The Constitution

Article I:

Club Latino is a group of Whitman College students of all ethnic backgrounds whose goal is to educate both themselves, the community and Whitman campus abou the history and culture of the Latino population of the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America, and Spain.

Article II:

Passive Membership in Club Latino is determined by the presenc of one's name on the listserve of the club.  Any Whitman College student can become a passive memeber of the club by subscribing to the listserve.
Active membership is determined by the attendance of 4 consecutive activities and/or meetings over the duration of the semester.  It is fortified after 3 consecutive abscences.  By college regulation, non-student members of Club Latino do not have voting privileges, only active members can vote, passive members cannot vote.  Absentee ballots are allowed for active members.  Absentee ballots must be submitted to Secretary prior to the election meeting.

Article III:

The officers of Club Latino, in relative order of importance, are:





ASWC Representative

ASWC Representative Alternate

Article IV:

Two weeks prior to the last meeting of semester nominations can be made for next semester's officers.  Those nominated must be current active members or must have been active their last semester on the Whitman campus prior to sudy abroad.  Nominee must inform secretary of their intent to run if they are not present at the nomination meeting.
Nominees must present platform a week before the last meeting of the semester.  Elections will take place at the last meeting of the semester.  If secretary is in the elections, an active memer not running must take their duty for elections.  Voting begins with President and goes down the list as seen Article III.  Members who do not get the office they want may run for other offices.  One vote per position allowed, secret ballot style.  Elections will be decided by majority vote, defined by over 50% of those voting.  If a moajority is not won, a run-off between the top two will proceed.

Article V:

The officers of Club Latino change each semester according to the results of elections held at the end of the preceding semester.  Officers are allowedd to run for re-election.  In order to generate future leadership with in the club, all members are encouraged to take on and lead activities for the club.  A record of all activities done by the club is held by the club secretary.

Article VI:

It is understood that no part of this constituition will be recognized by the college if any part is contrary to tlaws of the United states and the State of Washington.

Article VII:

Club Latino will incur expenses in the hiring of various persons to perform services which its members are unable to perform themselves and in the purchase of materials needed as part of, as decoration for, various events.  funding for these expenses will be obtained by soliciting funds from ASWC, other campus offices and various organizations and buisnesses within the Walla Walla community.  The treasurer is responsible for accounting for the club's income and expenses, of which an accurate and written record must be kept.

Article VIII:

Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by any active members of Club Lation.  These proposed ammendments can be added to the constituion by a majority vote of the members at any official club meeting at which at least a quorum is present.

Susan Forray
20 November, 1996

Revised by
Griselda Enriquez
2 February, 1998

Adapted for Web Page format by
Sara Diaz
8 March, 1999