Rights and Responsibilities

Financial aid recipients should be responsible:

  1. To understand the nature of the financial aid and commitments made by recipients in accepting the offers and conditions of the offers.
  2. To repay loans.
  3. To submit forms (i.e., Profiles, FAFSAs, loan applications, affidavits, tax forms, etc.).
  4. To meet deadlines.
  5. To endorse checks and sign vouchers when asked.
  6. To notify lenders of changes in name, address, or school status.
  7. To know and comply with Whitman's refund policy.
  8. To participate in an exit interview regarding loan repayment when leaving the college.
  9. To notify the financial aid office of any outside scholarships they receive regardless of whether they are sent directly to Whitman or to the student.

Students have the right:

  1. To learn about and be considered for all financial aid programs for which they are eligible.
  2. To review their financial aid award and the applications if permission is given by the parent(s).
  3. To know the deadlines for applying for aid.
  4. To know costs of the college and Whitman's refund policy.
  5. To learn about Whitman policies affecting their aid.
  6. To know their responsibilities.