Charles Weiss
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Charlie is a visiting assistant professor at Whitman College where he teaches general and organic chemistry. He received his B.S. from Carleton College and his Ph.D. from Northwestern University, where he worked under the mentorship of Prof. Tobin Marks. He investigated the mechanism of zirconium, lanthanide, and actinide catalysts for the Markovnikov-selective hydrothiolation of terminal alkynes. His post-doctoral work was performed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and included the synthesis of tungsten and molybdenum dinitrogen complexes as well as the study of nickel complexes with pendant amines that act as proton relays for the electrochemical oxidation of alcohols. Charlie’s research interests focus on the use of inexpensive metals as homogeneous catalysts for organic transformations nd the investigation of catalyst mechanisms.

Outside of work, Charlie enjoys hiking, learning computer programming, and generating 3D computer graphics.

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