Player Perspectives

Whitman College Women's Basketball
Expectations for 1998-99 Season

Faye Hutchison,
senior co-captain:

"With the talent that we have this year, we have a great opportunity to be very successful in our conference. It will be a matter of maintaining a consistent work ethic throughout the season and capitalizing on our quickness. Each member of the team this year is completely dedicated to the sport. There is a true love for basketball in everyone's heart.

"These girls just love to play the game and are willing to push each other so the team as a whole can improve. Many times women are too nice on the court. The group that we have out there this year, though, seems to know that it takes a certain bite of intense competition to make it to the next level.

"Ideally, I would love to finish in the top three in conference. We have never made the playoffs in my three years at Whitman, and it would be a great year to start. Consistency is also a goal I hope we can achieve. By this, I mean to say that we need to be aggressive in every game."

Paula Johnson,
senior co-captain:

"I am excited about our team because we can go ten deep on the bench. Due to our overall talent, instead of five or six people playing for 35 minutes, each player may only play 20 minutes. Yet, this gives us the opportunity to play a much more intense and consistent game for the entire 40 minutes.

"The freshman this year are awesome. We've got some height which is great because that means I won't be inside as much getting my shots checked. Also, there are some guards that can shoot the lights out, regardless if the defender is in their face or not.

"This team also will be much stronger than last year because we have some strong returning players who have adjusted to college-level competition and become confident leaders."

Amity Priore

"I am really excited about this season. Like last year, we still have a very young team, but the freshman this year are very talented and confident in their abilities, and I know they will make a big, early impact.

All the returning players are looking good, too, and have definitely improved since last year. The added experince of having completed a season of college-level basketball will surely be a factor in our games."

Jennette Goldmark

"I think we have a ton of potential with a lot of new players and solid returning players. We should be a fast, pressing team that will be a serious contender for the top of the league standings while having a lot of fun doing it."

Emily Stewart

"I am ready to start playing and winning games because our team is strong this year. We have talented freshman adding fuel to the fire. So, no more losing games at the buzzer this year!"