Admission Senior Intern Louise Fix

Louise Fix

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Clubs, Activities, and Jobs on Campus: Resident Assistant, Student Academic Advisor, Academic Resource Center Tutor, Walla Walla High School College Coach, Orchestra

What has been your favorite class?  I really loved Encounters my first year. My professor was wonderful and we met at her house a few times during the semester (she still has us over for dinner once a year to catch up and reconnect). She cultivated great in-class discussion and met with us individually to talk about each of our papers. The personal attention helped me transition to college level writing and reading.

Favorite Whitman Tradition?  Voices of Whitman. The last night of orientation in the fall, the new first year class and many upperclassmen gather in the outdoor amphitheater. Eight selected Whitman students read their stories. The stories address their struggles, triumphs, and growth. The theme: "I am a Whitman student and I have a story to tell." After the performance ends, the first year students go back to their halls and have a discussion with their section. This is an opportunity for students to open up and choose to share something that's important to them (if they so choose) - and a chance for first year sections to bond.

Favorite Dinning Hall Recipe?  I get a brown/white rice and hot veggies (usually cooked zucchini or squash) from one of the hot food lines; beans, tofu, cheese and edamame from the salad bar; stick it in the microwave in the dinning hall for 30 seconds and bam!!! Rice bowl!

For dessert... soft-serve ice cream (vanilla) + chocolate sauce + peanut butter + granola = delicious