Accessing WhitMail

On the Web

Accessing WhitMail is as easy as visiting the WhitMail log-in page and entering your Whitman username and password. 

On your Computer

To set up WhitMail on your computer you will need to configure a email client program such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook or mobile email programs.  

** Note: Before setting up an email client you must do the following two things. ** 

  1. Change your Password: If you have not changed your Whitman password since your conversion to WhitMail, go to the online password changer and change your password.  You may "change" it to the same password it was before by simply re-entering your old password, but you must go through this process for email clients to function properly. 
  2. Enable POP/IMAP: Log into WhitMail, go to Mail Settings in the upper right hand corner by clicking on the Sprocket icon, select Forwarding and POP/IMAP and make sure to Enable IMAP.  Make sure you select Save Changes before you exit out of your settings.  

Use the following server information to set-up your WhitMail account on an email client program. 

Incoming Server Information

  • Type: IMAP
  • Server:
  • Port: 993
  • Security Settings: SSL (do not use secure authentication)
  • Authentication: Full Whitman email ( and password

Outgoing Server Information

  • Type: SMTP
  • Server:
  • Port:  25
  • Security Settings: TLS
  • Authentication: Full Whitman email ( and Password

If you need help configuring your email client program with Whitmail, Gmail's IMAP support page has tutorials for virtually every email client program.  If you are using Thunderbird, the set-up instructions are slightly different.  See our Thunderbird set-up guide for more information.

On your Mobile Device

If you would like to set up your WhitMail account on your mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc.) please see our WhitMail mobile guide.

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