Chemistry-Related Electronic Resources

Whitman Chemistry Department Information and Resources

Senior Assessment Elements for Chemistry List of Assessments for seniors in Chemistry.

Guidelines for Poster Presentations Detailed guide for creating a poster for Whitman Undergraduate Conference, etc.

Laboratory Safety

Whitman College Safety Guidelines

Chemical Hygeine Plan (PDF)

Whitman Penrose Library

Penrose Memorial Library Homepage Online pages for the Penrose Memorial Library:

National Chemistry and Science Organizations

American Chemical Society Homepage

History of Science Society

National Science Foundation One of the premier science foundations.

National Institutes of Health Another premier science foundation.

Graduate School Resources

Summer Employment Opportunities

U.S. Department of Energy

National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program

Cool Periodic Table Sites

An Interactive Periodic Table

Periodic Table Live! from the American Chemical Society

David's Whizzy Periodic Table

The Visual Elements Periodic Table

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Perioidic Table

The Periodic Table from an Environmental Perspective

ChemGlobe's Periodic Table

Interesting and Free Educational Software

Hundreds of Software Packages, Tutorial, and Web Sites

Significant figures and rounding off Tutorial

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