Livewire... a newsletter for young alumni

Livewire was created in 1989 to specifically serve the interests of alumni who have graduated within the last ten years. Today, the magazine features articles submitted by young alumni, gobs of class notes, news of the college, a calendar of events, and other wonderfully exciting items.

Alumni who have graduated from Whitman College in the last ten years are encouraged to take an active role in this publication.

How?... Well, it's easy!

Simply submit any of the following:

  • an article of approximately 500 words on a topic of your choice
  • send in a photo of your wedding, partnership, or new baby via email or snail mail
  • write a class note
  • send in your business card
  • make suggestions
  • give feedback

Who do I contact?

For now, send notes and articles:

  • Via email
  • Fax (509.527.5046)
  • Whitman Alumni Office
    364 Boyer Avenue
    Walla Walla, WA 99362
  • Using the form below
  1. When you mail in or email a class note for Livewire, please be sure to let us know it is for Livewire.
  2. To send us a photo via email: Attach photo as .jpg or .bmp format on email to Livewire Photo, be sure to include your name, story subject, contact information and insert "Livewire Photo" in subject line of email.
  3. You can use the form below to submit your story.

Your Full Name:
Maiden Name (if alumna):
Your Class Year:
Your Email Address:

General information about the events in your life. (new job, move to a new city, details about your wedding and your new spouse--date, location, Whitties in wedding party, etc.)

I will be sending a photo to accompany my story.

I will send my photo via email and be sure to note "Livewire" in the subject line.