April 15: FAFSAs and CSS Profiles for returning students should be submitted to the processor. Parents should submit to the Office of Financial Aid Services a signed copy of their previous year's tax return.

May 1: All documents required for the student's file are due in the Office of Financial Aid Service. 

June: Offers of financial aid are made available for review on for returning students. Stafford and Perkins Loans should be accepted, rejected or changed on-line before July 1st if possible.

July: Completed Perkins Loan applications should be in to the Office of Financial Aid Services by the first of July in order for them to be processed and the proceeds of the loan to be credited to the student's account by the beginning of Fall Semester.

August 15: Pay first semester charges. Seek employment at the Student Engagement Center located in Reid Campus Center 219 or on their Web Site

September: Recipients of Washington State Need Grants must sign forms designating disbursement of funds by EFT or check.

January 1 : Completed FAFSAs for the next school year accepted by the Central Processor.

January 2: Pay second semester charges.