Canadian Applicants

If you are a citizen of Canada your international application to Whitman College is a little different. Canadian applicants should complete the regular Whitman application for admission and follow the special instructions below:

  1. If you attend a secondary school that is only grades 11 and 12, we would also like a transcript that includes grades 9 and 10 if possible. Please request it from your school and send it to the Office of Admission.
  2. All documents must be in English. If you live a predominantly French-speaking part of Canada please make sure all submitted documents are translated.
  3. If you intend to apply for need-based financial aid you and your family must complete the CSS Profile and submit it to the processing center. Do not complete the FAFSA or International Student Financial Aid Application.

The Profile is available online or we can mail one to you. When completing the Profile please convert all entries to US dollars at the conversion rate on the day you complete the form. If the rate changes substantially between the time you complete the form and entering Whitman we can make adjustments.

Canadian students are eligible for all types of Whitman financial aid, except U.S. government guaranteed student loans. There are other student loan options available for Canadian citizens, offering generous interest rate and repayment terms. Contact the Office of Admission or Office of Financial Aid Services for information. Residents of British Columbia should investigate Student Aid BC funding for out of province study; information is available on their website. Whitman College is designated for use of these funds.

Canadian students are allowed to apply under the Early Decision deadline without restriction.