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Fiske Top-Notch Education and Community-Oriented Campus
Fiske Guide to Colleges 2010

The Fiske Guide to Colleges, a renowned guide to top colleges, assesses various institutions in subjective rather than statistical terms. Fiske writes that, "Whitman has quietly established itself as one of the West's leading liberal arts colleges". It goes on: "Whitman offers a top-notch liberal arts education, along with plenty of fun for outdoorsy types. Students are down-to-earth and friendly and feel a deep loyalty to one another — and to their school."

ctcl A Life-Changing Experience
Colleges That Change Lives

Loren Pope's critically acclaimed Colleges That Change Lives notes, "Indeed, when asked what kind of person should come here, the first thing a Whitman student is likely to say is, 'If you're not willing to get involved, don't bother to come here.' By 'involved' that student would mean in one's studies, with one another, with teachers, and in campus life."


Excellence in Several Aspects
The Princeton Review's Best 371 Colleges 2011 Edition

The Princeton Review for 2011 names Whitman to the top 50 "Best Value Colleges - Private" list and to their "Best Western College" list.

The guide wrote, "If learning can be both rigorous and laid-back at the same time, it happens at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. The 'challenging' academics here are coupled with a 'relaxed attitude' in order to give students ‘the best education possible without sacrificing all the fun one expects of college.'"

They further stated, "There's almost always something fun going on, whether or not a person chooses to drink...In fact, there's so much going on that if someone says they are bored, students laugh and wish they could relate."

Princeton Review Ranking Lists

#11 Professors Get High Marks
#14 Best College Theater
#15 Everyone Plays Intramural Sports
#16 School Runs Like Butter
#17 Best College Radio Station
#18 Best Classroom Experience

Washington Monthly 13th Best Liberal Arts College in the Nation, 3rd best for service
The Washington Monthly

The Washington Monthly ranks Whitman this year as the 13th best liberal arts school in the nation. These rankings are determined by the school's commitment to social mobility, the research that the college produces, and its encouragement of student service to their communities.

The magazine also rated Whitman #3 of Liberal Arts Schools for its overall commitment to service. Under this category, Whitman rated #3 for the number of students who go on to serve in the Peace Corps and #9 for the amount federal work-study funds that go toward community service. Additionally, Whitman ranked #20 for the number of graduates who go on to receive PhDs.

Forbes Ranks 16th for America's Best Colleges

Forbes magazine ranks Whitman No. 16 amongst America's best colleges.

The magazine's methodology was designed with Richard Vedder, an Ohio University economist, who evaluates colleges on success, looking to such data as percentage of students who earn Fulbrights, Rhodes Scholarships and other prestigious scholarly awards.

US News Whitman Ranks Amongst the Top Liberal Arts Colleges
U.S. News and World Report

U.S. News and World Report's survey of colleges and universities for 2011 ranks Whitman as the 38th best Liberal Arts college in the nation, and the highest ranked in the Pacific Northwest.

Kiplinger Ranks #27 for the Best Values in Liberal Arts Colleges
Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Kiplinger, a renowned personal finance magazine, ranked Whitman as the 27th best value in liberal arts colleges across the nation for 2009. Whitman is the highest-rated Liberal Arts school in the Pacific Northwest, and the second-highest on the entire West coast. The magazine's rankings measured academic quality and affordability, with academic quality counting for two-thirds of the total score.

Unigo Whitman ranks as 4th Brainiest College

Unigo, a website dedicated to providing prospective students with the ‘inside scoop’ about colleges ranks Whitman as the 4th brainiest college. This list is created from students’ rankings and comments about their school’s academic environment.

Parade Parade Magazine's College A-List

PARADE asked top high school counselors across the nation to recommend outstanding schools that often fly under the radar. Whitman was named as an “A-List Small Private School.”

One counselor wrote ”Whitman has excellent academics and a strong sense of community on campus—students are collaborative not competitive. Faculty are easily accessible and so is the President, who is extremely personable.”

“This is a college for and about students. The library, for example, is always open.”

NSF One of the Top Producers of PhD's in Science and Engineering
National Science Foundation

NSF ranks Whitman among the top 50 colleges in the nation for producing bachelor's degrees that lead to Ph.D.s in science and engineering. According to the foundation, baccalaureate colleges produce about 13 percent of all bachelor's degrees in science and engineering and are considered "important contributors to producing future science and engineering Ph.D.s.

Teach for America Teach for America ranks Whitman among Top 20 Contributors
Teach for America

Whitman College has been named one of the top-20 small colleges and universities to contribute graduating seniors to Teach For America for 2010. With 10 of its recent graduates accepted to the program, Whitman ranks 13th in its category of institutions.

Advocate Amongst the Top 100 Campuses for LGBT Students
College Guide for LGBT Students

Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students selects and profiles 100 college campuses across the nation based on campus resources, housing, campus policies, student life, academics, campus safety, and recruitment and retention efforts. The guide notes that the culture of Whitman's community is "progressive and open-minded and embraces the LGBT community" and is much like a "gay-friendly village".

Seattle Metro Top School in the Northwest
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

Whitman College ranked #1 out of 39 colleges in the Northwest in 2008, according to Seattle Metropolitan Magazine. The ranking criteria was based on sophomore retention rates, student satisfaction with academics, overall scores from U.S. News' "Best Colleges 2009" report, average SAT and GPA scores of entering freshmen, percentages of work-study funds going to community service, student satisfaction ratings of campus social life, and alumni giving rates. The magazine states that, "If you can get in, Whitman might be one of the best schools for all-around college experience in the Northwest."

College Access Whitman included in College Access and Opportunity Guide
Center for Student Opportunity

Center for Student Opportunity presents the 2011 College Access & Opportunity Guide, a comprehensive college guidebook designed to help low-income, first-generation college-bound students make their college dreams a reality. Whitman has been included for its continued efforts to make their liberal arts education more accessible to all interested students.

NCSA Student-Athletes Succeed at Whitman!
College Scouting Association

The 2009 National Collegiate Scouting Association's Collegiate Power Rankings puts Whitman at No. 55 out of 449 Division III schools in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Within this cumulative rating, Whitman is No. 37 in academic rank and No. 48 in NCAA graduation rate, reinforcing the school's reputation for well-rounded scholar-athletes.

The Collegiate Power Rankings from NCSA are calculated by averaging the U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup ranking, the NCAA student-athlete graduation rate of each college or university and U.S. News & World Report's annual ranking. Student-athlete graduation rates are based on figures supplied by the NCAA.