more than 16 points in order to spread leadership around the significantly increased population.

B.     John W. Ackley was the debate coach.

IX.             Debate at Whitman

A.     Campus speech activities

1.     Intramural oratory contests

2.     Intramural debate program.

3.     Ye Olde Talk Shoppe, a women's public speaking group

B.     Debate tryouts in the fall had students debate two topics.

1.     Resolved: That laboratory sciences should not be required at Whitman.

2.     Resolved: That there should be no rushing until second semester.

C. Debate topics

1.     Women's topic was "Resolved: That the federal government should fix the maximum limits for personal income and inheritance."

2.     Men's topic was "Resolved: That the nation should agree to prevent the international shipment of arms and ammunition."

D. Team members


At that time, there were a variety of campus speech activities: 1. On campus intramural oratory contests; 2. A large intramural debate program and 3. Ye Talk Shoppe, a women’s public speaking group. This group held debate tryouts in the fall and debated these two hot topics: Resolved: that laboratory science should not be required at Whitman; Resolved: that there should be no rushing until second semester.

As far as the speech team goes, John W. Ackley was the coach, and the team traveled to about 5 major tournaments (WSU, U of I, Linfield, Pacific Forensic League (hosted by Whitman), and the Western Association of Teachers of Speech (held in Salt Lake). The major events seemed to be the famous triangular debates between Whitman, WSU and U of I. In 1935, WSU placed first in these debates and Whitman came in a close second.

John Ifft and Lawrence Minnick attended the Western Association of teachers of Speech and placed second to Stanford. They had beaten Stanford in an earlier round of debate but lost the final round (Will Rogers, Jr., debated for Stanford).

In 1934-35, the women debated Resolved: that the Federal Government should fix the maximum limits for personal income and inheritance. The men debated: Resolved: that the Nation should agree to prevent the international shipment of arms and ammunition.


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Ye Talke Shoppe

Description: Description: 34-35 Talke Shoppe


 Team Members, 1934-1935

1.     John Ifft

2.     John Tuttle

3.     Lawrence Minnick

4.     Helen Wheeler

5.     Marrion Canfield

6.     Faith Craig

7.     Mary Libby

8.     Betty Ann Jacobs

9.     Faith Brown

10.  Elizabeth Storie

11.  Betty Jean Osborn

12.  Inez Warrell


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Speech Courses within the English Department

ENGLISH 1 or 2. Orientation and Discussion, A writing and speaking course.

ENGLISH 15 or 16. Orientation and Discussion, A public speaking course with a diction emphasis.

SPEECH 45 or 46. Oral Interpretation.

SPEECH 47. Debating.

SPEECH 56. Advanced Public Speaking

SPEECH 75 or 76. Seminar in Speech or Dramatic Training.


Description: Description: 1934-1935 DSR

World News

·        “On the night of June 30th, Hitler eliminated embarrassing friends and foes alike. Seventy-seven people were executed.”

·        “King Alexander of Yugoslavia arrived in France for a state visit on October 9th. While traveling in a motorcade with French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou, he and the minister were killed by a Croatian assassin.”

·        “Sergei Kirov, a close associate of Stalin, was assassinated. This prompted Stalin to institute another great purge. In the previous year, Stalin had purged the Communist Party of close to 1,000,000 members. This time, many of the older leaders of the party, such as Zinoviev and Kamenev, were arrested and tried for treason. Before the purges ended, close to 8 million people were killed, imprisoned or sent to Siberia.”

·        “Continued victories by the Kuomintang Army under Chiang Kai-Shek compelled the forces under Mao Tse-Tung's control to retreat in order to regroup. They undertook what has become known as "The Long March." The march covered 6,000 miles and ended in Yenan. One hundred thousand set off on the march, but only one third survived, arriving at Yenan.”

·        “Chancellor Dollfuss of Austria assassinated by Nazis.”

·        “Hitler becomes führer.”

·        USSR admitted to League of Nations.”

·        “Dionne sisters, first quintuplets to survive beyond infancy, born in Canada.”

·        “Mao Zedong begins the Long March north with 100,000 soldiers – only one third survived.”


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The Wrangler’s Club

This was a group of frosh encouraged to participate in debate.

Description: Description: 34-35 Wranglers


Team News


Intramural Debate

Using as a resolution: “That the Federal government should hold and operate all banking institutions within the United States," fraternity men met in close rivalry in debate this year. After several hot contests the Beta Theta Pi entrants, Ben Zwicker and Keylor Smith, emerged triumphant. Their opponents throughout the tournament were Philip Leslie and Jess Jennison, Sigma Chi; Walter Brooking and Robert Tugman, Independent; Floyd Fitzpatrick and William Kelly, Tau Kappa Epsilon; and Dave Sutherland and Stewart Butler, Phi Delta Theta. Sororities disputed the question, resolved: "That Hitler has been a benefit to Germany" and the Kappa Kappa Gamma team composed of Inez Warrell and Margaret Anne Brome took first place. Debating against them appeared Helen Bryant and Marion Canfield, Delta Delta Delta; Helen Barrett and Dorothy Rogers, Delta Gamma; Ruth Cox and Eva May Scatchard, Alpha Chi Omega; Faith Craig and Annette Franklin, Phrateres; and Faith Brown and Ellen May U'Ren, Phi Mu.

First: Charles Faigene Hargett, Class of 1934

Second: George Wilmot Rogers, Class of 1935


John Brining Contest

First: Lukas Ernest Hoska, Jr., Class of 1936

Second: Enar Olson, Class of 1936



Stewart Butler Will Lowman

Floyd Fitzpatrick William Mantz

Earl Fossum Richard McClung'

Brooks Harris Pat O'Reilly

Dwelley Jones Robert Robinson

Philip Leslie David Sutherland



Violet Fai'ran Faith Craig

Annette Wein Elizabeth Storie

Barbara Pierce Eva May Scatchard

Bernice Lliedke Mary Westwood

Myra Miller Margaret Turner

Ellen May LJ'Ren Betty Ramage

Annette Franklin Vivienne Hoobler



Competition for the fifteen memberships of Ye Talke Shoppe, freshman women's debate club, enrolled fifty-four women in the three-minute debate tryouts, necessitating two tryouts before the retiring group as judges. Primarily for debate and discussion, Y. T. S. fostered an interest in current events by round-table meetings. Revision and registration of the constitution with the Dean of Women was completed. The green gavel, Y. T. S. emblem, is donned for the weekly Friday morning breakfast meetings, instituted this year. A play before A. S. W. C. and a garden party are included on the calendar. Mrs. Roy McCall is advisor.

Members and executive board of the group are: Roberta Sandoz, president; Beth Armond, secretary; Kathryn Williams, treasurer; Georganne Baber, Dorothy Coulton, Jane Davenport, Claire Mulligan, Helen Ruth Maddox, Betty Greenwell, Betty Ann Johnson, Ruth Kegley, Florence Martin, Ruth McKinney, Jean Morgan, Ruth Van Patten.


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Description: Description: 1934-1935 Sorority IM Debate and Ye Talke Shoppe


Team Awards

1.     The team attended to five tournaments

a.     Washington State University

b.     University of Idaho

c.      Linfield College

d.     Pacific Forensic League, hosted by Whitman

e.     Western Association of Teachers on Speech in Salt Lake City

2.     Triangular debates

a.     Washington State University took first.

b.     Whitman won second.

c.      University of Idaho earned third.

3.     Western Association of Teachers of Speech

a.     John Ifft and Lawrence Minnick took second to Stanford.

b.     Ifft and Lawrence had beaten Stanford in an earlier round, but lost in the final round.


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