Qualifying for Financial Aid

About 80% of our students qualify for some type of scholarship, loan or employment.

Whitman College disbursed more than 23 million in scholarships for 2012-13.   About 50% of students receive need-based scholarships. 

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Qualifying for Need-Based Financial Aid

To qualify for need based aid at Whitman College you will need to complete the CSS Profile and FAFSA.  Each student will have an expected family contribution that will determine the need.  Based on this, the college will make an offer of financial aid.  You will have need if your family contribution is less than Whitman’s total budget. The family contribution that is computed includes a parent contribution from income and assets, your summer earnings contribution, and a contribution from your assets, if any, plus any other personal resources you may have. The summer earnings expectation for students is $1,900 for freshman and increasing by $100 each year thereafter.

The availability of need-based aid is contingent upon the student meeting the deadlines for applying for  Whitman College’s scholarships.  New students have 3 deadlines based on when you are applying for admission to the college.  Returning students are required to complete their CSS Profile and FAFSA by April 15th.  A signed copy of the parents tax return is also required by May 1st.   If you are an independent student you will only be required to complete the FAFSA.  The deadlines are the same for applying and a tax return also must be received for the student by May 1. 

For students whose parents are filing an extension on their tax return, we require a signed copy of the extension by May 1st.  Your award will not be calculated until the tax return is filed.  You will not be considered late but your award will not be received until all forms are received. 

Federal and State Grants

If you are eligible for any federal and/or state grants, they will be included in the financial aid package that you are awarded. These grants would include Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Equal Opportunity Grant, etc.

Outside Scholarships

All students who receive outside scholarships are required to notify the financial aid office of the amount of each scholarship they will receive. Students who receive outside scholarships will generally not see any effect on their need-based aid offered by Whitman College.  However, based on the federal expected family contribution, it is possible that your loan could change from subsidized to unsubsidized based on eligibility.  The student can choose if they want to take the unsubsidized loan or not.

Disbursement of Financial Aid

Financial Aid will be disbursed no earlier than the first day of classes each semester. If you have received Whitman scholarship, loan funds, or outside scholarships, the funds are credited to your student account.  The funds are split in half by semester and can be used as you wish. They can be used to pay for books, a balance on your account, or other items you have to cover the costs of your education. If you have a credit on your account, you can take the credit off of your account by requesting a check from the Business Office after your aid has disbursed.