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Tips for Doing Well at the Dovell-Gose Contest

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Description: Description: dovell

William Thomas Dovell


Description: Description: Description: Description: 1913-1914 Christopher Columbus Gose

Christopher Columbus Gose



8 Dovell-Gose Contest Tips:


1. Little or no reliance on notes


2. Strong, fluent, loud (fill the room) delivery


3. Clear, concise thesis


4. Your speech should make useful arguments/examples that your judge has not heard before and/or that go into such detail as to demonstrate great depth and/or that is very entertaining.


5. Use engaging, concrete, specific examples, humor, quotations, visuals, etc. You can use theory in your speech but avoid too much abstract/conceptual thinking.


6. Your speech is cohesive, with good transitions, connections and internal summaries to the thesis.


7. Your speech considers opposing viewpoints--so that when you make your arguments you avoid making your judge think of opposing points or you answer opposing points that your arguments raise.


8. You solve the problems you raise; you achieve the purpose of your speech.


9. Using PowerPoint? Check out these PowerPoint Tips


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