Admission Senior Intern Jacob Harwood

Jacob Harwood

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Activities, Clubs, and Jobs on Campus: I am a rock climbing instructor at our indoor rock wall, a writing tutor, and a Senior Intern here at the Admission Office. I sit on the college's student disciplinary committee, the Council on Student Affairs, and hold a couple of positions in the Sigma Chi fraternity.

What advice do you have for prospective students?  My only advice for prospective students is to follow your gut. I am a transfer student here who has had the privilege of doing the college process twice, and my best decisions were made when I was following what I felt was right. Don't be afraid to try new places or experience new things in your college search - this is a perfect opportunity to do something bold!

What is the most valuable thing that you've learned at Whitman? The most valuable thing that I've learned here at Whitman is how to speak eloquently to an audience. Whitman places a big emphasis on being able to defend your ideas to your professors and peers, which has helped me in a myriad ways.

Favorite thing to do in Walla Walla?  Walla Walla is one of the coolest towns I've ever been in! I'm also getting really into fly fishing, which I'm learning in a class this semester, and a few of us venture out to Harris Park in Milton Freewater every so often to 'fish' - we mostly catch tree branches.