Whitman Scholarships

All students who apply for admission to Whitman are considered for the following merit-based scholarships. Additionally, students may apply for consideration for the Campbell and Higley Music Scholarships, and for the President’s Scholarships in art, debate, or theatre. Students who wish to apply for need-based scholarships must submit the appropriate forms.

Students who wish to be considered for the following scholarships need only apply for admission to Whitman.

Whitman Achievement-based Scholarships
Whitman awards renewable, four-year merit-based scholarships, ranging from $9,000 to $14,000 to entering students who have excelled academically. The full scholarship amount is dependent upon full-time enrollment. If a student is not enrolled full-time, their merit scholarship will be pro-rated based on how many credits the student is taking.

Whitman National Merit Scholarships
National Merit finalists receive either a $2,000 annual scholarship if they demonstrate need or a $1,000 annual scholarship if they do not demonstrate need. The $2,000 National Merit Scholarship will be included in students' need-based financial aid packages. National Merit finalists who notify the National Merit Scholarship Corporation by May 1 that Whitman is their first-choice college receive these awards.

Paul Garrett and Claire Sherwood Memorial Scholarships
Awards may range from $4,000 to $50,000 per year depending upon demonstrated financial need. The scholarship also includes a trip to New York City in the student’s junior year to meet Whitman alumni and to visit the headquarters of major corporations and graduate schools in the east.  Click here for more details.

The Eells Scholarship
Awarded to an entering scholar who has financial need and demonstrates high academic achievement as well as some talent in the fine or performing arts or humanities. The Eells scholarship covers tuition and fees for four years, and includes a research grant.

Lomen-Douglas Scholarships
Students whose backgrounds and experiences demonstrate the ability to contribute to increasing socioeconomic and multicultural diversity awareness at Whitman are chosen to receive these scholarships. Lomen-Douglas scholarships are renewable for four years, range from $2,000 to $55,000 and vary depending on achievement and financial need.

Physical Plant Non-Traditional Student Scholarship
This scholarship has been established through Whitman College’s Physical Plant Services. The staff have come together to raise funds to provide a non-traditional (i.e. and older, perhaps married, parent or student who is coming to Whitman under special circumstances) additional scholarship funds. Each year, the selected student or students will receive an additional $5,000 in scholarship that will help them meet their educational costs while attending Whitman.

Students wishing to be considered for the following scholarships must apply separately:

Campbell Music Scholarships
Students who have exhibited exceptional musical talent and achievement are selected to receive Campbell Music Scholarships ranging from $500 to $4,000 per year. Recipients may major in any field. Click here for full information. For audition information, contact (509) 527-5232.

Higley Music Scholarships
The Higley Scholarship is a four-year scholarship awarded to one or more incoming students intending to declare music as a major. Higley scholarships range between $1,000 and $8,000 per year. Click here for full information. For audition information, contact (509) 527-5232.

President’s Scholarships
President’s Scholarships may range from $2,500 to $50,000 per year, depending upon financial need, based upon exceptional performance in art, debate, or theatre. President’s Scholars may major in any field, but are expected to participate in their awarded performance areas during their years at Whitman. For more information contact (509) 527-5176.

Salzman-Medica Scholarship
Recipients are selected by the forensics coach, Kevin Kuswa, and require an additional application form which may be obtained by contacting Dr. Kuswa at kuswakd@whitman.edu.